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  1. Alright, let's give this a try! I'm looking for a couple of roleplaying partners, meaning I'd be thrilled to hear from you~ Even if nothing listed below catches your eye, I would be more than happy to discuss alternative ideas. Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM!

    General Info (open)

    ★ The site rules are, of course, in effect.
    ☆ Please keep grammar comprehensible.
    ★ My post length is directly related to my partner's. (e.g. one liners for one liners, paragraphs for paragraphs)
    ☆ Thread or PM is fine.
    ★ I can carry on male or female roles, though I prefer female.
    ☆ Doubling is fun.
    ★ Romance is not a must. Friendships and rivalries are just as entertaining~ (As are love triangles (and squares))
    ☆ That being said, FxM, MxM, FxF is fine.

    Optional Genre (Supernatural/Modern/Futuristic/Crime/Etc)
    Plot (open)
    Character A has recently inherited the role of head of his/her family, and with it a dramatic increase of power (either supernatural or economical). New privileges come with new responsibilities, closely followed by new threats. Character A must come to terms with their new life, or pass the title off to someone else before ruining the family business.

    1) Character B is from a rival family, assisting Character A either to gain an ally against a common enemy or to sabotage Character A's efforts.
    2) Character B is hired to guard Character A from rival .
    3) Character B is an undercover officer/vigilante looking for evidence of foul play to bring down the family.
    4) Anything you would care to suggest?

    *I personally think this has a lot of potential as futuristic/crime [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]or, like, a supernatural mafia because why the heck not[/BCOLOR].

    Mugen Spiral
    Modern Fantasy
    Plot (open)
    Character A has been 'blessed' with the ability to keep otherworldly creatures from causing trouble for those unlucky enough to be unaware of their existence. Recently, these creatures have been appearing more and more often, some of which Character A has only encounter in his/her nightmares. General mayhem no longer seems to be the main focus of these beings' attention (though it's a close second).

    1) Character B is one such entity. Unable to force Character B back to their own world, Character A casts a spell on Character B to block the majority of his/her abilities. Character A must search for a way to mend the fractured barrier between worlds while Character B attempts to break the curse keeping him/her from obtaining what he/she came for.
    2) Character B has a similar skill set to Character A, whether they are aware of it or not. Character A recruits Character B to help in his/her noble quest, whether they are willing or not.
    3) Character B is responsible for the inflex of supernatural beings, whether by accident or on purpose.
    4) Any suggestions? Let me know!

    Seven Nation Army
    Optional genre (Fantasy/Futuristic//Dystopia/Whatever floats your boat)
    Plot (open)
    The continent is divided into several nations of varying degrees of prosperity, as isolated from each other as possible. While a few of the nations strive to remain neutral, others are openly hostile and frequently fight against one another for power and resources. Less than pretty, this system has maintained a general peace for years.

    1) Recently, however, foreigners have been arriving on the continent. At first peaceful, the strange visitors have seemingly brought with them a series of even stranger incidents that have been occurring all across the continent. Unexplained deaths, mysterious disappearances, (increasingly aggressive beasts for fantasy, malfunctioning electronics for futuristic, etc), have happened in each nation without fail. Someone has to do something, or else something else will happen. Because, y'know... because.
    2) A specialized task force has been formed in each nation to track down trespassers to be escorted to an undisclosed location, more than likely never to be seen again.
    3) Ideas? Yes? Maybe? No? Message me anyway!

    Undetermined plot or characters. Sorry!

    Class Dismissed
    Fantasy/Optional Era
    Plot (open)
    The world is over run with terrible creatures and treacherous terrain. To combat this threat, specialized schools have been built to train future Guardians, individuals with varying talents tasked with keeping anything that goes bump in the night from the general population. In a final assignment to prove they are ready to graduate from one such school, Characters A and B are choosen work together to retrieve -insert mystical object of great importance (my vote is on a paper clip) here-.

