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  1. Hi everyone, here's yet another attempt at a good roleplay. I'm looking for two partners as this is a small group Rp. Please read the requirements before you reply

    -Partner Requirements-
    * I'm looking for two aggressive role players who's not afraid to share their ideas and do something interesting with a story.
    * Must be able to post at least one full paragraph with decent body.
    * Must be able to reply at least three times a week.
    * Must be able to build a unique character from a set of given characteristics.

    -Plot and story-
    A boy is abandoned in the woods after being thought dead by the slave drivers who have been making him and the rest of the slaves walk from one Kingdom to the next without rest or food. The boy however is not dead and wakes to find himself alone in a dark forest. With no other options he had no choice but to give control to his 'other' self, a white tiger full of aggression and blood lust. The tiger, not happy in the slightest about their situation decides to let out his frustrations in the usual way; trashing and breaking everything in sight until he came across a house a bit further back into the woods. Without hesitation he jumped at the chance to kill and murdered everyone in the house.
    The next thing the boy remembers is waking up covered in blood in an almost entirely dark room, mauled corpses around him. This not being strange to him, got up, hating himself even more now, and walked out of the room.
    After a while his aimless wandering took him to a lake at the border of a massive clearing. Almost hypnotised by the clear water he simply fell in, the water slowly turning red.
    Not long after he fell into the water the current swept him up and carried him down the river. When he washed out he was found by an adventurer who'd just got home. The adventurer took him to his/her house and cleaned him up and put him to bed. When he finally woke he looked around, instantly frightened of the new and unknown surroundings but the adventurer comes into the room just in time to explain that he/she found him in the river and put his mind half at ease.
    After a while the boy asks the adventurer to help him get to a secret shrine that would help him take care of his problem but doesn't say what the problem is. Smelling adventure he/she agrees without hesitation. The adventurer meets up with his/her close colleague and they prepare to escorts the boy and have yet another amazing adventure

    (Played by me)* The tiger boy (scroll down for CS)
    (Open)* The adventurer (kind, friendly, sense of humor)
    (Open)* The adventurers colleague. (Stubborn, sometimes rude, laid back)

    -Other Basic Info-
    * There will be mature content in this Rp. (65/35 in favour of plot)
    * Pairings can be MxM, FxF and MxF depending on the other two characters
    * Please reply here and I will contact you via PM.

    Show Spoiler
    Human form: Devan Ueshi
    Tiger form: Aku-Tora



    Can transform into a tiger, quick learner, good cook, good hunter.
    (Insanely strong in tiger form)

    Can't swim, afraid of the dark, somewhat mentally unstable

    Human: 5'6
    Tiger: 9'4

    Human: 59Kg
    Tiger: 209Kg

    Eye Color:
    Human: Light sky blue
    Tiger: Ocean blue

    Hair Color:


    Devan is a submissive character (unless in special situations)
    He doesn't have much experience in sexual situations.
    Devan tends to be shy around people and keeps a lot bottled inside.
    He is often plagued with nightmares of his past and of the beast inside.
    He can be very paranoid at times
    Brief bio:
    Devan grew up as happy as a child could be in a peaceful, prosperous village far to the east. A land where the hand of mankind not yet spoiled. On the day of Devan's birth the village soothsayer foretold the destruction of the village by a white demon in 16 years. The people of this village all had the ability to thansform into an animal but none were large predators. As the years passed the people forgot about the warning of the soothsayer. In Devan's 15th year he started noticing an ever present voice in his head and it became louder and angrier each passing day. On his 16th birthday, at the celebration he exploded in a sudden blind rage that seemed to come out of nowhere. Running around screaming and throwing over tables Devan was no longer in control. "My... name... is... Aku! Toraaaa!" A thundering voice announced as the boy transformed into a white tiger. The beast went on a rampage but the villagers were able to drive the tiger off into the desert but the ordeal cost them many lives. When night fell upon the village humans launched an invading attack and laid siege to the village.
    Three years later those same men descended upon the town where he was hiding and captured most to be sold as slaves... not even the tiger was any match for these ruthless barbarians.
    He was cuffed and whipped every time he would try to disobey and escape. They were on their way to one of the largest trading kingdoms in the realm when the boys conciousness slipped away and he was abandoned. The events following his escape lead him to meet an adventurer who agreed to help him get to a shrine that could help him split from his darker self

    Thank you for reading, have a nice day!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.