Requiem for Themelio: A Dirge for Tartarus (Still Accepting!)

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    ~Undisclosed Location~
    Tartarus...where the damned, sinful, and unbelievers go when they die, if you believe the church. A dangerous place full of demons that want nothing more than to torture mortals for their own enjoyment. The land is made of cracked, hard rock that can't grown anything. There is no water, only seas of lava and lakes of fire. The skies are eternally dyed an eerie red that rain down fire and brimstone upon the land. This is what the church says, anyways. And the church can't possibly be wrong, of course....

    Far away from the brimstone, lakes of fire, and hard cracked rock in a quiet corner, nearly forgotten by even the denizens of Tartarus, laid a ruin. This ruin was ancient. It was covered in dead trees, vines, and all manner of demonic growth. It was off limits to everyone as commanded by Denetheos himself. Not a single demon was allowed in. Why, wasn't known. Of course, no one would dare to even ask such a question. However, within the ancient halls of the ruin, something stirred.

    A lone figure moved through the ancient hallways, accompanied only by a fire in its left hand to light its path, and its shadow. Its long white cloak leaving a trail in the debris that littered the floor. The only feature that could be seen on the figure, was long white hair that trailed down from under its hood. The figure moved with haste down the ancient hall, until it came to a large set of ruined double doors that towered above even the halls of the Infernal Palace.

    The doors led to a large, circular room. The furnishings had all long since rotted away, leaving only dust and the large chandelier that somehow still hung above them behind.

    The figured moved swiftly inside, and was immediately greeted by a second trespasser. This...creature, seemed to look like something out of a nightmare. Its face, if you could call it that, was mostly skeletal with remaining skin being a grey color that looked ready to fall off of the creatures face at the slightest breeze. Long, stringy strands of black hair still hung to the scalp of this creature, clinging desperately to what little life they had left. The creatures mouth had been replaced with a skeletal grin, its teeth ending in sharp points, grey fleshy muscles still clinging to the jaw. The eye sockets held no eyes, only a dim blue light. The rest of the creature, was cloaked in a black robe that was as equally as worn as its owner looked.

    "I apologize," The skeletal creature said with a bow to the white robed figure as it entered. "But there has been a...complication." The creatures voice was raspy and old, just as it itself appeared to be.

    "Such as?" The one robed in white replied, its voice being clearly feminine and having an air of nobility to it.

    "I seem to have...misplaced, our souls." The creature said, though it received no reply from the woman so it took it as permission to continue. "I believe my twin interfered and re-routed the souls to the Styx. I do not know why, but perhaps she believes I was trying to cause mischief."

    "For the love of..." The woman replied, though no anger was intended. It instead sounded tired, and somewhat annoyed. "This was our best chance. We will not get another like it for centuries. How can you just 'misplace' them?" This was there best chance, no doubt about it. Denetheos was so focused on crushing the rebellion and finding out who the traitors were that he had called Cerberus to the front lines of his little war party so that he could attempt to gain an upper hand. Annoyed, the woman walked past the creature, pacing somewhat as she thought of their next course of action. The woman sighed, and gave her companion a stern look form underneath her hood. "We'll just have to work with what we have then. Where's Sloth?"

    "He went to the Gates. I believe he wants to try and retrieve the souls. Odd, him being so...productive." The one called Death replied, trailing behind her slightly. Its movement was odd, not making any footsteps as he did so, with the cloak swaying gently as he moved.

    "Sloth can always be productive if he gets off his lazy fat ass." The woman replied, her voice being oddly calm and still maintaining a regal sound despite her words. "We can think of this as like a test for them. If these souls you produced can get past the Styx and make it to the gates then they have a high probability of getting their jobs done. With Cerberus gone, it shouldn't be that difficult unless they run afoul of the Styx. She usually keeps to herself, though, so shouldn't be a problem." She continued, turning to face her companion. "Go, return to your duties. We can't have anyone getting suspicious of us leaving so suddenly. I'll cover for Sloth."

