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  1. The Missing Link
    "For the people, to protect the people, we are the people."
    Fifteen years have passed since Raccoon City was burned to the ground, and only a few less since the Umbrella Corporation collapsed. Albert Wesker taking with him into the night the last of Umbrella's legacy. Since then, there have been very few incidents of an outbreak which were all quickly contained with minimum loss. Any threats to the world's safety swept under a rug. No fuss no muss. That is until recently a pharmaceutical company, Rainfall, has sprung up from nothing but ashes that Umbrella left behind.

    Rainfall prides itself as a company of the people, to protect the people. In fact not too long ago the company produced a miracle vaccine and cure that they promised would counteract and resist any virus of the past or future that would be a threat. The product, Antivirus IV, was not very popular until Rainfall released all cover up information the government had kept from the public. Safe to say that the entire world rushed to purchase this miracle cure and vaccine. Five years later stock had taken a sharp raise in Rainfall, the company became a multimillionaire's company over night. Seven new institutes took root in the world power cities and the rest was history. That is until a video was released that proved Antivirus IV to be more than just a mass produced vaccine Rainfall pumped into the population.
    "The Video is an elaborate hoax, we are not Umbrella."

    The video was of low resolution, but the message was clear. Everything Rainfall had promised to the general public, was a lie. At least to those who believe what goes on in the video. It shows a time lapse of a man dressed in what is described as white scrubs, he seems to be ill. Over the six hour video, the man gets increasingly worse until finally the bloody end features the man becoming something cannibalistic. When compared to the footage Rainfall released, it seems strikingly familiar to the T-virus of so many years ago. The video went viral, completely out of Rainfall's control. Political wars, and hot controversies exploded, yet Rainfall continues to promise the video is nothing but a hoax.

    The world stands still, waiting in fear.

    "It is all under control."

    Weeks after the video was released, Anitvirus IV was tested unstable by a russian scientist. Soon Rainfall was targeted behind the scenes as a terrorist organization charged with creating bioweaponry. But as America pushed to shut down Rainfall, the company began having their own problems closer to home. Eden. Home of the first Rainfall Institute of Research and Development, and the first of cities to receive Antivirus IV. Also the first of cities with an outbreak of the Antivirus. Or as Rainfall is now calling it, Virus IV.

    Rainfall Officials have sent word to the American Government organization, Public Safety and Domain or PSD, that the outbreak in Eden has been contained. However, PSD, is filled with veterans of the long disbanded S.T.A.R.S outfit. PSD was in the process of dispatching a sweep team, until all communications were cut to the Rainfall Base, then the seven rings of hell rose from the deepest bowels of the earth to destroy Eden. Is this another Raccoon City?

    What is the Missing Link?

    E n t e r A n n a . . .

    E n t e r C h a r l e s . . .
    E n t e r J a c k . . .
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  2. "Eden... What a beautiful name for a city..." Charles thought, staring out the window during another fine morning. The sun was out, it reflected off the windows in the buildings across from his, at first it almost blinded him, however his eyes quickly adjusted. Charles always thought of himself as a morning person, and a night person, for some reason he always found himself awake. His friends used to tell him his body just produced excess sugar all the time, that's why he always seemed awake and alert. He was happy here, in Eden. It was, in all honesty, very peaceful for a city. He had a fairly basic morning routine he'd never deviate from: Wake up around 7, shower, prepare breakfast (his favorite was Belgium Waffles, Bacon, and Eggs over-easy), make himself some earl grey tea, and read the paper or watch the news (whichever he was in the mood for that day, if he had time he would do both). He'd do this all in his moderately sized 2000 square foot modern apartment.

    This whole lifestyle was a change that Charles needed, and his psychologist suggested heavily... Ever since the incident in Raccoon City fifteen years ago... He remembers that fondly. He was 21, he had just gotten out of college after studying Criminal Justice and forensics. He had returned to his hometown, then it happened. He was in the city for one day. The outbreak got to everyone; childhood friends, colleagues, and even his family didn't survive. Charles was one of the few, the lucky ones, he knew how to use a gun. He was able to defend himself for the time he was there. He was one of the few who got out before Raccoon city was utterly destroyed.

