Resident Evil Six.

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  1. [video=youtube;LOCB2mDz5ps][/video]

    Just from watching that made me want to play this beyond belief, this will be nice, a good mix between horror and third person shooter from what they said. Combining Resident evil four and five together in as sense, it should be amazing.
  2. I still want my Merchant.
    - ^-
  3. Must.....kill.....zombie!
  4. Leon and Chris fighting= EPIC SAUCE.
  5. I'm excited for the new guy. 8D And kinda for Leon.

    Not at all for Ashley.</3
    And Chris. Lul. I like to make fun of him. So. :3

  6. I noticed Chris got abit less buff then before, strange. Leon is abit more buff and more aged respectfully of course, hope Ashley is more mature this time >_>

    Sherry is obviously older -shes from resident evil 2 but alittle girl in that one-

    Ada is back, Chris is trying to kill her, Leon stopped him.