Rereading Old RPs?

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  1. Do you ever reread your old, dead roleplays?

    It's simple, really. I tend to, a lot! Every once in a while, I find myself feeling sentimental, and start thinking about my older roleplays, or ones[SIZE=2] that h[SIZE=2]aven't been very active recently. I think about how passionate I would get about certain parts or things that happened to my characters[SIZE=2], how much fun [SIZE=2]I had, [SIZE=2]and (for the more [SIZE=2]mat[SIZE=2]ure ones) the feels I got from a [SIZE=2]part[SIZE=2], not necessarily meaning the sexy f[SIZE=2]un times.

    From this s[SIZE=2]entimental[SIZE=2]ity[SIZE=2], I would go find[SIZE=2] the o[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    ld threads in the archives and reread my favorite parts. I'd relive the feels, the emotions, and some of the fun I had in writing them! For example, Varius Giovanni[SIZE=2] and I[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]made [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]one[/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]that is one one of my all-time favorite roleplays and I made together. She's not very active anymore, though our roleplay is still going, so when I get bored, usually around 9 at night, I reread it!

    So what about you, Iwakuans? Do you reread your old posts?

  2. I love to look over my old RPs. There's always something to reminiscence about, whether it be that scene where your characters were coordinated perfectly, or when there was an awkward misreading of a word. I feel a lot of them could have been so much more, yet they died so soon...

    Any time there is a roleplay I really, really, really loved I make sure to save it now. Because I love going back to read the adventure and the story. Reliving those moments. Sometimes I am super surprised by how brilliant something turned out. Or I discover a plot hole that can be used in current story lines, and stuff like that. >:] I even have my roleplay blog where I save the logs of chatrps with my favorite partners.
  4. Yes. I do all the time. I even sometimes go to the site I used to RP at before Iwaku and read my archived posts/rps > < It makes me miss people that are never online anymore who I used to play with.

    The games I really enjoyed I have bookmarked : )
  5. Have yet to start one on here, but most of the RPs I've participated in were not long term. The ones that happened to end up being long term were terminated early due to various reasons. Ones with Drew over Skype, group ones with friends, and chat ones.

    The biggest instance of actually saving a RP and going through the effort of weeding out all the extra chat in between was from another site and it started around December, oddly enough. My roleplay partner came in dressed up in a Santa robe then simply collapsed onto the floor. Besides the description of the clothing, the character himself, and the setting... the falling action was all I had to go off of to make a post. I remember him teasingly saying, "So... whatcha gunna do now?"

    I read over that one every now and then because I really did get attached to that RP. He made me work. Every action had to be thought out, every word had to be planned carefully. One wrong step and his character might slip back into his shell and I'd have to start over again. It was probably the best RP I had that had the potential of going long term if a thing called life didn't get in the way! >.<
  6. Vay linked me two rp's that we had and I have them saved. I loved them and wish I could hug them. It was so much fun. We use to rp so much. Things change and life grabs us by the balls sometimes or neck if you will, forcing us into all sorts of wonderful stressful things that we have to put first and rp second or third or not at all.

    So we have to move on. But in my heart I will cherish the ones that were started and finished. Nothing like a great story that actually comes to a conclusion and not left unwritten. It’s wonderful to know that we started something and finished it. That was a great honor. Something a bit rare I dare say. Many great rp's start but few actually end with grace.
  7. Yeah, I do actually. I have this habit of rereading things I've written or read already (manga).
    It's a little sad for me sometimes 'cause those old RPs were really the most enjoyable times I've had with writing and now that they can't be continued anymore, I'm even more "UGHHH" about it. ;w;
  8. All the time. Mostly because I miss the writers. The ones I reread are very, very old from another site, and not well written. I read my posts and think "Oh god, that... is horrible." But I made a lot of friends writing on this other site. Most of them don't have any way to contact them anymore, and the ones I do I don't talk with much. Its sad, really. I miss them a lot.
  9. I love going back and reading old stories, RPs, and Characters. If I'm in a funk, it seems to help give me inspiration or let me remember things I was thinking about when I wrote it.

    Plus, Who doesn't love a little bit of nostalgia. :)
  10. I do not tend to reread old roleplays very often, especially those that I consider my old shames, even though they were really entertaining for me at the time I played them. Even if I manage to complete a story in a roleplay, I will rarely read it again, but most likely, I will not visit it again. Then again, I do not have much experience with completed roleplays, because I have been in so few of them. However, I do tend to re-read my own short stories a lot to look for mistakes in them, or to get inspiration from my old ideas and turn them into something new.
  11. I love rereading my old RPs. There is just something soawesome about going back and seeing how the characters have evolved throughoutthe story. I have one RP that has been going on and off for about eight years nowand I love going back to see all that history.
  12. Reading old RPs is a fun thing to do, at least for me. I like to replay the action in my head. It also helps me get an idea of how I've improved in writing and developing characters over the course of the roleplay and stuff like that.