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  1. Hello! My name is Chelsea, or Madame Blonde!

    I'm a huge RE fanatic and really would like to do a Resident Evil roleplay of some sort. I'm up to date game and movie wise and can play both male and female characters. However, I usually stick to playing males like Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy.

    I'm open to plots! And have a few ideas myself!

    Contact me if anyone is interested!
  2. Somewhat interested. Would be more interested in writing an OC in the RE world.
  3. Totally interested. Resident Evil is my thing.
  4. Great! RE has always been my #1 obsession.
    I'm open to most any types of plots. Any ideas in mind?
  5. I can also do that! I've written my share of RE OC's in my time.
  6. I think it depends on the characters we choose to play. I'm big on Leon and Steve, and you seem to like Chris and Leon so (Team Leon, whaddya say?)... I don't know. Like I said, I think it's going to depend on our characters. If you had to choose, which would you be playing?
  7. (Team Leon -high five-)
    I used to always play Chris, and I think it would be interesting to get back into playing Leon. So I would probably vote for Leon. I feel like Chris needs a well deserved vacation from action.

    Leon for you it is, then. I've wanted to get back into the hang of rping Steve, problem is all due to character interaction. I'm not good at Ada or Claire, so any deep interaction is bleh.

    Mm. What plots exactly did you have in mind?
  9. We could be S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City battling the outbreak, or we could be members of the BSAA dispatched to somewhere to investigate a new outbreak of Las Plagas, or we could be sent to rescue someone, or we could just crete our own story with a new strain of plague or whatever.
  10. Hmm... we could do our own story, then. with a new plague and everything. Play whatever character we want who just so happens to have gotten involved accidentally. Kind of like 'well, something crazy has happened but the BSAA is busy with something else'. I dunno. I'm pretty open to everything, but I like the idea of not rping something that already happened in the game. Something fresh but with familiar characters, or something.
  11. I do admit I hate rping something that has already happened. I love creating new stories to fill the void between this game and the next. (Ah, I remember the days before RE6, when everyone and their mother had their own plot for the new game~). I love the idea of some Soldier A type RPD officers fighting the outbreak who the game didn't focus on--kinda reminds me of Outbreak! Although knowing my evil tendencies I would probably plan out their deaths. Another thing I like is the idea of crossing virus strains and mutating existing viruses. Like the T-Abyss virus and whatnot (I always liked the terrifying idea of zombie sharks and whatnot).

    So pertaining to OC characters, STARS or RPD officers sounds fun!

    As for things with Leon and other canon characters and whatnot, I always liked the idea of having mutated marine animals. Perhaps a Sea World type park is attacked and all of the friendly little critters (or big critters) mutate and bloody the waters?
  12. Yes, yes that's good. "Let's got to sea world. What's that? Shamu ate a kid? Well f**k. Sigh, let's go deal with it."

    I don't know, I imagined that pretty funny. Anyway, mixing the viruses for a super virus? Genius. It'd probably be on a much smaller scale due to that, so we'd have to figure out a setting if it's not an evil theme park.
  13. I do genuinely like the theme park idea though. Because that's super creepy enough as it is. Now you have zombies? or at least zombie-ish things? Even BETTER! The virus can be a new strain of the T-Abyss virus that focused on water-based marine life--making things all goopy if they weren't actually a part of marine life. It would have to be small scale, so perhaps simply the theme park itself. No doubt tourists and patrons of the park would have been infected, but let's assume that the park was closed down and quarantined. The government sends in experts to investigate the disaster and find out who is behind this.

    Leon and Steve, yes?
  14. Hmm... I like that. An infected/pretty abandoned theme park is creepy enough as it is, and park-goers mutated into water-based goop-monsters? Nightmare fuel. Hard to kill due to their less solid and more 'watery' makeup, and large in number. It'd be a challenge.

    Leon and Steve definitely.
  15. Great. I'm all for this. My only question is how Steve would get involved? Since last we saw he was on Rockfort Island
  16. That's... a good question. I always had this dumb little theory (that never had any basis, I just liked to pretend) that Steve was still very much alive (though not in the traditional sense, he was a bit out of it) thanks to the T-Veronica virus. So while he was pretty much offed, and since he had kind of disappeared at the end (or was that only the remake? Need to schedule a replay) that the virus, somehow, allowed him to live. Or Wesker took him. Don't know, I'm still working it out, but it's too long to put here.

    Anyway, perhaps, considering the viruses and their relation to each other, he'd be drawn there. Or maybe because he suspected that's where Claire would be. That's also something I should work out, now that I think about it.

    Everything else sounds good, though.
  17. Not a bad theory. I've heard plenty on similar lines, for example, Wesker taking him and what not. I'm sure since Wesker is dead now Steve wouldn't be with him. But instead perhaps Neo-Umbrella or similar things. Maybe they have given Steve some control over the virus--and blackmailed him into helping with a bioterrorist attack with promises of seeing his beloved crush Claire again?

    Claire, working with Terrasave, would likely not be sent in as an expert due to the fact that her position is not combat-centric. But she is in contact with Leon for the most part, so that could be something good for Steve.

    Can you imagine the phone call though? Claire gets a call from Leon's cell: "Hello?" "Claire?!" "Who is this...? Leon?" "This is Steve." "...I don't know any Steves..." "Rockfort Island." ""
  18. That'll probably be his back story, then, if it comes up.

    Exactly why Claire wouldn't be there-- Steve would be disappointed, but he's got a job to do and providing Leon with some kind of help would give him access to her, so one more point for him. Sounds all fine and dandy to me.

    And wow: "Haha look I'm not dead--" "This isn't funny, Steve!" Oh boy.

    Aaanyway, I think we're good to go, unless you've got anything else to add.

    (Btw, just a thought from staring at your sig for too long-- have you seen that mod/glitch [whatever-it-was] for RE5 where all the birds have been replaced by Wesker? It's perfect.)
  19. Yay! Yes I do think we're good to go. So I think we'll just have a recap of what happened and then the two run into each other? to save from super long posts with no interaction?

    (YOU MEAN THIS? [​IMG] yes this is my favorite thing. I love it so much.)
  20. Yep! Sounds good.

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