Requesting some charity work.


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First right off the bat thank you for even showing interest in this little page. I've been rping here a while, and everything was well and good. Sadly I had to go make an amazing character that everyone liked for some reason. Because of that, I'd like to request someone make some art about him.

So he's not exactly complicated to make. Very long story short, he is very tall, has absolutely gorgeous glowing green eyes. He is rather strong but lean..........and covered head to toe in bandages. Literally. He leaves space for his eyes but that's it. Now under that bandages I have no doubt it's a lot of work, though.

Give me a private message if you want to ask more specifics or if you pulled some Christmas spirit, or something as ridiculous as that, and made the picture.

I thank you again for reading the entire thing. Have a nice day.