Requiem of a Melody

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  1. Frightened, scared, and alone, Muon looked at his dark cell, shivering as his captor came to poor more of the disgusting slop in Muon's food bowl. He had been eating the grey goop for ten days now, which was enough time to become accustomed to the wretched taste of who knows what. Muon poked at it slightly to test its temperature; oddly enough, it was hot this time. Tasting it, he found it was sweet as well. "This time we thought we would give you something better than grey gruel-- sugared grey gruel! Enjoy your slop, kid, or you wont have enough energy to use that brain of yours for our purposes." The Warden, as Muon called him, always teased and twisted Muon's emotions when it came to the future plot that this secretive group had kidnapped him for. Whatever it was, it was dangerous and probably involved cliche super-villain taking over the world stuff. All of it didn't matter right now; it was lunch time and Muon needed to eat. Plus the gruel was adequate, so its not like he would be losing anything.


    Despite being eighteen, Jay lived on the streets in a rundown neighborhood. He got along with no one and fought with everyone, even the people he lived with. His abnormal strength and fighting ability allowed him many jobs-- he took the best paying: mercenary work. He fought and punched his way through so many things in life and had so many things to punch and fight with that had yet to appear. However this didn't stop him from going out of his way to track down this mysterious castle that had appeared in his mind one night after he had won a brawl. Now Jay Cho is on the trail leading to this castle; and oh boy was it a long trail. 'Three of four more people left on this list until the chance of me finding this castle withers to a measly 2%...' Jay thought, surveying the list of people that possibly knew where the castle was. Interestingly enough, Jay only had to look on the outskirts of town to find the looming and ominous castle that was somehow still in function. He would know to look there if Muon had been able to send the full message to Jay before being disrupted by lunch. However the others were luckier and got the part about it being outside of Alt-New York. The only part they missed was the five trials and Ten Generals bit... But that isn't important.
  2. "Are you all right, young miss?" Rhyme asked as he put down the girl he just saved from slipping off the rooftop from his bridal style carry."O-oh yes, t-thank you!" The other girls starts squealing and gathering around him after seeing this."It's him again!" "Oh my! He's so cute~" "Do you have a phone?" "Can I get your number?" "What's your name?" The gurls quickly flooded him with questions and praises, and as an escape he jumped up on a lamp post.He stood on his feet and,maintaining his balance, looked over his shoulders at the girls."Thank you for the sweet words, fair maidens.The name's Rhyme.But now, I must go" he said with a smooth tone that would get any girl to yo crazy.To match his voice and tone, he winked at them and gave a flying kiss before hoping from roof to roof, heading toward the outskirts of Alt-New York and leaving a sea of fangirls squealing.

    That dream he had...he knew he just had to help out whoever that Muon guy is.He knew he won't be alone, and if so, this would be his first time working with other people who also has special abilities.He got there faster than he imagined and spotted a black-haired man who he felt like he would be one of those people he would be working with and stopped on a roof a few feet away from him.He wasn't quite sure if he should approach him or not, so he just stayed there and waited for other people to show up.
  3. ‘Ah...’ Trey mumbled as he woke up from the strange dream and it had left an impression on him considering the fact that it’d been a long time since he’d remembered one. Running his fingers absentmindedly through his hair, his yawns were protected through the face mask that’d strangely resembled a strait-jacket. ‘A dream?’ He added and pulled himself up, Khrymson, his sword laid idlely besides him.

    ‘A dream? Don’t be silly.’ She said with a snicker, ‘A person like you to dream? How ridiculous.’ Trey shook his head and dismissed her with a wave of his hand. It’s too early in the morning to argue with her plus he’s confident that she is just a voice in his head. After all he’s the only one who could hear her.

    ‘Good morning, Khrymson.’ He stretches his back and walked towards the window before pushing it out. He had the perfect view of the castle from his mansion and knew that it was the same castle in his dream. It was strange considering the fact that he’d believed in the voice in it. He couldn’t remember too much of the content since he wasn’t paying attention but it was something related to a rescue mission or was it a retrieval one, not that it mattered anyway.

    There was something about some other people joining him in his mission and something about them working together. Trey by then had pretty much zoned out and he walked towards the washroom to wash up. ‘If you had paid more attention, we wouldn’t be this lost.’ Khrymson’s voice taunted him and the dark hair male shrugged.

    As he finished up, an idea rang in his mind. ‘I’ll just create a sign or something and hold it at the main street, I’m sure someone will read it. Simple.’ Trey was truly proud of himself for such an idea but his sword seems to disagree.