    "Of course, Lady Greed." With that, Death bowed and vanished in a blur of movement that would be impossible for any mortal to keep up with. The woman, Greed, exited the way she came in, making her way to the ruins entrance. Perhaps, for once, they could get the upper hand here and go on the offensive. She would need to make preparations for these mortals to ensure they obeyed....whether they wanted to or not. She couldn't have her new toys running around freely, after all....

    ~The Stygian Caves~
    The Stygian Caves. It's said that here is where the Underworld begins and the Mortal Realm ends. This is partly true. It is the weakest area between the three realms, though no one has stepped foot in the place for centuries on account of Illya sealing them, and removing all access to and from the mortal world. One could still access The realms of Heaven and Tartarus, though each were guarded by a large, nearly impenetrable gate and highly trained guardsman.

    The caves had been a site of many battles during the Requiem war, many angels and demons falling in battle, and many even meeting their demise at the hands of the Styx, whose water was like poison to anything that so much as touched it, as the so called goddess that ruled over it was corrupted by demonic powers at the height of the Requiem war causing many Demons and Angels alike to suffer great casualties at the hands of the now rage filled creature.

    The river flowed through most of the caves, with it branching out until it pooled or fell into an abyss. It was the only way to safely navigate through the maze-like caverns, if you did not, then there was a good chance of being trapped in there for eternity, as no one has ever mapped or explored the depths of the caves.

    These caves, while seemingly safe and devoid of life, was one of the most dangerous places in all the realms. Since it is so close to the three realms, reality here is unstable. Things shift. You drop something it doesn't hit the floor, but vanish. Creatures from all the realms sometimes find their way into the place. Humans, sometime find themselves in here after falling asleep, and die at the hands of some monster or die from starvation. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Sticking together in a large group, may even be difficult....

    Now, after many centuries of desolation, something stirs. Mortals have found their way into the caves somehow. These souls are the first to step foot in this place for centuries, and the creatures who lurk here have noticed, and are eager for a fresh meal....
  2. Welda stretched her hands out in front of her and stroked her left forefinger with her right one. She then used her middle finger to circle her hand, and grinned with excitement, as a tingling sensation rushed straight through her skin. Her mouth opened wide and she tried to look forwards into the distance, but she could see nothing. It's too dark in here to see a thing. I need to find a source of light. She stretched her arm in front of her as she took a single step, looking for anything to grab onto. She paused, feeling a slight pain in her eyes as she strained to see anything at all - but there was nothing. There was only a see of darkness. A sea of black. She could hear something shuffling ahead of her, its growls were slow and steady, and she stepped back. Suddenly, she felt an overwhelming pain inside her, and touched her hand on her abdomen in a vain attempt to hold back the pain. She could feel the tear through her shirt with her fingertips, and as she delved even further, she noticed a bump along her skin. She paused again. Moving her fingers back along the bump, her eyes widened, as the same pain began to burn through her back.

    "What the..." she groaned, leaning down to her side and instinctively drawing her longsword as the sound of a beast heaving and grunting in front of her filled her ears. Without warning, everything seemed to explode around her - she could hear the sound of tiny insects scattering about and the smell of sweat drenched her nostrils. She held up her sword above her head, and stifled a scream of desperation, waiting for the beast to launch at her through the blackness.
  3. Catherine woke with a start. She grasped at her chest gasping loudly. She reached around until she felt it. A small circular hole in her chestplate. She sat up and looked around at the interior of the cave. It was dark, but she could see her immediate surroundings. In front of her she noticed a woman flailing her blade into the darkness. At exactly what, was outside her view. She stood up and then placed her right hand over her heart. She muttered a few quite words and then opened her hand out into the darkness. A small ball of light floated out, spreading a calming light out across the room of the cave. As the light poured out the creature that the woman was facing down fled before Catherine could get a good look at it.

    Catherine approached the other woman cautiously, her hand on the blade at her hip. "Hello? Do you know where we are?"
  4. Welda could hear the creature scowl, its noises becoming more and more faint as she went along. Is it gone? It's too dark, I need to find a lamp or some fire. In that moment, she heard small footsteps approaching behind her, and startled by the noise, she pivoted on the spot and pointed her longsword in the direction of the scuffling. She took a deep breath.

    "Hello? Do you know where we are?"

