Requiem Of A Melody

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  1. Meet Muon, a mute, frail, ten year old boy with the strange ability of Psychokinesis, the ability to use his mind to move objects with his mind, has been kidnapped by a dark force. He was some how able to summon a pack of unlikely heroes to his aid. Somehow you will have to track him down, go through the Five Storm Trials and break down an incomprehensibly large door to rescue him.

    This will mostly take place in an alternate universe New York where there is helluva lot more space for a huge castle and no Amber Alerts.

    There are supernatural beings and powers. And I have one rule: You aren't invincible and you aren't a god-strength demon or whatever.

    Sob Story History:

  2. Supernatural beings or super humans?
  3. Both.
  4. Your repeated bumpings have touched my heart. Very well then, I shall sign up. Just give me a few hours to make a character.
  5. Thank you, valiant soldier. Your noble deed shall be recorded for history to come.
  6. Name: Jake
    Age: 17
    Show Spoiler

    He normally wears a black hoodie and cargo pants.
    Gender: Male
    Powers: Can teleport himself and anything he's holding. Requires a line-of-sight to the target. Teleporting cancels momentum. Causes slight nausea to anyone teleported.
    Personality: He thinks of himself as a superhero akin to Batman, mostly wandering the streets at night beating up muggers. He's friendly and approachable, except when he's "on patrol" as he calls it, since he tries to avoid being seen. He tends to be overconfident in his abilities, and quite stubborn. He's not very good at reading emotions or situations, and tends to overlook the obvious in social situations.
    Tragic past: Psychic powers run in his family, from his mother's side. Although they tend to be rather weak, like the ability to sense emotions or pick up a leaf with your mind, he got lucky with the ability to freely teleport, although it has its side-effects. His family was always rather poor, and lived in a ghetto neighborhood, so growing up he saw a lot of crime. He also read a lot of comics, especially Batman, and this gave him the idea to become a superhero himself. He doesn't tell others about it, so most of his friends and family don't know, although they do know of the neighborhood vigilante. Although what he does is probably illegal, the cops don't really care about what goes on in his neighborhood. Although he sticks to small-time criminals, he still likes to think he's saving the world.
    Weapon: A 1-foot piece of rebar.

    How's that?
  7. Perfect
  8. Name: Frost (or that's what she goes by, at least)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: White hair, bright blue eyes and spiral markings on her hands and face are her distinguishing characteristics. Though she's slightly on the small side, she's toned her muscles at least to the point to defend herself in a fight.

    Powers: As her name might suggest, her powers mainly revolve around ice, though rather than the stereotypical "ice breath" or other vaguely winter-themed powers, her abilities are rather limited and specific, like turning a liquid to ice on contact, removing any traces of body heat, or using a cold blast of air to jump out of a sticky situation, among others.

    Personality: Frost seems very happy-go-lucky and worry-free at first glance. She mostly is. However, a less morally-driven buzz in the back of her brain maintains a darker persona she has a habit of adopting when she feels threatened or angry. She generally prefers to simply avoid fights, rather than see them through.

    Back Story: Like so many heroes, Frost never really got the chance to know her parents. However, rather than this being attributed to a tragic accident or awful deed, it was Frost's own fault that she had to raise herself, as she ran away from home. Because of this, Frost had to train herself to use her powers (which she was born with, as far as she knows), and doesn't really know what extents her powers are capable of reaching.

    Weapon: She generally carries around a knife for situations where she can't run or freeze someone straight off.
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  9. Alright, accepted.
  10. How many people are you looking for with this?
  11. Hmm.. around five or so.
  12. The plot is kind of I'm assuming that everything will be explained further when the RP actually progresses,yes?


    Name: Rhyme (as a guy) ; Harmony (as her real self)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female,but can switch to (and is posing as) a Guy
    as Rhyme (open)


    as Harmony (open)


    -when she's Rhyme,she stands at 5'10".When she's her true self,as Harmony,she's 5'4"

    Power(s): If it's not obvious yet,she has the ability to switch her gender in her will...or at least she can turn herself into a guy.Usually she sticks with her guy form to hide her true identity and appearance because of,partly,personal reasons.The only way that she could be forced out of her guy form is if her energy gets drained out of her(complete exhaustion).Otherwise,she can stay as a guy for as long as she desires.

    Now,her main powers revolve around the element of music.To be more precise,she uses soundwaves in her attacks.A few examples of things she can do with her powers is create soundwaves that can cause some disruptions with nature and,if powerful enough,can cause mini earthquakes.She can also release ear-hurting screeches that can cause headaches and slight confusion to the foe.Of course there is also beauty in the flipside of her powers;it involving music and all.She can sing/create soft lullabies to put the foes to sleep,or just as a stress reliever for her companions and herself.

