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  1. "What the hell?" Lily uttered as the lights in the Communications room went off. The windows on the side of the small room had only shown a little light in the twilight of the night. She stood from her chair reaching for her PDA, and turned it on upon finding it over her papers. She unlocked it and turned on her flashlight app. "Damn it, Rico. Can't even keep the power on..." Lily said feeling mift about the work she had just lost. She couldn't even remember the last time she made a save on her document and now she would probably have to redo all of it again. Lily was already stressed enough with her lack of sleep and now this shit...

    In hopes that the power maybe shut down for just a moment, she pressed the on button for her computer. The screen remained black and Lily got up from her chair in disgust. She walked over to the door and pushed it right open. She walked right into the Biology lab without taking anyone else in. Lily was on a god damn mission. If Rico couldn't keep the power going, she could just do it her self. She felt at wits end as she pushed through the Biology door and into the generator room. The hum that it usually made was silent and she stepped over to it.

    Lily looked it over as if she had some sort of clue to what was wrong. Well, it's not working. So that's not a good sign. She thought to herself. The lights on the side that usually glowed were off as well. Lily shook her head and looked around the room. Not much to help her. Just a fire extinguisher on the wall for an emergency. Only Rico had the tools and the know-how to fix the old beast. She stood there staring at the dead generator. Rico or someone was bound to show up eventually. She decided to fester in her anger in the meantime.
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  2. Eric shivered as he slowly magnified the microscope studying the minuscule South Pole bacteria. Damned if this isn't the coldest fucking place on Earth. He turned to his notepad and scribbled some details beneath an already substantial paragraph in small print, trying to utilize as much space as possible. He was turning the knob again when the lights shut off. Startled, Eric accidentally knocked over the microscope, and in turn, the bacteria he had worked so hard for. "Kinyesi, nini kilichotokea?!" ( Shit, what happened?!) The Swahili flew out of the mans mouth. He stared open-mouthed at the mess on the floor. "M-my..... my work.." As the full realization of what he had just lost infuriated the native African. Usually quiet, he was absolutely livid, quite near frothing at the mouth. He jumped to his feet, grass crackling beneath his shoes.As Lily walked briskly towards the generator room, he quickly gathered up his notes and stuffed them into a pocket of his lab coat. He then stormed out of the door into the space between the research room and the generator room.

    Eric pushes his glasses up his nose. His nostrils flared as he thought of MONTHS of research, and his only specimen, destroyed. His superiors at the World Health Organization would not be pleased; No sir, not at all. As he followed Lily into the other room, he promised himself he would personally ream out the janitor-man. The lazy, fat, slob of a janitor will pay for this, he though menacingly. Eric clenched and unclenched his fists. He began to count to 100 before his temper went off. No, that wouldn't do, he'd just cause more problems.

    As he stepped into the room, he saw what Lily saw: Nothing, not even though usually lights. Dismay flickered across Eric's face. He needed electricity, if he was going to be able to conduct his research, Not that it matters anymore anyway, though Eric bitterly. He turned to Lily, "Hello, I am Dr. Eric Jones. Do you know what happened here? I lost much work, my superiors will be very angry!" His excitement was conveyed by his accent, usually not quite so thick. He looked expectantly towards Lily, for some reason thinking she knew what the hell was going on in this base.
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  3. Lily sighed and turned her head. She could feel the Dr's anger and it fueled her even more. "Hey, Eric. I'm Lily." She said trying to hold back her sarcassm. Everyone was in danger of her onslaught. "I wish I knew what was going on. That 'maintenance' man was supposed to be watching this damn thing, and sure enough, he's no where around. Must be sleeping in the supply room again." Lily rubbed her face and turned to Eric. "And don't even get me started on work. I lost an entire four page document on some communications testings. That and some logs. Not that I care much for those anyways." Lily shrugged, ending her rant which followed a slight shiver. It was freezing outside and simply opening the door was enough to drop the temperature in the room. Sadly her anger wasn't enough to keep her warm.

    "Here, I'll see if I can fix this damn thing." Lily said before turning around and walking over to the generator. She mashed some of the buttons. One of which was the 'go' switch, or so it had appeared to her. She'd never worked with it before. "Give me a hand or something." She ordered brusquely.
  4. Edmund was cooking BLTs for the whole Base, and for those who didn't want bacon, they got a LT, Lettuce Tomato. Usually Edmund had been more forgiving of the vegetarian members of Base, but today, today was not their day, it was Edmunds. Every twenty-sixth it's BLTs. That's the way it's been, that the way it will be.

    Edmund had just finished slicing the tomatoes while the bacon was frying. When the power went out, the most of Edmund's worries was light, "God dammit, who shut down the power? I can't see anything!" In more of a subconscious re-action than careful thinking, Edmund turned off the burners for the bacon. Announcing loudly, to he knew was probably Rico. "Whoever is responsible for the god damned lights shutting is not getting a sandwich prepared by the kitchen!"