    This event would haunt Charles for years to come, and would visit him in his dreams often. However, if his life experiences had taught him anything, it's that there is no point to go about life depressed about things that happened in the past, things he couldn't control or change. So he has gone on as he always did before then, with a smile on his face, and he continued to radiate the happiness he did before the incident. But this event would always stick with him in the end. He wasn't afraid to talk about it, he just preferred to keep it where it belonged, in the past. Granted this lifestyle choice of his didn't come about until years of intensive psychotherapy. He was an emotional wreck before, his wife at the time had left him, she couldn't deal with the stress and personal trauma involved, to this day Charles didn't blame her, however he couldn't help but feel a little sick every time he thought of her.

    Since then Charles has moved on with his life, for this was the day he'd start his new job working security for Rainfall. He had applied months ago and got the job a few weeks back, his police background and past security jobs must have sparked interest, there were many other competitors for the job. However with the recent scandal going on around Rainfall, Charles couldn't help but be a little nervous. But the sun was out, there were a perfect number of fluffy white clouds in the sky, and the streets weren't too crowded today. He figured today would be different, he had a feeling it would be a good day, however he couldn't seem to get rid of this sinking feeling in his gut...

    Charles decided it would be a nice change of pace to walk to Rainfall, instead of taking a taxi, from his apartment. It was only a fifteen minute walk so he figured, why not? However he probably should have checked the weather before leaving his apartment, that was a mistake on his part. Halfway to his new job, Charles found himself caught in a flash storm, it began to pour out of nowhere!

    "Ah shit, why didn't I check the weather! That's why the sidewalks aren't so crowded!" He groaned slightly and began to sprint after pulling his suit jacket over his head. In a few minutes he found himself outside of Eden's Rainfall Institute. The building was fairly intimidating, and each step towards it Charles couldn't help but feel a slight unease. He figured it was from both the recent scandal and the fact that this was his first day on a new job. He walked up the stone steps to the front glass doors and approached the front desk, chuckling as he did.

    "Great weather, huh?" he chuckled, joking at his own expense. The receptionist, a thirty year old woman with brunette hair tied up in the back, giggled slightly and gawked at how soaked Charles was.

    "You know, most people bring umbrellas with them when walking out in a rainfall like this." She teased. The receptionist then politely asked if he was Charles McKnight. Charles responded with a nod and she quickly pulled out a folder, a badge, and a piece of paper with an office number on it. "Here are the files on who you are body guarding, here's your security badge, and here's your office. Inside you'll find a standard issue gun and earpiece Rainfall has issued you. If you have any questions concerning your job or your pay that was not covered in you interview please feel free to talk to me or visit this office here." she said, pointing to a rather large office on a map on the front desk. Charles smiled and thanked the receptionist before heading to his new office, Room 108.

    Charles entered his new office, it was small but practical. He had access to the Rainfall security cameras around the building too which was nice. He sat down at his wooden desk and opened the file he was given, it was labeled "CLASSIFIED",
    "Well this must be someone important..." he mumbled to himself. He began to read the file...

    "Let's see... Anna West... West? Isn't that... Oh! Yeah she's the chairman's daughter! Let's see... No combat experience, not a big deal... Looks like a basic job, shouldn't be too bad... According to this I should meet up with her later today..."
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  3. "Eden...what a hell hole..." Jack said to himself as he looked out his window. It was morning just like any other morning for Jack. He was a young man that didn't have anything new to be doing, which was just like the day before. Eden was a place of opportunity for everything, but Jack wasn't seeing any of it. For to long he had been seeing all of his friends getting the jobs that he wanted, but he wasn't getting anything. His inability to find a job was something that didn't really bother Jack though. With his parents gone, Jack inherited a fairly large sum of money.

    "Stupid Raccoon..." Jack muttered as he moved throughout his room to get dress. Raccoon city was the place where his father was killed. At the time his mother was ill and he stayed with her as his father went to Raccoon city to take up a job offer. Sadly for his dad, the place was destroyed only a few days after he had started working. Since then Jack hated anything that he thought even reminded him of Raccoon city and that is what Eden was to him. Just some nice version of Raccoon city that was going to go to hell any second.

    "And it looks like it's gonna rain..." Jack took notice to the weather station broadcasting the daily weather. For the most part he was fine with the rain. Jack found it calming more than anything. Once he was dressed, Jack grabbed a quick bite to eat. Afterwards, Jack headed outside and into the rain. He had no plains for the day and honestly he didn't care. It was just another day for him in a place he couldn't stand. Sometimes he just wished it would all go to hell and give him a reason to leave.
  4. "Ms. West, your father has paged for you from his office." The young blonde ignored her petite, mousy secretary as she continued to gaze into a microscope with an extremely high magnifying spectrum. The small slide had been the source of hours of the early morning's entertainment for Anna and her gentlemen friend, Mr. Capulini. A tall Adonis of a man from Italy, a well rounded researcher that had been one of the key founders of Rainfall, and the youngest at 34. He had been but a young scholar with a love of biology with a master's degree from Yale who could barely speak English. "Yes of course Marsha, tell him I will be there when I so desire to." Anna continued to look into the microscope, her English accent sharp and cold. The secretary, Melinda, simply nodded looking down at the floor as Mr. Capulini winked in her direction, before scurrying off.

