Resident Evil Esc Rp

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  1. [video=youtube;PXd0NCqZLzU][/video]
    Inspiration from a song once again, who here want's to help me?
  2. You... may want to provide some more details for your idea, dude. Even just an overview, a few ideas or something.
  3. That's the thing, I have no real Idea, I was just inspired by the song to do a Resident Evil Esc Rp... but I need help in developing one.

    The basic idea I had was that it was that we start just before the outbreak and showcase what our characters do on a daily basis before putting forth a GM post where all hell breaks loose.

    We try to survive and one by one, each character dies off until there are only 2 or 3 remaining. If we wanted, we could also have some of the featured characters of the game.
  4. Well, since no-one's thrown in any thoughts yet, I'll chip a couple in to see if I can't help get shit rolling.

    The Resident Evil games have always had themes of mystery and conspiracy about them; of things not being quite as they seem (even the first film managed to pick up on some of this, before the sequels went off and did their own thing). You've usually got themes of corporate evil going on as well, in the form of the Umbrella Corporation, though I've always enjoyed most the games that stray away from that and do their own thing (just take a look at 4 or even Revelations as good examples).

    Have mysteries to solve, a conspiracy to unearth alongside bio-organic horrors; mutated monster things are cool, but they can't carry a plot all to themselves. If you have bizarre goings-on surrounding such gribbly monsters, however, you've got something to drive the story alongside scary shit. It's a good combination.
  5. I'll try to develop a story with my week off of this site. Thank's for the pointers.