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  1. So, I've adjusted myself to the site fair enough. Enough that I would like to shake cob webs off my ability to roleplay in a mature manner. (cob webs totally makes me sound sexy right?) Anywho, if anyone is looking for a male partner to have a mature role play with please PM and let me know. The only thing I have to say that might deter some is I have NO idea on any plot. It's been awhile since I've done a mature rp and I find them very interesting so again if any female needs a male counterpart. I am available! That's all thanks! :)
  2. Uhm hey, you may or may have not seen me around but I'm kind of in the same situation as you, haven't been on a mature roleplay in a while, would like to have one, yadda yadda. So yeah feeling kind of rusty but I think I can get the cogs moving again. I'm a girl obviously, but I play either role, pretty much into every genre except yaoi. For some reason I can't stand yaoi. o_o

    But anyway I have some plot ideas so just putting myself out there. owo
  3. I'm always looking for one-on-ones. And it's rare that I find someone willing to write as a male in a hetero relationship lol. How do feel about writing in post apocalyptic settings? I've got a few ideas...tiny ones n_n; But I have a detailed one in that theme if you're interested.
  4. Oh, sweet! If you're still looking for someone to rp with I've got plenty of ideas =3 hit me up via pm cause I always forget what thread I post on XD
  5. I also have a couple of plots you may be interested in. ^^ Please check my Mature Resume. They're listed under my roleplay scene wishlist.)
    Also, are you strictly a forum-poster, of could I possibly avert some of your attention via IMs? Feel free to drop me a PM. :3