    1) After successfully completing the mission, they return to find the school in ruins. Hunted for what they have in their possession, they must stay alive long enough to discover the truth.
    2) Mission takes a 'we failed to retrieve the item and are now going to get kicked out of school and never find a job and wind up living in the trees and get eaten by a wildebeest and I'm not happy about it' twist.
    3) Nervous while preparing for the test, Character A makes the rash decision to summon a Guardian for assistance. The spell is a success, but what appears is far from expected (Cue Character B)
    * Alternatively, the spell backfires and Character A becomes the familiar.
    4) Character A goes on the assignment alone. Character B is after the same relic. Angry words ensue.
    5) Any different ideas? Let me know!

    Optional: Characters A and B are from different schools with a known rivalry/Characters A and B use conflicting battle styles.
    Optional: Only one character will graduate upon completion of the mission.

    It's Your Fault
    Plot (open)
    Character A is a bounty hunter/assassin hired to eliminate a powerful/influential target. While in the process of dealing with the target, Characters A is distracted by Character B long enough for the target to escape, but not before leaving Character A and B with a inconvenient/life threatening/aw hells nah curse. Characters A and B must work together to hunt down the target and remove the curse.

    1) Character B is a rival bounty hunter/assassin after the same target.
    2) Character B is hired to protect the target.
    3) Character B just so happened to be strolling by when s/he noticed the attempted assassination and decided to intervene.
    4) Anything you would like to suggest?

    Second Life
    Futuristic/Science Fiction
    Plot (open)
    Second Life, the most recent Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game to take the world by storm. While not the first of its kind, Second Life stands apart for unique "one character per player" rule, as well as its option for almost complete realism. In the months since its world wide release, Second Life has won over fans and critics alike. The game is a hit, breaking records and winning hearts without a hitch. On the surface.

    Behind the scenes, however, an alarming number of injuries to players immersed in the game have been reported. While seemingly coincidental, the numbers of accidents is constantly growing. Character A, the son/daughter of Second Life's head CEO has joined the game as a hidden GM in the hopes of discovering the connection between the incidents and the game, or rather the lack thereof, before the media catches wind of the story.

    1) Character B is a gamer/hacker/programmer/reporter/rival company's spawn looking for Second Life's flaw.
    2) Character B is a random player.
    3) Character B is a NPC assisting character A.
    4) Ideas? For me? Yes, please.

    Chrono Cross
    Fantasy/Science Fiction
    Plot (open)
    After a near death experience/natural phenomenon/run in with magical fairies, Character A awakens in an alternate reality identical to their own, except for one minor detail: s/he passed away as a child. S/he must find the way back to his/her own world before the two realities crash. Or something.

    Very basic idea, based off of the game of the same title. Not quite sure where to go with it. Help would be very much appreciated.

    Everything Else (open)
    The ideas listed above are just what have been bouncing around in my head recently, if there is anything you would like to do, whether it be specific or a basic idea, I would love to hear it! I enjoy anything with a fantastical or supernatural aspect, though I'd be more than willing to branch out into new genres for the right plot.

    Modern Fantasy

    Random Pairings
    Supernatural x Supernatural
    Supernatural x (Gifted) Human
    Supernatural x Hunter
    Supernatural Bait x Supernatural Repellent
    Exorcist x Ghost
    Exorcist x Possessed
    Summoner x Summoned
    Rival x Rival
    Teammate x Teammate
    Assassin x Target
    Superhero x Superhero
    Hero x Villain
    Gang Member x Rival Gang Member
    Officer x Suspect
    Guard x Guarded
    Magic user x Warrior
    Knight x Priest(ess)
    Unwilling Soulmate x Unwilling Soulmate
    (Sky) Pirate x Explorer/Researcher
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  2. All your plots are awesome! I read through all of them ^-^ I would love to roleplay with you. Also what fandoms do you like?
  3. Thank you for taking the time to read them all, I'm glad you like them! Did any one in particular catch your eye?

    The Fandoms I enjoy, and can think of at the moment, are:

    Sword Art Online
    K Project
    Witch Hunter
    Mana Khemia
    Legend of Dragoon
    Harry Potter
    Mortal Instruments
  4. I love Inheritance and Second Life ^-^
  5. Great! I'll send a PM your way to discuss the details ^^
  6. @inkling I love, love, love the first and second idea! ^^ Would love to try them!
  7. Great, I'm glad you like them! I'll PM you to discuss them, if you don't mind ^^
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