    Storming out of the kitchen, Edmund went off towards the generator room to chew out whoever was in there. While it was known that Edmund certainly wasn't the most violent person, people were still afraid of getting on his bad side. Annoying the cook meant he would often not consider your wants, or in some cases consider your fears. Today though, was a good day for Edmund. The twenty-sixth.
  5. Sandra was in her lab, reading some of the test results form the staff's blood. She frowned, noticing there was a cold going around. The lights in the room flickered for a few seconds, causing her to look up, and the lights dimmed to nothingness. She cursed her luck, and walked over to where the door was, grasping around till she found the handle. "Rico!" She yelled, hoping the handyman wasn't messing around. She slowly made her way down to the power room. "What is the deal here!" She yelled out, jerking open the door
  6. Doctor Kelvin Reigner was in the midst of organizing personell medical records for the next routine checkup, mandated by the very organizations that sent them here respectively. In four days, he would have to have all ready in the lab for physical and mental checks, have the checks typed up, and then sent back to headquarters. Monthly this would be done, and though most didnt quite like it, he was glad it gave him something to do. More routinely, though, he would attend to minor injuries or contaminations incured on base, such as a cut from a shattered beaker filled with a new concoction. These sorts of things needed decontamination and proper care so as not to fester and become infected. A faint sigh left the British doctor's mouth as he pushed the plastic drawer closed, the ridged matterial mimicing metal, as such a heat conductive substance would be highly unwise in a place such as this. Just as Kelvin had turned around to sit in his chair at his desk, the lights went out, his partner, Sandra, yelling in frustration and heading for the door. The doctor stumbled slightly as he triped over a cord as he tried to bring words up to stop her from leaving, but it was already too late, forcing him to try and find his way after her.

    The down side to being a medical doctor who rarely had to leave their office was.... well... you rarely leave your office. Kelvin had a rough knowledge of the base's layout, but the only place he ever routinly went was the mess hall. If anyone had a problem, they came to him. Out of office calls normally went to Sandra, or the other scientists here figured it out themselves. So now, Kelvin found himself stumbling down the hall, tripping over outcropings ever so often and having run into two different walls in the pitch black darkness, heading in the complete oposite direction of everyone else, unbeknownst to himself. The matches that he kept in his back pocket had been completely disregarded.
  7. Rico finally woke up, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness that had covered the room. Was the power out? Dammit... Lily was gonna have his head. He felt around for his flashlight and flicked it on, using it to find the red tool box that he carried almost everywhere. He made his way to the generator, shining his light into the room. He was greeted with Lily jabbing at buttons. "Maldita sea Lily. I can't fix the thing of you break it, further! Move over." He gently pushed her to the side, putting the flashlight in his mouth as he began tinkering with the generator. It took a while, but he eventually took the light from his mouth and sighed. "No can do. Internal wiring's all fried. Most likely because SOMEBODY tried to fix it without knowing what all the buttons do. Betty can only take so much." He empathetically patted the generator. He had names for all the machines. All of them. The damn coffee maker was Francesca. "We do still have the emergency backups, right? Or have you broken those, too?"
  8. Lily scoffed and turned away. "It was broken when I got here, Rico. Eric could testify that. Maybe you should have been paying better attention to it rather than goofing off or whatever you do." Lily poked at the maintenance man's shoulder, and though she wanted to raise her voice at him, with all the people who had just entered the room, she tried to remain as passive as possible. "As for the backups, I don't know anything about those. I don't even know where those are located." Lily kept eye contact with Rico. Even if she couldn't scream at him with everyone in the space, she could still yell at him with her eyes, which she did very well.

    In reply to Sandra, "Power outage. If that wasn't clear." Lily said taking Sandra in for only a second before turning her piercing gaze back to Rico. She folded her arms.
  9. As Rico gave his diagnosis of the generator, Eric's anger turned to a bone chilling realization- literally. He pulled his labcoat closer around him and tucked his hands into his armpits. "What do you mean its all fried? Lily barely even touched anything!" Eric sneezed loudly. "Without power, we've got no heaters. That will make the cold thats been going around even wor- aaaa-choo! Sorry. As I was saying, the cold thats been going around will get worse with no heat. I suggest we get blankets and warm clothing until Rico gets our power up. Hopefully he can. What do you people think?"
  10. After listening to the conversation through the door. Edmund came in, smoothly, but none the less intently. "I think we are having LT sandwiches. The bacon's half cooked all because someone turned the power off. If the powers out as you say. Then we are going to be doing a whole lot of nothing except trying to fix it."