    She sighed, pleased to hear the friendly yet somewhat wary voice in front of her. Lowering her longsword, she narrowed her eyes in an attempt to make something out through the darkness. She stretched her arm out in front of her, taking small steps until she eventually reached the woman and touched her hair. Without warning, she quickly patted the woman down until she could find her arms, and moved her hands down until she could find the woman's hand. Taking it in her own without asking for permission, she tightened her grasp of the girl's left hand with her right, and tried to lead her forwards.

    "Stick with me,"
    she spoke finally, as she waved her longsword ahead of her in case it made contact with any possible obstacles ahead of her in the darkness. "Somebody must have taken us here. Help me break out, I need to flee to Selgard!" She then paused for a few seconds before continuing, "We need to find a light source first - a lamp, a torch, anything with a flame. Or preferably sunlight."
  5. "We need to find a light source first - a lamp, a torch, anything with a flame. Or preferably sunlight."

    It was nice to know that this woman was at the very least friendly, but there was something very off about her. She held the woman's hand tightly. She was acting as if she could not see even though light flooded the cave. "Can you not see? My light is filling this place." Her sweet voice now showing concern.

    (Sorry about length. Couldn't find more to write that wasn't just fluff.)
  6. Darius opened his eyes to reveal that he was in some massive underground cavern. There was little light, but Darius' eyes were well adapted to the dark since he often went into caves to search for dragons. To him this place was surprisingly well-lit for a cave. He looked around to notice two things. The first was a river flowing along ahead of him. The second was the skeletal remains of numerous creatures lining the banks of the river. "Probably not the best idea to drink that" thought Darius aloud. Darius was puzzled as to why he was here. All he could remember was falling unconscious on his dragon after getting hit by a poison arrow. On that thought Darius rubbed his gauntlet over where he remembered the arrow used to be. A small lump of scar tissue took its place.

    Darius wasn't sure what was going on, but decided the first thing to do was to find a way out since the water was dangerous. He didn't know where to start until he heard some commotion going on further behind him. Darius walked slowly over to where the noise was just in case it was something ready to fight. He saw a light glowing as he approached. Now Darius had his left hand on the grip of his sword on his back. He now heard the two feminine voices and relaxed as he heard that they had no idea what they were doing in the cave. Darius took his hand off his sword and approached the two strangers. "Well, it seems I'm not the only one stuck down here".

  7. The sound of metal clashing on stone rang out through the cavern as a waraxe found its target. The glow of holy power faded as the sturdy crusader pulled it out of the cavern wall, where a newly-beheaded hellhound rolled down onto the ground and faded into shadow. Its head followed, and Jarick dislodged Basilikos from the stone with a grunt. He turned to face the direction that the hellhound had come from, and was met with a bright light, such that only one of a holy calling could produce. Somewhat relieved that he wasn't the only holy warrior thrust into this godforsaken place, Jarick lifted his axe by the haft and paced towards the source of the holy light. Emerging from the alcove, he came upon a group of three who seemed to be as unfit to be here as he was. He quickly identified the light's source as a battle cleric by the pattern on her shield, and her gender was just as easily identified by the sound of her voice. She was speaking with another woman who appeared to be blind, though by choice or by fate Jarick couldn't tell. The third appeared to have recently arrived, probably no sooner than Jarick himself did. This one Jarick recognized as a Dragonbane, a force to be reckoned with. The dragon tamer was much older than himself, though his respect extended beyond age. Any man or woman who can tame dragons and live to tell about it deserved recognition.
    'Though, I suppose he isn't alive, after all.' Jarick thought grimly, recalling the circumstances for his own journey into what he suspected were the Stygian Caves.