    ‘And if it’s just a stupid dream of yours then you’re a fool.’ She said and the male rolled his eyes as he got out his art materials and wrote the following message:

    Satisfied, Trey took the sign and Khrymson before heading out, hopeful that someone who would read it.
  4. Jake woke up that morning with a splitting headache and a burning desire to find a castle. Psychics often had weird dreams, but this one was unusually vivid, even for him. He wondered about telling somebody, but he already knew what they'd say. 'It's just a dream, don't worry too much about it.' Instead, he set out to find his own answers. He was sure he'd be back before anyone noticed.

    An hour later, he found his first lead: a sign being held by someone who looked like he'd just finished his Emo Rock concert. Approaching him, Jake began his list of questions.

    "Hey, I saw your sign. You wouldn't happen to be a psychic, would you?"
  5. 'I told you this wouldn't work already.' Khrymson complained after receiving no results after an hour of waiting. As much as the weather was perfect today and gentle winds grazes upon her shaft, the thought of doing something stupid like this was driving her up the wall. Trey, on the other hand, was much more optimistic for he knew that he wasn't the only one seeing that. Bedsides it wasn't like he had anything on anyway.

    'I'm sure you're wrong.' Trey rebutted and felt Khrymson fidgeted on his belt line. Such a minor movement wouldn't be noticed by anyone but he's different. While he was ready to make another point, a young man approached him and asked if he's a psychic or physicist and he stared blankly at him.

    Trey had never been one who's vocal unless he's arguing with Khrymson. On top of that, he is not approachable to begin with so it was a surprise to have someone asking him such a direct question.

    'I'm a hell spawn, what's a psychic?' Trey asked directly,ignoring the snickering from his beloved sword.
  6. Somewhat surprised but not deterred, Jake continued with his questioning.

    "Nevermind, it would take too long too explain. I meant to ask you about your sign, as I have had a similar dream. Do you remember much about yours? I tried to write down what it was about, but the details are somewhat fuzzy."
  7. Trey lowered the sign and laid it against the circumference of the fountain he was at. Somehow he felt stupid for not doing that much earlier though he did not like the fact that his question was brushed off by the stranger. 'What a jerk.' Khrymson grumbled under her breath and he nodded in agreement, when realized that the male was waiting for his response, he'd merely shrugged before replying, 'Something about Muon and that castle.' He pointed with his chin to the castle far away from them.

  8. At the mention of the name 'Muon', Jake takes out a small notepad and a pencil to write down details.

    "Muon? That name sounds familiar. Did he tell you anything? I think I remember something like 'help'. There might have been more, but that was when I woke up."
  9. Trey shrugged at the male's question, his memory isn't too good since Khrymson's the one who remembers it all. Unfortunately for him, Khrymson wasn't in the same dream as he was. 'Nope.' He replied and cracked his head, he could sense that there are others staring at his outfit but he doesn't care less. 'Khrymson's asking, what exactly are you?'
  10. Jake puts his notepad away, somewhat disappointed.

    "I'm guessing Crimson is the other presence I felt here. In any case, I'm a minor psychic, someone who has mental abilities beyond the norm for humans, like mind reading and telekinesis. Some of them can tell the future in their dreams."
  11. Khrymson was pissed that the stranger had mispronounced her name and Trey couldn't resist the smirk from growing. Although it was hidden from sight, he shook his head before he spoke, 'Her name's Khrymson, not Crimson.'

    'Ask the jerk to back off.' Khrymson hissed and Trey rubbed his temples to ease the pain, 'I know where the castle is but...' He paused and cocked his head, 'There're more people who he'd sent the message to.'
  12. Jake looked somewhat embarrassed by Trey's correction.

    "I'm sorry, Khrymson. I guess I need to slow down, huh?"

    He thought for a moment about what Trey had said, until finally he spoke again.

    "Since we both seem to be looking for the same thing, what do you say to teaming up and working together? Two heads are better than one, or would it be three heads?"
  13. Trey looked at the man and wondered if he had a secret agenda of his own. After all, this was the first time he'd met someone who don't think that he's insane or that Khrymson is real. He contemplated for a moment or two at his proposal before he'd shrugged, indeed, the more the merrier. 'Are you sure you wanner work with a jerk like him?' Khrymson has doubts of her own, being in the presence of a psychic isn't appealing to her.

    'Sure,' He agreed and nodded, ignoring Khrymson's warning.
  14. Although Jake can tell that the second presence doesn't like him, he ignores it.

    "Alright then, it's settled! The three of us shall be partners. Now, since we know where the castle is, would you rather go straight there or seek out others who may know more?"
  15. A shiver down his spine sent Jay into defense mode. He had a feeling there was someone near by watching him. Jay looked to every side of him but saw no one out of place. Well, besides the man untop of the roof of a building. "Hey! You! Get down from their!" He yelled to the man, who looked around Jay's age. "C'mon! The rooftops are dangerous! Last time someone was up there people were cleaning blood off the ground for days!"
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