Rescue me (adoption)

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  1. This roleplay is explicit because of instances of child abuse and rape.

    A lesbian couple wants to adopt , but they can't. One of the woman's older brothers is a police man in the special victims unit and they break into a children's prostituition ring... There are two children in particular who are damaged so far beyond belief that no one will take them. He tracks them in the orphanage and finds they are being abused even there.

    This is the sisters chance to adopt, the children will be seized and require a parent...

    Any takers?
  2. I'm looking for someone willing to okay multiple partners and I'm open to who plays who
  3. I am willing to give this a shot? If you want.
  4. Of course! I'm glad someone replied!!!
  5. Yes, I like the idea. :3

    Any thing else I should know?
  6. Do you have a preference on who you would like to play?
  7. Well question are you looking for some one to play one of the woman or the brother?
  8. I'm looking for one partner and we can divvy out the roles accordingly :3 I don't have a preference on who I play but I do want to play one of the lesbians for sure
  9. Alright so who all needs to be played?

    I will take the other woman.
  10. I can play the brother

    we can each okay a child if you'd like , or maybe there's three kids and one of them is a set of twins? I really want dark back story's :3
  11. I love dark which is what drew me in the most.

    I can take one of the woman, and two of the kids. The twins.

    Which would leave you the brother, the other woman, and one of the kids.
  12. Works for me! I was thinking of starting off with the brother going to check on the three children in the adoption center/ foster care and discover something may be wrong? What I'm thinking is having the first posts with te kids be their files ... That the police would have.

    livjng family
    type of abuse
  13. If that is what you want, you can start the thread and I will follow suit.
  14. Okay :)

    im also also very open to your ideas , I like to build my roleplay with my partner!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.