    A cry in the night was all he needed to know something terrible was happening. Without time to fully armor up, Jarick grabbed Basilikos from the weapon stand, a groggy "Wha..? Jarick?" coming from Eryn, who had until now been sleeping peacefully.
    "Do not worry, my dear. I will end this swiftly." He replied, slamming the door in his hurry to reach the others. The mixture of shock and anger on his face was lit up by the blaze that lay before him. The Ivory Inquisition's village, Elathios, was burning. Crusaders stumbled through the night, trying to save their families and friends from perishing in the inferno. Those who made it out were swiftly slain by the cultists who had started the attack. Some attempted to fight back, and of those only few were successful only to be cut down. Releasing a shout of pure hatred and fury, Jarick gripped Basilikos tight and charged into battle. With each strike, the holy axe glowed brighter and brighter, until Jarick sought to release the built up holy power. WIth a mighty yell, he brought Basilikos' head vertically into the ground, unleashing a tempest of divine energy that smote anything in the immediate vicinity. There were too many, however, and though Jarick's fighting skills were unmatched, the cultists had the advantage of numbers. Stabbed in the back by one, and gouged across the chest by another while his guard was down, Jarick had finally met his match. With a final prayer to Illya for his wife's safety, the last of the Ivory Inquisition fell.

    Fury bubbled in the pit of his stomach as his hand subconsciously brushed against his breastplate, where it covered his scar. The crusader would have his time to exact Illya's holy vengeance another day. For now, he quelled his anger and approached the group to address them.
    "I see you've also been dumped into this wretch of a cave." He spoke, the tempered roughness of his voice echoing off the walls. "If we are to make the journey across the Styx into Tartarus, as I suspect we are close to doing, I would know my companions' names. I am Jarick Nalathen, Crusader of the Ivory Inquisition." At this, Jarick extended a short bow of greeting before he straightened up and rested Basilikos' handle on the ground, folding his hands over the waraxe's head.
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  8. Welda & Catherine

    Welda pauses and turns her head to face the direction of her voice.
    "What are you talking about? It's pitch black in here.. Are you sure you're not hallucinating?"

    This is when Catherine caught sight of her face, and more specifically, her eyes. They had peen stabbed and the scarring was obvious, but it seemed a long ago wound. Before Catherine can respond she pulls her further forwards.

    "Come on now, be serious. We need to find something to light up the place so we know what we're doing."

    "I am not seeing falsities, mi'Lady." Catherine fumbled with the words as everything began to piece itself together in her mind. The hole in her armour, her memories of dieing, her location, it was some sick dream, she was dead. Was this woman as well?

    "Listen to me. I don't... I don't believe we are still in the world of the living, mi'Lady."

    "What are you rambling on about, lady? Are you trying to suggest that we are dead?" Welda asks skeptically, as she proceeds forwards into the screen of jet black nothingness around her. "There is no afterlife, nothing follows death. You must have escaped from an asylum of sorts." This brought a chuckle to Catherine, even in the situation.

    "You are not a believer, are you? If you could see, you would believe me. I am a woman of the clergy, and I wish I could do something about your eyes, but the damage is too old for my miracles to do you any good. My apologies."

    "What damage?" she demanded, confused by the woman's laughter. "As far as I'm aware, the only damage that has been delievered seems to have been to your head."

    It took a few seconds for what the woman had said to actually sink into her head. She pulled off a perplexed expression as the woman stopped laughing and shrugged her shoulders. What is she going on about! What does she mean by 'do something about your eyes'? My eyes are perfectly fine. She had just finished this thought when she felt another sharp pain overcome her eyes and she stopped dead in her tracks. She rubbed them softly at first, to ease the pain, and then increasingly more viciously.

    "Nothing's wrong with my eyes," she said defensively. "No you're right, I think it's just the darkness getting to them. But I haven't been trapped here for that long, have I? If you are truly a clergywoman, please can you conjure up some light so we can see, even if for just a second?"

    "Fine, do not believe me. I can see through this cave perfectly, so I shall guide you through it."

    Catherine grabbed Welda's arm and began to guide her through the cave in what way she thought would lead out, or at the very least, to somewhere else. This is when Catherine noticed the others in the cave, "Ah! Hello there fair travelers!" She turned to Jarick and returned to bow, " You can call me Catherine Creedence Clearwater. You may know me as The Divine Rose. So, you are a man of the Inquisition? Do you know where we are, and have you faced demons in combat?"
  9. Somewhere in the dark forsaken caves, the sound of gasping and sputtering echoed throughout the vicinity. Iwao sat on his knees and hunched over, expelling a mouthful of water.
    "Where in Tarturus *cough* am I?" he said with unnoticed irony. He stood with swords drawn, ready for whatever in the dark, dank caves as he focused his consciousness on the thought of fire engulfing steel. Lo and behold, his sword shimmered as if out of the forge and illuminated his environment, just as he thought, it was a cave..he was already beginning to hate caves.
  10. "Demons?" Welda sarcastically mumbled to herself upon hearing the woman's comment. "I wasn't aware that demons were still permitted to leave Tartarus."

