Rescuing Remnant [RWBY RP]

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    Legends, stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful. But he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness, creatures of destruction. The creatures of Grimm set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man’s brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change and in time, man’s passion, resourcefulness and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named, “dust”. Nature’s wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness and in the shadow’s absence, came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. Even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone… darkness will return. So, you may prepare your guardians… Build your monuments to a so-called free world, but take heed… There will be no victory in strength.

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    This RP is a simple one. Based in the world of RWBY, it will follow two or three teams that stand out above the rest at Beacon Academy. Team Caramel (CRML), Team Midnight (MDNT) and possibly Team Peach (PYCH). These students who all have unique abilities, personalities, and talents, will be the stars of this RP. There will be focus mainly on school life and following these young adults as they work towards the same goal: To become worthy of the title Hunter or Huntress. This RP will be dark, gory and heart wrenching... as well as exciting, random... and possibly romantic. Who knows? There will be plenty of opportunities for the students to showcase their skills, but that will not be the main focus of the RP. This will take place during the first season of RWBY and eventually extend to after season two as we take our time and progress through the story. Though the White Fang will be a part of our story, it will be less important than it was in the show.
    So, any interest out there?​
  2. I'll toss some interest in here. Depends on how things go, I guess. Are you introducing a different set of villains?
  3. Sure why not.
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  4. Yes, I was planning to. There will be a new group of bad guys (along with those already in the show) that these teams will be tasked to deal with. Though it wont be all about that, I wanted to have more of a focus of school life and such. Though of course I need to keep things interesting. :)
  5. SLAMS HAND ON TABLE. My body is ready I'm definitely interested ovo
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  6. If I get a few more interested, enough for two teams, I'll start the thread. :)
  7. excited bump~
  8. Seems interesting to me.
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  9. I figured I could drop the Character Sheet here for you guys to work on @ERode @Zombehs @Sairoh @CasketCase

    Just to avoid confusion, My character will be the 'C' in CRML

    1) Basic info:

    Name: (pick a team and a letter from that team.)
    Team/occupation: (put said team here)
    Species: (Faunus or Human)

    Age: (17+)


    Aura/Effects: (color and visual effect - if any - of your aura)
    Symbol: (picture or discription)
    Physical traits: (noticeable scars, piercings, etc. on your character)
    Misc traits: (anything else about her normal appearance that should be noted)

    2) Appearence:

    Eye color:
    Skin tone:
    Face: (shape, eye shape, nose size, little stuff like that)
    Combat Outfit:
    Casual Outfit:

    3) Characteristics:

    Background: (Fill this in only if you feel its important. I believe its more fun to reveal over time, to give mystery to the character)

    4) Weapon

    Type: (use this link as a guide.)
    Weapon Derivation: (what inspired the weapon)
    Holstered/Sheathed Appearance: (How it looks when not in use. picture or description)
    Form 1:
    Form 2: (if applicable)
    Form 3: (if applicable)
    Features/Capabilities: (special functions like dust channeling capacity, alternate firing modes that do not cause a change in shape)
    Planned/Possible Upgrades:
    Notes: (trivia, name meaning, etc)

    5) Semblance:

    Type: (Aural/Elemental/Physical/Psychic)
    General description: (summarize the semblance briefly)
    General limitations: (if a limitation is applied on most abilities, put it here as long as it isn't just the aura cost)
    Visual effect:
    Passive ability(x): (something that happens without thinking or control, this applies everywhere)

    6) Combat info:

    Landing strategy:
    Fighting style:

    7) Trivia:

  10. Would also Like to throw some interest in if you are still accepting.
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  11. Just in case, I'm gonna drop in here and say that my character's name is going to start with a N, so yeah =w= Probably gonna be in team MDNT since its the only team with an N.
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  12. I'm in!!
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  13. Yes I'm still looking for people!

    Great to have you!

    EDIT: unless any of you are dead set on Team Peach (PYCH), if we get one more interest, there are enough of us to fill the first two teams. If that is the case, then I can make the ooc after one m ore person expresses interest.
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  14. I suppose if we're setting up teams now, I'll go ahead and claim the T in MDNT.
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  15. Probably going to be using L in CRML then.
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  16. Could I claim the D in MDNT?

    Also just so everyone is aware i'm literally in the last night of my move and will be in a new house tomorrow night. I won't have internet / on my computer / until monday night. Sorry if this inconviences anyone!!!! I will work on my profile and have it posted by Monday night though!
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  17. C for Cororo. ;3

    We could even have all male and all female segregation for further glory.
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  18. Why you gots to do that; no one wanted to be part of Peach.
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  19. No segregation! XD

    And you don't want to be on my team? "I'm hurt! Sad! Possibly a little hungry. That one's not your fault though." ~Nora

    Also the OOC is up in case you didn't know.
  20. Wait, wat. C for Caramel is already taken? Geez, why didn't anyone tell me? Q.Q
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