    Sighing, Edmund said. "Well if we are going to do it Rico needs some help. We should probably go check any electrical outside, and make sure everyone inside the building is alright."
  11. Soon, Doc Kelvin would be met with a rather irate researcher adorning, on top of her usual lab clothing, a thick santa hat and a thick blanket. "Hey Doc, somebody hurt? I mean - the lights are out and you're headed away from the power plant, so I can only assume..."
  12. Sandra nodded, and looked over to Rico, glaring murderously. "So, Not only is 'Betty' Fried, but so is the backup?" She asked, looking over at the shivering Eric. "He does make a good point, we are going to have to get some heat in here, and fast, or we will all just freeze to death." She said, feeling goosebumps already pop up all over her arm
  13. "Mátame ahora.... I'm gonna get stabbed before the cold gets me, Doc." He shook his head, gathering his tools into his toolbox. "And, no. Just because Betty's gone don't mean the backups are screwed in the head, either. One of them should be in the supply room." He rubbed the back of his neck. He could hear the accusations now. "Hopefully, that will get us power to this part of the complex. Unfortunately, the main's so far gone, we have to requisition a new one. It'll take two, maybe three weeks for the request to even reach the mainland." Not to mention the four or five day layaway, the delivery time, and the set up time, Rico didn't bother to mention. Some things were better left unsaid.
  14. Lily sighed and walked over to the door. "Let's get everyone together and meet in the lounge. We might want to start discussing our situation and figuring out what we're going to do while we wait for a new generator. Or some sort of miracle." Lily looked to everyone for a response, and she shivered. "Well, come on now." She jerked her head to the door and stepped out into the small hallway leading into the lounge.

    The lounge was completely dark. Lily flashed her light around which illuminated the pool table. A game seemed to have been cut short. Lily walked over to the couches in the upper right corner and she sat herself down for a moment. The heat in the lounge wasn't all lost. It was still fairly warm. But with the degrees in the negatives outside, and the fact they were in the middle of blizzard didn't ring very good.

    Lily untied her boots and kicked them off to the side, and she stretched her legs and feet across the red carpet.
  15. Edmund follow Lily, flicking the light switch to the lobby on his way in to no avail. "Well we should cover the basic needs first. Those being, food, water, and shelter." Edmund looked towards the hall way entrance. "If anyone is hungry right now we can go to the cafeteria and get food. Other than th-"

    Cursing Edmund realized an important fact about the food. "All the refrigerated food is gonna to go to waste, same with frozen food. We could store it outside. I should be able to cook it though. Even if the stoves got electric sparks, they run off of gas and I've got a lighter."

    "We have enough to eat for a few weeks maybe less. If any of us are vegetarian that might cause more problems." Edmund looked back from the hall way and towards the rest of them. "Maybe we should ration it?"
  16. Thomas' stomach let out a low groan as he lay on his bed. ''God I hate the food here..'' he said to no-one but himself, he pulled his laptop lid up and began to type away when everything but his laptop screen went black. Shit.. He muttered in his head as he closed the lid again and, fumbling around in the dark, pushed the light switch. Nothing. It was still pitch black. He opened the lid of his laptop again so he could see what he was doing. Pulling his glasses out of their case he pushed them onto his face and felt his way out of the room.

    The first thing he noticed exiting his room was the low rumble you could usually hear inside the building, a sound usually overlooked and forgotten by most people. It was gone. Noticing this Thomas let out a sigh and made his way to the room which held the generator. The next thing he noticed is that it seemed everyone had already gathered in the generator room and were now making their way back into the lounge, so he decided to take a seat while everyone came in.
  17. Rico made his way to the lounge behind Lilly, his own flashlight held firmly in his hand as he walked. Normally, he didn't have to use it. He knew his way around. However, hitting other people in the dark might not be exactly what was on the menu. He sat down against the nearest wall as soon as they got to the lounge, sighing. He had to think of a way to jury rig some power out of that generator. Only the wires seemed dead. If they get some new ones, he could have lights and heat going by morning. However, without light they might as well by trying to diffuse a bomb with oven mitts and a chainsaw. He wasn't fond of THAT idea..... "Lily..." He began, "Do you know where we can get roughly thirty, four inch long wires without taking down any more essential parts of our little home, here?"
  18. Eric. teeth still chattering followed the others. He knew he was going to get sick and the others were too, if he didn't get better, and fast. "Anyone got a b-bl-OW! Shit!" Eric stuck his tongue out to look at the damage. There was blood running down and he could taste the salty/metallic taste of blood. He spoke with a lisp. [BCOLOR=#000000]"AH bit meh tong." [BCOLOR=#000000] Saliva began to run down the length of his tongue and he quickly retracted it before he began drooling like an idiot. "Anyone got a blanket I could use? I'm freezing." He shivered and sat down next to Lily, arms tucked into his armpits all the while. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
  19. Doctor Kelvin turned around abruptly, as if half scared to death by just the presence of another human being, but he quickly calmed, sighing slightly and giving a bit of a weak smile.
    "There isn't anyone injured as far as I know, but threre is definetly something going on around here.... We are supposed to have guaranteed power all hours of every day, and all of a sudden, now they're out? It only makes sense that everyone would be in the generator room, but what if the real issue is elsewhere in the facility?" the male doctor was content with his cover up of his aimless wandering, and even further cover up of his fright as he followed a strange scraping sound that had echoed down the halls. But judging by how the other had approached and inquired about his purpose in the area.
    "s-say, you haven't been hearing anything around here, have yo- stay here, i'll be back." he said in a hurry, hurrying down the hall. An echo of past screams was the last thing that could be heard from the dark corridor, the doctor no where to be found
  20. Orynn was mildly creeped out, and as such tailed it out of there in her blanket and Santa hat, eventually reaching the generators. "So what's going on around here?"