    She smiled to herself, amused by the fact that this woman believed in such impossible things as demons and the afterlife. No, Welda knew better - Tartarus was a world which existed only in myth. She had been raised hearing stories of the demons and their deadly antics, but Welda knew that it was something the ministers and priests of old had conjured up to push innocent people into fear and submission. Somewhere distant in the room, Welda could hear somebody coughing and, gently forcing the woman to release her grip of her arm, made her way towards the direction of the noise. The sound of water splashing on the ground could be heard and then the source of the noise began to speak.

    "Where in Tartarus am I?"

    Welda stood still, stunned, for a good few seconds. Then she quickly moved her hands down her body until it touched the part of the skin where she had previously felt a scar. Unable to make sense of the situation, she turned around, only to see that still there was complete darkness. She thought long and hard on what the woman had been saying to her. Were they dead? Why couldn't she see anything? No, there was no way. It wasn't possible. The only solution was that the woman had been lying to her - she couldn't see their path - perhaps she was one of those religious people who go on and on about the wrath of the gods and the coming of the end of the world, claiming they can heal the sick and revive the dead, amongst other illogical things.

    "Excuse me, sir,"
    Welda spoke dryly, failing to greet him with a welcoming gesture due to the belief that he couldn't see her through the darkness. "I was just looking for a mirror to fix my messy hair, and I was wondering if you could tell me what colour my hair is."
  11. The Ronin was busying himself, looking about in the cave and its stalagmite formations, "Its an underground cave, that explains it, we need to find a way out and get back to Hanna she will be worried sick." he thought to himself, his nerves calming and rational side gaining control.
    "Excuse me sir.."
    Iwao almost jumped out of his armor, was this some sort of mind trick? Who was down here? Where was here? All of these questions flashed through his head like raindrops in a storm. He turned to face the source of the voice, his red hot sword now igniting into actual flames to give off light. His eyes met the cold, dead eyes of Welda.
    Who are you?" he questioned, brandishing his sword defensively.
  12. ~Stygian Caves Altar Pools~
    Deep inside the Caves a shrine stood watching over a pool of murky black water. The shrine had once been a beautiful thing, bearing the likeness of the spirit of Styx. Those who used to travel the long, treacherous path to receive blessings, boons, and favors from the spirit were greeted by its majesty and bathed in the holy waters that were said to be able to cure any illness. It had centuries since anyone had come here to do such a thing. Now, the place was a shadow of its former self. The shrine was overgrown with vines, invading every crack they could find, and making new ones if they couldn't. Its once white face was overgrown with moss. One of its arms had crumbled away, the pieces falling into the shallow pool of water below it.

    The water flowed from the altars surrounding the pools, flowing into a space In front of the altar. The black water coalesced into a form that could only be described as vaguely human. Long, thin watery arms were the first thing to form, followed by a neck and head. The creatures hands ended in long, sharp claw-like fingers. Its head only had a vaguely visible human like features, its eyes being nothing more than dim pits. After it formed, it let out an unearthly wail.

    "Someone," The creature hissed. "Is in my cave. A mortal? " The creature questioned the air. Mortals were a rare treat - the ones who had somehow found their way here were usually fodder for the other creatures in the caves. The creature detected quite a few of them too - five at least. In a fit of rage, the creature smashed its clawed hand into the ground, letting out an inhuman screech as it did so before quickly diving back into the black water. These was its cave! It would not let tresspassers run around freely!
    In another part of the cave, there walked another creature. This one much more human in appearance. In fact, if it wasn't for a pair of large ears on its head one wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't human. This one decided to take the appearance of a human female, though it was tall and stood at least a few inches taller than most humans. She was dressed in elaborate, colorful clothing that would be befitting that of a human noble if it covered at least half of her body. The skirt was quite short, coming to just above her knees and the sleeveless top she wore barely covered her chest. In her hands was a simple staff that was gold and black in color, and curved at the top.

