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  1. Do you have New Years Resolutions?

    I do, for you Iwaku. For a straight year I vow to have nothing but googly eyed avatars, starting now.
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  2. Hmm, this is a difficult question to answer! For me, I don't really have any resolutions as such, other than to maintain a good relationship with my family. Have a Happy New Year!
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    • Try and be a bit healthier in general: IE) Bad sleeping habits, forgetting to eat, junkfood when I do eat, too much caffeine, etc
    • Do better in school than I have in the past.
    • Try and get that full-time position at work, ya!
    • Continue to go strong with my wonderful, loving girlfriend! :3
    • Try and read a bit more
    • Go swimming more this summer D:
    • Grow my hair out loooong
    • Keep on being awesome
    • World domination :earth:
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  3. I also resolve to be more awesome

    It's gonna be hard work given how awesome I already am

    • Get the Head position at my work.
    • Lose a bit more weight.
    • Read some more books.
    • Finish my backlog of games and books.
    • Be a better husband more than I already am.
    • Actually get back into RPing like I was when I first joined this site.
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  4. For once I've actually kept one of my resolutions since last year xD I lost the weight I was supposed to loose. YAY. One less resolution to have this year :3

    For this year, this will be the ones:
    • Eat healthier (Will probably not happen. I love junk food and potato chips)
    • Find a job! (THIS WILL BE THE YEAR)
    • Continuing to work hard for my favorite site, iwaku <3 (Kisses butts like a boss)
    • Study Japanese regularly instead of just jumping in and out when I feel like it. (Kanji. Why you so hard and boring? D:)
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  5. convince my wife to have a threesome

    this will likely not happen

    i can dream though

    if you shoot for the stars, you'll land farther than the earth, at least
  6. This year I WILL

    Be able to control my hair without having to cut it... Maybe.
    Actually be able to speak Japanese rather than just being able to read it.
    Draw a bit better... again.
    Understand how much pain one undergoing "Spagetification" would feel.
    Actually be able to tolerate schools.
    Not be productively lazy.
    Learn more coding.
    Better my French.
    Not trip over air.
    Possibly tolerate the dumber Americans.
    Create a Universe.
  7. I've got a few:

    • Adopt a healthier lifestyle (but that seems like it's a universal goal)
    • Get an internship that will actually help me in life
    • Keep up my grades, and improve them
    • Work more hours at my cushy sports announcer job
    • Properly apply to study abroad at St. Andrew's
    • Love my gorgeous girlfriend into a stupor and make sure she's doing alright with her own resolutions
    • Read more
    • Get to the cinemas once a month
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  8. GO TO ST. ANDREWS. IT'S AWESOME. I almost went there :3 and my friends there say it's pretty great. Oh, and actually my 'permanent' (i.e. non-uni) home is only an hour or two away from there too xD
  9. I have a bunch and I'm posting one a day on my profile blog until New Years :D
    • Don't die.
    • Continue being kind, tolerant, and understanding.
    • Become wiser than I was before.
    Everything else is secondary.
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  10. i resolve to eat more ferrets and thereby gain their agility

    thats still a thing, right?
  11. Hmmm. My resolutions are:

    • Get started on my Master's degree, which was put on hold until after I move.
    • Spend more time with my husband, since this year I rarely got to see him at all.
    • Do a better job with my medications.
    • Lose the last 12 lbs until I've lost all the weight I gained since meeting my husband.
    • Try really, really hard not to lose my temper with my kids when they drive me nuts.
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  12. You will fail this, but it is admirable that you will try, and shows good quality of character.
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    • Stay inside as much as possible
    • Don't socialise at all
    • Be polite enough to not be seen as weird, but weird enough to discourage people from speaking to me

    Let's face it, I'm not going to keep any positive one I make, so I'm better of just resolving to do what I always do.
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  13. Resolution 1:
    Lose at least 5lb per month.

    Resolution 2:
    Finish that damn novel. Long Lost Lola ( better name pending ) should not be lost to the writing board!

    Resolution 3:
    Find people to play tabletop games with IRL.

    Resolution 4:
    Find a way to come out to the rest of my family. Even my dad.

    Resolution 5:
    Work more on and towards the transition.
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  14. I resolve to make realistic and achievable goals for my personal self, and to achieve them! :D
  15. My main goasl:
    Fix my time-management
    Try to ease my stress and calm down. This year has been a bombshell for anyone around me. Jeez.

    Get Engaged and/or Married (which is going to happen soon I am thinking...... :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 If I'm reading his hints correctly.)
    Move into a new place
  16. I don't go for big resolutions because reasons. The only thing I've thought of that works as a resolution I'm willing to actually strive for is to read more new things instead of rereading old favorites over again, to make a nice big dent in my massive list of books I want to read.