    "This is simply amazing Brizio, if this drug wasn't so deadly I swear it would be worth it to watch this effect." Anna sighed wistfully, her slender fingers wrapping around the eyepiece to better steady her gaze. The Italian smiled as pushed himself from his leaning position at a desk, "Yes, it is a very simple effect on a human's blood. The drug's active enzymes cause quite the reaction with the blood's white blood cells." He began, his thick Italian accent causing Anna's heart to throb. He was truly a fine specimen of a man, a thick head of black hair and two perfectly almond hazel eyes that pierced her soul. She felt the warmth of his hand slide around her waist, she smiled impishly as he leaned against her. "The white blood cells actively begin to fight the enzyme's effect on the red blood cells, causing the reaction you see on the slide."

    Suddenly she felt his grip on her waist tighten and she had been spun around to face him, his eyes blazing. "Ms. West... you have teased me." His warm hand slid up her neck stopping at the right side of her cheek. Anna smiled a cat's grin, and had she a tail it would have been flicking at an alarming rate. This is how it was with the chairman's daughter, she was known behind her back as quite the man-eater. No one daring to say anything of the sort to her face, had they otherwise been looking to lose their job. The young woman took what she wanted when she wanted, and right now she wanted what Mr. Brizio had been hiding from her as head of the Research Division. In quite the flourish, Anna grabbed his tie and yanked him forward her lips catching his.

    Soon she sat atop the desk, her legs wrapped around Brizio's waist, her skirt climbing its way up the length of her leg. Brizio had seemed quite proud of himself as he searched for his belt buckle while keeping his mouth connected to Anna's. Her own red tipped nails searching the man's coat pocket nimbly as a thief. Then her search bared fruit as she fingered his security card easily sliding it out of the pocket, but too soon Mr. Capulini pulled away.

    "What's this Ms. West?" Before Anna could cover her tracks, Brizio's fingers clamped around her wrist. Her own fingers gripping the security key card. "That is a shameful thing for such a pretty young thing." Anna narrowed her eyes whimpering as his grip around her wrist tightened. "I am positive this belongs to me madame." Then without warning he took her wrist and twisted it causing sharp pains bringing a loud yelp to her lips. Finally she relinquished the card to the brute of a man, in turn he let her go allowing Anna to tend to her wrist.

    "You bastard, my father will hear of this." Sighing softly, Brizio slipped the card into his pocket and smiled cruelly. "Such a shame... Beauty is something I admire." He flicked a lock of hair from her face with his finger before calling in his own assistant. "Take Anna to her father, she has affairs to take care of this morning." The assistant began to usher Anna from the small research room. "Oh and Anna, remember to take an umbrella before you leave." Anna barely even glanced back at the Brizio as she flipped her thick blonde hair of her shoulder. Something was off about the Italian, and she had always known it. Heels clicking against the tile of Rainfall's hallways, she looked at the small vial in her hand.

    "Antivirus III, what is your game Mr. Capulini."
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  5. "So... I'm guarding the CEO's daughter huh? That's quite the job I've been trusted with." he pondered while shifting through the papers. Also on the desk Charles found the earpiece, gun, and badge. He also found a holster that would fit nicely onto his belt. He turned his head and saw his uniform adorned on the wall. He smirked and got up out of his chair. He began to observe his new office. It was nice, small but well organized. The walls were white, the left wall was covered in monitors that displayed he various rooms in the building. On his desk was a long rectangular control panel, it had several buttons and a keypad that allowed him to switch between cameras on screen, however the section where the trackball would be was missing, he wasn't able to control the cameras, that privilege was left for the building security guards.

    On the other side of the room hung his black body guard getup. He decided to promptly change into his new uniform. In the folder he was given were instructions to meet up with Mr. West and his daughter today. The meeting was coming up in the next hour so he made sure he was ready. As he began to fix his tie on his suit his earpiece went off. He placed one finger in his ear and pressed the button of the earpiece, which was now resting comfortably in his ear. "Yes? This is McKnight." The voice was that of the secretary from earlier.

