Resistance: Fall of Man RP

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    September 1921: Russia closes its borders.
    December 1938: Cities are found completely abandoned
    No evidence of survivors...
    December 1949: All of Europe is overrun.
    July 11, 1951: Operation: Morningstar begins.

    The chimeran threat began in Russia. The origin of the virus is unknown. But its effects were devastating and swift. In the 1930s, reports of biological experiments began leaking out from Russia. Then reports of villages destroyed overnight. Then, entire cities. We feared the Russians had developed a weapon of unparalleled power. The truth was much worse.

    The Chimera stayed sealed within Russia for over a decade. Then, in 1949, they launched an attack that overwhelmed all of Europe in a matter of weeks. For several months, we thought England was safe. But in October of 1950 the Chimera burrowed under the channel. We had prepared for them, but in three months time the war was lost.

    We abandoned the cities to the Chimera and retreated to scattered military bases and outposts. The Chimera had won.

    On July the 11th, 1951, the Americans launched on assault on the Eastern coast of England.


    The creatures propagate by infecting humans virally; mutating them into fellow Chimeran breeds.

    The story begins with a task force assembled of troops from the US and British army, banding together and sharing supplies and weapons in hopes of having a better chance of eliminating the Chimeran threat. However, shortly after landing in York, the forces are ambushed by the Chimera and the remnants are quickly wiped out by a Chimeran spire attack, which unleashes insect-like creatures that quickly infect all of the soldiers.

    This is where our characters come in. There are three possibilities-- You can be:

    - a human soldier that escaped the attack and was not infected in the first place.

    - a soldier that was attacked and infected, brought back to a Chimeran base, mutated into a Chimera and trained as a Chimeran soldier to fight against the humans and bring more of them to your side (whether or not your particular character chooses to follow these orders is completely up to you)

    -a soldier that was attacked and infected, but somehow (that "somehow" to be explained later) resists the full effects of the virus and you do not go into the coma usually induced by infection--instead possessing increased strength, health regeneration, gold-coloured irises, and the ability to use Chimeran weaponry. This class is known as "Cloven." (Note: If you've played the games, this is not the same "cloven" as they are in the games) (Again, your alignment as villain or hero is up to you.)

    Those who are not brought back to the Chimeran base flee, and continue their mission. The goal of Operation: Morningstar is to capture the most powerful of the Chimeran creatures, known as an "Angel." Investigators and scientists believe that, if captured, the Angel's power over the rest of the Chimera can be harnessed in order to control them. However things can go terribly wrong, plot twists, etc. etc.

    Descriptions of the various Chimeran species, the setting, and some background will be put into an OOC post if interest is shown. This is based off of an excellent video game-- I just changed the protagonist from the single individual to the entire group of RPers in the task force.

    If you're interested, please say so :) I'd love to get 6-12 ish people in on this for a good group to make up the task force protags.
Thread Status:
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