    The demon wore a frown on her face as she walked through the caves. Something wasn't right. She could feel it. She had come here in hopes of finding something of value, but so far she had come up empty, aside from a few small jewels she found on some imps she had thrown into the Styx just for the fun of it. Watching the struggle to stay afloat in the cursed waters was quite amusing.

    However, she had felt an odd flow in magic energy earlier, and was quite curious as to what it was. The Stygian caves were a mysterious place, even to demons so being the curious type, she was intrigued. Unfortunately, there was one slight problem.

    "I am the only demon, in the history of forever to get lost in these caves, I can guarantee it." The demon said to herself as a faint screech echoed off the walls of the caves from somewhere downstream. "Sounds like Styx is up and about too." She was probably woken by whatever that magical disturbance was. Deciding it was none of her concern for now, the demon stretched her limbs and placed her hands behind her head, leaning against the rough cave walls. Resting a bit was probably a good idea, if Styx found her there wasn't really much telling what she would do. The spirit was...unstable, to put mildly.
  13. "My name is not important," she said, edging closer. "Can you please tell me what colour my hair is? Or my skin? Or the clothes that I'm wearing?"

    She was dressed in a red robe with a black tunic on top of it, and her loose grey trousers were tucked into her tall leather boots. The longsword in her hand trailed behind her, and her eyes were moving in all directions - a vain attempt to find anything which she could catch sight of.

    "It's very important."
  14. He furrowed his brow in distrust, but for some odd reason he lowered his weapon, the blind woman must be insane as well. He will humor the cave dwelling woman if that meant he would hopefully find the exit.
    Just because he had a distrust against the woman, didn't mean he could admire the stark beauty in her features, from the symmetrical shape in her face to the way she carried herself in an intelligent manner.
    "Your hair is of a silver color, while your skin is pale like the moon. Your clothes are odd, but the top is black cloth while the bottom is grey, and you wear odd sandals that cover up to your calfs."
    He ticked off what he saw as if it was off of a list. A mental red flag zipped up when he saw the longsword, and made sure the blinded lady would not try anything
    A screech suddenly resonated around him, causing him to lift his swords once again, while Iwao was a hardened warrior, he had fought nothing that sounded so unfamiliarly horrid. It was sounded as if a bat and horned owl were fighting over a stuck pig.
    "What horrors await us in this underwater tomb?" He asked himself out loud,
  15. The words of this man hit her hard - she could recall dressing herself in the way he had described, yet she was a little confused by the description of her skin. Pale like the moon. Perhaps that was how the light had made her skin seem, but that was exactly it. How would she ever know? Welda knew this time. What the clergywoman had meant. Damaged. Her eyes still carried that sharp pain but Welda's shock completely numbed it. Her fingers played with the handle of the longsword, quite unsure how this could have happened to her. How was she going to cope without her vision and how long would she have to go without it? Now she could never see the face of her king again. Would she have to be looked after by carers for the rest of her life? Her thoughts regarding her distant future were flooding in, but then another thing crossed her mind. I don't believe we are still in the world of the living, Mi'Lady. Welda had shrugged off this statement before but now... Where in Tartarus are we? She knew, of course, that the man had meant this as a joke but it made you think... Her scar, her eyes... Could this be the afterlife? Her memory couldn't bring her back to the very moment that she had taken the blow which had left her abdomen scarred or had even blinded her.

    "What horrors await us in this underwater tomb?"

    His words startled her and in a matter of seconds, she had understood completely. All of these people around them must have been gathered together because they had died. She had first heard the man coughing and spluttering as if he had spent a painfully long time under the water, and now he spoke of underwater tombs. Perhaps he was a sailor who was lost at sea. Or a pirate. It didn't matter anyway, at least now she knew. She was dead.

    With a sudden surge of realisation, Welda sheathed her longsword and spoke,
    "We aren't in any underwater tomb. I believe we are in the afterlife."
  16. "We aren't in any underwater tomb. I believe we are in the afterlife."

