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  1. There are an infinite number of Earths, spread out across nearly every alternate or parallel universe from here to the edge of this multiverse. Because of this particular fact, someone wandering through these universes could, in theory, be doing an infinite number of fun things for an infinite amount of time. This was not specifically what Kevin Elexion had in mind while thinking dark thoughts about being called to this rainy, miserable place, but it probably would have made it onto his growing list of grievances had not the call from his father come through.
    several days ago, Mobile Strike Teams 002 "Officers" and 027 "Entertainers" had been dispatched to this version of earth and given rendezvous coordinates that had led them to a small cabin in the middle of a very wet climate. The cabin, of course, had simply been a cover for the HU safehouse located underneath it, and it was there that the six of them waited for orders.
    Unfortunately for Kevin's uncompleted list, and fortunately for the punching bag he had just been pummeling, orders came quickly in the form of a video call, relayed from the nearest HU outpost. Apparently, the local government had been targeting HU caches and safehouses scattered throughout the solar system, believing them to be branches of a resistance that did not in fact exist, caches and safehouses that were important or even vital to HU attempts to gain a foothold here. In retaliation for the paranoid government's hostile actions, the two teams had been assigned to cause a large incident and assassinate a high-ranking government official, preferably at the same time.
    "We have twenty four hour surveillance from orbit from a HU unit clipped to one of their geosynchronous military satellites, and have determined the optimal time for a strike against him." the live picture of the commander moved itself to a smaller screen, while a still, taken three days ago by the time and date, appeared on the larger screen; the still was of very high quality, especially for something taken from orbit, and Kevin could make out every word on the sheaf of papers, though it was obvious that the top paper was the most relevant. Before he could comment, though, Sebastion, a member of Kevin's MST, spoke up.
    "A party?" Sebastion sounded incredulous, but Elexion nodded.
    "Chaotic, loud, and a perfect screen for just about anything short of a firefight."
    The members of MST-027 nodded; they should know, Kevin thought. After all, they've done this sort of thing before.
    "We'll send you all relevant information we've gathered; I leave it up to you to decide the methodology." with that, the connection was severed, leaving Kevin and the other five to ponder an appropriate plan of action.
  2. Dealing with soldiers was the last thing Jon had on his on his things to do today, let alone Duohumans. All he had planned was to roam around and see what was fun on this boring rock he called home, And usually that meant trouble with the local government. On this particular day, he saw a ship landing down from the sky and first thing in his head was 'hmm, that looks like fun.' So he started running toward the ship as fast as he could until he heard chatter. He slowed down to a steady sneak in hopes to get a better look at the men he thought he could have some fun with like he did with the rest of the officials here, only problem was when he got close enough he soon realized he was flat on his back with soldiers just staring at him.
Thread Status:
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