GROUP RP PLOTTING "Resident Evil Role Play"

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Tetsuri Tokai

Original poster
I was thinking about starting a story about a zombie invasion since I love almost everything about the genre. Especially Resident Evil =3. I wanted to know if anyone would have any interest in participating in this Role Play.
Ill be all for it. I enjoy the zombie genre pretty well. Though i do have something distinct about my character i would like. It might not work but lets talk about it first.
sure ^^ ill be glad to hear out your ideas
Same! I'm in.

Alexander Caliban.

Character's name. And yes, I have read Caliban Cove.
Well what i was wanting for my character was. With the virus he can mutate into different things. Like prototype in a way. But with the resident evil virus instead. Idk
kk Raiu and Norgrad, just take your time and get your thoughts together ^^
Well yeah that is what i was wanting with my character. Mutated with a virus giving my character strength, speed, and if needed a full on transformation. It doesnt have to be like that if you dont want it to be
Toughy toughy....


...will there be a thingy like Nemesis...? T . T
thats a good idea Nograd and yes Iliana, i'll make it like the resident evil genre, and try to keep it similar, but not too similar ^^

Long as you get yer plot together.
Alright, I will begin getting my ideas together and once i have the plot and everything completed, I will notify everyone and have you make your bios. Then we can begin. ^^