    "Mister McKnight, Mister West will see you now. he is on the top floor, if you take the elevator all the way up, his office is the entirety of the top floor." The voice then blacked out, she hung up. McKnight shrugged off the rather rude attitude and moved along, she was probably very busy. Charles left his office and headed straight for the glass elevator on the other side of the floor. The entire elevator was glass and hung off the outside of the building, the buttons were heat sensitive. Very fancy. Charles pressed the top floor button and the elevator shot up. As it approached the top of the building, he turned and could see the entire city of Eden outside the elevator, and if he looked down he could see the elevator shoot up farther and farther from the ground, one of the drawbacks to a glass elevator, looking down for too long makes Charles feel sick in one of them.

    It wasn't long before the elevator stopped and opened up to Mr. West's office, the entirety of the top floor of the building. He calmly exited the elevator as the doors closed behind him.
  6. Jack wander around town not really looking for anything to do. There was nothing for him and all he had was time to kill. For him, Eden was a boring place filled with nothing but boring people. There was nothing for him to do.

    "What's the point of being here." He said as the rain covered him. People were walking by and they all were heading towards work. Everyday that's what Jack saw. People doing the exact same thing over and over. True insanity in his mind. Eventually he came across a building that stuck out to him.

    "Oh...this place..." he said as he looked at the building. He couldn't remember the name of it, but that did testing and research inside. There was security everywhere and it all seemed pretty important. For some reason though, it reminded him of Raccoon City and he wasn't sure why.

    "You need help with something kid?" A security guard standing watch asked Jack.

    "No...just looking..." Jack said in return. The guard didn't respond with words, but instead looked as though he was reaching for his gun or something. To avoid and drama, Jack continued on moving.

    "Asshole..." Jack muttered as he kept moving. He was tired of the building anyways. It sent chills down his spine and he didn't want to be near it if he could help it.
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  7. Anna lounged in a grey suede chaise in her father's "rest" area of his massive office. It really was an impressive floor, the expanse of it being completely and utterly private, she had many fond memories of running barefoot through the bright clinical walls of the floor that had always been home to her. All the walls were an elegant eggshell colored, the lights warm but bright in their modern shades, the desks were just the same a curved metal instead of sharp edged wood. The furniture all matched her father's love for clean modern things. Nothing antique but an aged globe that hung suspended in a refurbished metal rack, sat in the front area of the 27th floor. "Home..." Anna said under her breath.

    The door to her father's private "study", or what she liked to call the business room, swung open. Mr. Alistair West had always been an attractive man. Black hair salted with pure silver in just the right places, a well formed jaw covered in pitch facial hair that was always groomed to no consequence, and a crisp suit of gun metal grey, pressed and tailored to his tall frame. "Anna, Brizio tells me you visited him today?" her father's voice was already edging on his annoying professional lecture voice that Anna despised. Without looking up, Anna continued to scroll through the Rainfall Updates and the like. Alistair stood directly before his blonde daughter, and she knew because his expensive Italian leather dress shoes stared at her accusingly. "Anna."

    Finally looking up she shrugged a bit and stood up as well to plant a sweet kiss on her father's cheek, which of course softened him up. "I am sorry Papa, I did not listen to you and went against your word." She said demurely, to tame the lecture beast that hid deep inside her father. Alistair moved away from Anna and busied himself with some papers from a table by the Chaise. Anna sighed and sat down once more, instead crossing her legs and holding herself as a respectful lady. One thing she always remembered is that if her father was not lecturing, he was busy with other more important things. After her mother left her with him for another man in France, he had never been the father he maybe once could have been. Always tightlipped and hardeyed around the ball of sunshine Anna had always been, he made sure to supply her any companion she might have needed. As she grew up, the apple never falling far from the tree, she found a love for research and running the company her father had erected.

    "Father, why did you call me in here again?" Alistair barely glanced up at his daughter before shuffling through more papers a frown on his face. "I am hiring a body guard for you, lately things have been..." He hummed for a moment searching for a word that would tie his next thought in seamlessly. That was her father. Seamless. "Restless, and I don't want my daughter to get caught up in any unsavory business when you visit Senator Sullivan at Eden's Four Seasons." Anna froze, Senator Sullivan? Bodyguard? "Father please don't tell me that..." Alistair cut her off. "Yes you will be accompanying him here." Anna stood up suddenly, shocked to her core.