    His stomach dropped, 'Dead? No that is impossible, the sea monster simply plunged me into the deep waters and sent my unconscious body into a cave system, that is why there is water in the cave, that is why…' He stopped himself from his mental monologue an simply accepted it with a shaking head, falling onto his backside with a clatter and holding his head in his hands, his back haunched as he choked back tears as he thought back to his wife and child. But if this is Tartarus what had he done wrong? he was a loving father, a supportive husband, a loyal warrior to his peoples cause. What had he done wrong?

    "I have a wife and son.."
    He whispered, repeating it twice more as he slightly rocked back and fourth. 'I will get back to them, even if it kills me, so to speak.' he promised mentally as he grit his teeth, determination painted all over his face.
  17. Darius just stood at the edge of the group, thinking about all that has been revealed. The screech made his hand go for the hilt of his blade instinctively. "If we are finished with the realizations, I would suggest we get moving because if this is the afterlife, then the black river I saw was the Styx and the creature that let out that screech was probably the spirit of the Styx". Darius looked around for anyone or anything else that may be around or hidden, but didn't see anything living. "I would suggest we star heading in the direction opposite of the screech's origin. That will give us some space and time to find a way out of this place".
  18. Welda could only feel pity for the man as he was taken aback by her words. She heard him mutter the words 'wife and son' numerous times, and only wished she could comfort the poor man. Although she felt as if her mind should be racing all over the place, Welda was surprisingly calm, and she approached the greaving man. Unable to see him, she instead tried to comfort him through her words.

    "Do not feel sorrow,"
    she smiled, using her longsword in the manner of a staff, to guide her steps. "If there is a way out of this place, I am sure we can find it together. But until then, you must accept your death. What's happened has happened, you cannot change it so why must you mourn it?"

    She could hear an older man behind her begin to speak in a husky voice. Listening to each of his words, she rolled her eyes. She didn't like the way he had phrased his words. It seemed quite rude to her, as if he had already known for some time and was impatiently waiting for them to reach the same conclusion he had probably only just reached. Despite this, Welda knew that the man had a good point. Looking for an exit would be a good idea, but it would probably make more sense to gather their thoughts before they make any desperate escape attempts. Without turning to face the man behind her, she called out to him,
    "There may be more of us coming. As of now, there are five of us, correct? What if there were more on their way? I recommend that we move slowly so that those who do come aren't going to be left behind. We are in no rush."
  19. Jarick nodded at the cleric as she addressed him. "Aye, that I am." he responded, the deep tones of his voice still resonating with the cave walls. "As the leader of the Inquisition, I've faced my share of demons. Though the bridge between worlds has long been sealed shut, cultists still plague the land, pulling the minions of Tartarus out in a selfish bid for power." At this, he spat on the ground beside him, disgusted with what he had described. "As for where we are..." Jarick's countenance turned grim, and as he turned his ear towards the resounding screech, his suspicions were all but confirmed. Then, the blind lady spoke what he was about to, that they were indeed dead and in the afterlife. "Aye. I fear we are in the afterlife, though it brings me hope that Illya's guidance can still reach us on the threshold of the damned." Jarick looked around at the others, and nodded. "If we are truly here now, it is because Illya has given us a chance to redeem ourselves. I say we make the most of it." However, the imminent threat of the Spirit of the Styx was not lost on Jarick, and as such he nodded in agreement with the Dragon tamer. "The Dragonbane is right, we must gather our wits if we are to face down the Spirit of the Styx." He spoke, hefting Basilikos back up into his hand and carrying it by the haft as before.
  20. Iwao stood as he heard both mens voices, an exit would be worth finding but judging by the ragtag group so far the blind woman and brogue speaking Inquisitor was right. He unsheathed his sword and once again concentrated on the thought of flames licking the edge of his sword, and in a matter of moments, his sword slowly glowed and orange flames bathed the surrounding area in light.

    "We might as well introduce ourselves as we face our possible second death, I would like to know who I fight alongside with." The Ronin said, looking between the three before him. The armor, clothing, even the accent one had was odd. He hasn't left the island his entire life and now he realized that these people were the norm, and he was the odd-ball out. He knew he shouldn't bother himself with these thoughts but they still lingered like a bad taste in the mouth.
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