    Personality: Generally,she is very kind and wants to help in every way that she can.As Rhyme,she(or he,rather) is seen as calm and all suave.Even without him trying,he could attract females very easily.Not like that's his intention,but he sometimes takes advantage of it to take some young women to safety,or when he needs to get some information.

    When he shifts to his true self,his girl self Harmony,the calm chic-magnet gets replaced by a more strict,hot-tempered tsundere.She still possesses the graceful movements she had always possessed,but she can lose her temper more easily and can get easily embarrassed.Yes,she is still nice,but her actual physical appearance makes her determined to prove herself as something powerful.

    History: Harmony came from a wealthy family.Her parents were very caring and loving and gave their full attention to her...until her 10th birthday came.This is when she discovered her power.To her,it was a gift.But little did she know that in beauty,there's also a stained side.At school,she was picked on for being short and weak.The bullying continued on until she was 13 until she had had enough.She crouched down and screamed her heart out,unintentionally releasing her powers,and completely destroying the school and the surrounding homes.Her scream triggered an earthquake,which created more destruction.Many people died,including her parents.When she got home,she found a room that had an old dusty mirror she had never seen before.When she looked at it,she saw something else instead of her reflection.It was an image of a young boy that had little features similar to her.When she touched the mirror,her hand went through and that's where she discovered her second ability.Up to this day,the place she grew up in is buried under a lake,and she is now living alone...somewhere....

    Weapon: a rapier that she can summon at will.

    the rapier (open)

    Except the red jewels are blue and glowing,just like her earphones


    ...oh my.Sorry if this turned out pretty long.I guess I got carried away... ;o///o)
  13. Wait....WAIT. This is supposed to have a plot!?! Nah, I'm just screwing with you. The truth will be revealed in due time. Also, accepted!
  14. Name: Jay Cho
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearance: [​IMG] < This except with modern day clothing and without the bandana on his head
    Power(s): His punches are harder than anyone has ever had the privilege of feeling and he has the mysterious ability of making his attacks stronger in intense situations
    Personality: An idiot savant when it comes to fighting and kind of a hothead. He's arrogant, dumb, and kind of a jerk, but for some reason he has never lost a fight. Jay has a loose sense of morals and sometimes comes off as a bad dude until the innocent are harmed. That's when things really heat up!
    Sob Story: When he turned fourteen, Jay left his household for unknown reasons. When he came back at the age of seventeen he found out that his mother had been viciously murdered and that the murderer was coming for him next. After being on the run for most of the year he got a message in his head from Muon- it was a summons to meet at an almost impossible to reach place
    Weapon: Jay carries around a pipe that turns into a sword when his enhancing power kicks in. He only uses it when he needs it, though.
  15. Glad to see that you're still determined to go through with this, but surely 4 people is enough to start? We'd only be 1 short of your ideal.
  16. Yeah, four is enough but I always have the tradition and it borders habit that everytime I do a roleplay I go for at least five people. Plus I figured most people forgot about this.
  17. ...I didn't .w. *throws random confetti everywhere*
    I'm actually still waiting for this to start xD
  18. Let me complete this then. Just give me a while to finish working on it.
  19. Character Profile

    Trey Katz​






    Hell Fire Manipulation

    Trey can generate and manipulate the mystical flames of hell, which can completely destroy anything. The color of the flames varies, but may be black, blue, white, or the normal shades of fire, although probably in someway noticeably unusual. The flames are not generated, but instead summoned from the planes of hell itself.


    Trey is a man of few words, preferring to lurk in the background and watch as the scene unfold before him. He is highly manipulative and wouldn't mind acting weaker than he is to lower his enemy's guard.

    He is sometimes the the subject of jokes or bullies because he never fights back. However he had a soft spot for cute things and has a loyal personality to anyone he deemed worthy.

    His enemies had given him the reputation of callous and cold which is not wrong for he's willing to go to great lengths to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

    Trey was born in Singapore but was taken to Japan by his patents at a young age. After they'd passed from their assassination, he was adopted at the age of five by Jacob de la Rozelia, a man believed to be his master.

    During his early years, Trey was extremely violent; exploiting his advantage in ability. He is intimidating and would challenge anyone who annoyed him.

    Jacob tried to teach Trey to be gentle but was initially unsuccessful but after an attack made by his family's enemies, he was inspired by this example to become a decent person.



    Khrymson is a blade that Trey describes as "not-nice". It takes the form of a sleek, medium-sized sword. The hilt's grip, which has a gentle black-decorative wrapping, bends forward at the end, with a pommel shaped overlapping three times and a crimson tassel dangling from ts base.

    Instead of a tsuba, there is a U-shaped guard covering thtee inches of blade, with a flower petal design. At the base of the guard is a red string wrapped thrice around the hilt, with a three-loop bow on the back side and a folded paper decoration on the front side.

    The blade is black with a silver edge a and it remains straight and slim with a somewhat short size, with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of tapering of a point.

  20. Alright, accepted. I'll start the IC later today and we can get this show on the road.
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