Requesting something weird (to me at least)

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  1. Okay so this request is really far out of my element, but for whatever reason I have really been wanting to do it.
    I am like... shaking. O.O Weird.
    Anyways; I wanna do a FXF roleplay.

    Okay there I said it. XD I don't have any sort of plot, but I'm pretty good at making something up. With my partner that is.... not to sound all bossy and stuff.
    Anyways, I only want like one or two. Three would be my limit if somebody came to me with a plot that I would kill to play. Um, hopefully this gets responses because I searched all through here and couldn't find anything.

    Oh also, I ONLY want to do this over PMs. I am so weird about doing MXF (my normal) RPs over forums that I don't think I could bring myself around to doing a FXF over the forums.
    I do have an email though if you want to do that one too, but PMs are easier for me because I have way to much mail to shift through everyday.

    Okay... I think that is it. Oh and this is my first time ever so you will have to be nice to me. And this is posted in the mature for a reason. K? K.
    Last thing; I see when I look at Yaoi advertisements and stuff about Seme.... Uke... Whatever else you wanna call it. I don't know what that is and if you want to take the time to explain it to me, great. If not, I'll play who I want to play. :D

    That is all. Thanks for reading?
    I never know how to end these things.
  2. I have been wanting to do a FxF for a while now as well, and I think we could hash out something. Do you like modern? Fantasy? Medieval? I am fine with just about everything, I just have never done a Sci-Fi one, so if you want to you'll have to bear with me ^^"

    And seme pronounced [seh-meh] is the dominant male/person in the slash/or what-have-you. And the uke pronounced [oo-keh] is the submissive one.
  3. Cool, I sent you a PM. :)
  4. I'd be willing to give it a try.
  5. Would it be weird if I told you that I stalked your profile? O_o

    Hope not. XD