Resident-Evil Style



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(Location: Raccoon City)

A few days after the first attack in Raccoon City...

Angela had no idea what was going on. People were going absolutely insane, biting eachother, tearing pieces of flesh off. And to believe, just three days ago it had been another sunny day in Raccoon City. She had gone to work, secretary for a small business, and had come home. That night though, the city erupted into chaos.

At first, everyone thought they were just whack-job rioters. Soon though, they found out there was more to it.

Angela had no idea what had happened, but she heard talk of something called the T-virus.

Law enforcement, S.T.A.R.S, had tried as hard as they could. It wasn't enough though, even they were getting taken down.

So Angela had to take matters into her own hands. A wall was being built around the city, people weren't allowed out. Few had tried to escape, only to be shot down. Now, Angela herself had gone into a gunshop and taken a gun or two and some bullets. She was shooting anything that came at her, looking like it wanted to eat her alive.