    "Father, That bastard is the one who has been attacking you in the house about that damn video!" Anna barely cared about her modesty that her nanny had so tried to train her in now. "Now you tell me we are inviting the wolf into our very home!" She stomped up to her father and snatched the papers from his hand so maybe he would look at her instead of pouring over some useless papers. "Daddy! Please! This cannot be a good idea!" Alistair looked down into his own blue eyes, in many ways Anna was the spitting image of what he saw in the mirror each morning. "Anna this is none of your concern, you are simply a politeness." Anna had begun to insist further when her father glanced up and a familiar ding sounded in the room.

    Turning her exterior completely around, she folded her arms behind her back and lifted her chin. Anna once the sniveling begging daughter of her father, was now the image of a CEO's heiress. "Welcome to Rainfall Eden Institute of Research and Development Mr. McKnight" Her father's charismatic voice boomed as he put a hand on Anna's shoulder, cuing a polite smile from her lips. "Mr. McKnight, congratulations on your new job. I am Anna West." Her heels clicked on the floor as she gracefully made her way over to the blonde man who seemed nice even though he was as plain as the next. Holding out her hand she smiled as warmly as she could, not betraying a hint of the actual nervousness she felt. "Its a pleasure."

    Anna barely had time to make a proper introduction before Polly, her father's personal assistant, thrust a stack of papers into Anna's arms. "Mr. McKnight is to accompany you in a company car to the Eden Four Season's to pick up the Senator." Anna glanced at her father who had now moved onto sit at his "public" desk scribbling on a paper. "After you acquaint yourself, Anna pay attention, you are to bring him straight here." Polly snapped her fingers and glared sharply. "Please relay him the instructions on the paper. Remember to tell Senator Sullivan that we will be appointing him a team of security that he may use to his own fancy upon arrival. Understand?" Anna nodded firmly before she turned to her new... body guard.

    "I hope you are more useful than you look." Her voice held more than a touch of snobbishness in it. Anna knew she was better than most, and she had no problem making sure everyone else did too. Alistair once told her that when she hires someone to work for her, they must realize their position, and what exactly that entails.
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  8. Charles stepped into the large, floor wide office. He was able to take a quick glance of the place, very nice, modern, sterile. It's basically what he had expected it to be. The walls were a nice white, no wait not white... Eggshell was the word he was looking for. Granted he felt like white was a word good enough to explain it, however his short while working at a home improvement store gave him more insight on those kind of matters... An insight into what the different colors of paint are called... What a useful skill. He was just thankful it wasn't his only skill, else he would not have been right where he was. It was then he heard a voice speak to him, his eyes focused forward and his arms wrapped around to behind him, interlocking in a very formal position. He then responded.

    "Thank you Mister West, it's an honor, really." He said with a wide grin on his face, he was here, working for a well known company under a CEO, a CEO of all things! His eyes then drifted to the young woman approaching him. He took a moment to analyze who she was. It wasn't more than a mere moment before he recognized her as Anna West, the girl in the classified files, the one he was supposed to give his life for in case anything were to happen. Granted he wasn't planning on letting her get into that kind of position. He didn't want to die, granted he knew if he had to, it would happen. But he wouldn't enjoy it.

    Lost in thought, he shook his head a bit and realized that Anna was much closer to him than before and was about to speak. He made sure he was now all ears. He nodded and shook his new protectee's hand. With a soft smile he responded with a nod, "I look forward to working with you Miss West." They were then interrupted by what appeared to be some kind of assistant to the CEO, Mr. West. He observed as his protectee received some papers and her "mission". It wasn't really big enough to be called a mission, but he thought that thinking about it like a mission would make it more exciting. It was in these moments that he continued to think like a kid sometimes...

    It was then that Anna drew her attention back to him and he was all ears again... however he didn't know exactly how to respond to what she had just said.

    "I hope you are more useful than you look."

    "wow" he thought, "did I do something to offend her? Or is she just... like that? Well I'm sure I'll get used to it. She can't be all bad, she's probably just having a bad day, I should try and be nice to her, who knows maybe I can cheer her up a bit." Charles shrugged and chuckled softly at Anna's comment, pretending that it just rolled off him and barely even processed it. "Well Miss West, If I wasn't qualified I don't think I'd be here now! Your father probably would've kicked me to the curb like the rest of the applicants!" he joked lightheartedly, hoping for some kind of positive reaction.

    He then moved to the side and bowed a bit, he then extended his arm out to the glass elevator and looked towards Anna "After you m'am."
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