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  1. Hey guys, Omega here. So recently I've been getting even more into Kingdom Hearts than I usually am, and I decided to make a fan character. Well, instead of doing the standard 'Hero' fan character, that is always more OP than the main OC Protagonist, I decided to make an Antagonist. I just want my character drawn up based on the info I give in my CS, so that I don't feel horrible by using images on the internet. While it is a neccessity (Unless someone offers to draw up every character Idea I ever have) to use google images to represent my characters, I really wish I could avoid it. So, if someone would be so kind as to draw and color my character (Preferably on the computer, because image quality matters) it would be much appreciated. Also, bonus points if you draw his Heartless and Nobody in the background. As for his custom keyblade, I will give a few specific traits I want it to have, but other than that you could use your creative imagination to make it how you think it would look.

    Reno's Incredibly Long CS (open)

    Name: Reno the Ebony Prince
    Heartless Name: Ebony Shroud
    Nobody Name: Xeron (Pro. Zer-on)
    Age: 20 (Stopped aging)
    Eyes: Originally Blue, now Charcoal Black
    Hair: Jet Black with Silver tint
    Height: 5ft 9"
    Affiliation: The Darkness/Heartless
    Keyblade: Oblivion + Custom (Dual Wield)
    -Control over Heartless.
    -Is able to restrict/paralyze nobodies.
    -Has the ability to unlock the keyholes and release the hearts of worlds.
    -Call upon the Keyblade, He's a Keyblade chosen
    -Able to fuse weak Heartless into stronger Heartless.
    -Use the Doors to Darkness
    -can freely travel in the world of darkness
    -"Power of the Prince" Power burst
    Reno was a prince of an entire world during the time of the Foretellers. However, because any person in his kingdom who was able to wield a Keyblade left him to train under a Foreteller, his Kingdom was mostly undefended from the forces of Darkness. While Reno was actually 'chosen' by the Keyblade to become a Keyblade master, Reno never, ever told anybody other than his closest advisors and teachers. Because he hid his mastery of the Keyblade, The Keyblade that was exclusive to his heart kept itself hidden from him. Because of this, Reno had to use the Kingdom Key for the longest time. After a time of depression and anger, his Kingdom Key became an Oblivion Keyblade. This dark transformation to his Keyblade made him stop using his Keyblade almost completely.
    Through the lack of Keyblade wielders to fight off the darkness in his kingdom, his entire world was unable to defend themselves against the darkness when the Heart of his World was unlocked, and Heartless of all shapes and sizes devoured of his world. The only reason Reno survived was because his Keyblade protected him.

    Instead of being sent to another world when his kingdom was devoured, like most people would, Reno was trapped in the darkness. In the darkness, Reno fought endlessly to fend off the Heartless. Eventually, however, Reno was defeated. Because of the strength of his heart, Reno's personality was preserved and split in two when his Heartless and Nobody were created. His Heartless, the Ebony Shroud wielded his true Keyblade, Cursed Crown, while his Nobody, Xeron, wielded Oblivion. The two entities continued to fight, hoping to take the other Keyblade for themselves. However, because of his ability to control the Heartless, Ebony won.

    The Ebony Shroud thought that getting the Oblivion Keyblade was all that would happen when he defeated Xeron. However, this was not the case. During the seemingly endless fight between them, a connection was formed between Ebony and Xeron. When Ebony defeated Xeron, the bond was solidified. Both Entities were combined together, Ebony being the Heart, and Xeron being the Body. Both personalities remained, however a new dominant persona was created. This personality was a 'recreated' version of Reno's original self. However, Reno was now corrupted by the Darkness. He retained all the hatred that Ebony carried, and all the cunning that Xeron carried, and merged them together.
    Because of all the hatred now flowing through Reno, a new desire for vengeance formed. He now desired to strike down every other Keyblade wielder he came across, as revenge against the ones who abandoned his kingdom, leaving it to the darkness.

    When Reno finally gathered the power to leave this world of Darkness, opening the DtD (Doors To Darkness), Reno realized an odd truth. While he was trapped in the Darkness for what only seemed a year at most, the rest of the worlds had changed dramatically. The Keyblade War had ended, and the Foretellers long laid to rest. Even the legendary Keyblade Graveyard was destroyed and abandoned.

    Reno noticed for a short time, that the Heartless that followed him out of the Dark world had begun to follow another, a witch who could become a Dragon. Reno watched in silence as the Witch had abused her control of his Heartless, the only servants he had left. He snickered as he watched with his own eyes as the witch, who he now knew as Maleficent, is destroyed by a young kid with a Keyblade and sent to the darkness that she so coveted.
    Reno was so intrigued by the child with the Keyblade that he decided to postpone his own attack. He watched the boy, who he learned was named Sora, as he defeated an immense army of Heartless and Nobodies throughout the next few years. Reno stayed in the shadows, manipulating the Heartless whenever he saw fit to give Sora a challenge. Throughout this process, he learned of his abilities. He could not control them like Heartless, however, he could Paralyze Nobodies, and they could not touch him.
    And so he watched, plotting his final act of vengeance against Sora, as all the Keyblade wielders that betrayed him were all long gone. However, Reno began to notice even more people with Keyblades. He was intrigued by the fact that everyone with a strong connection to Sora was somehow able to summon the Keyblade.

    While watching Sora, he noticed the Mouse, King Mickey, the called him. This infuriated Reno. So there was a king who proudly wielded his Keyblade, while Reno as a PRINCE was taught to be ashamed of his Keyblade. Reno clenched his fists and decided to strike them all out at once, when they all inevitably sought out the thing all Keyblade wielders sought after, Kingdom Hearts...
    So Reno is supposed to be a non-canon antagonist outside of all groups we've seen before. He is sort of a mix between a Heartless and a Nobody, because his body is his Nobody while his Heart is his Heartless. He also has a split Personality disorder when he becomes extremely stressed, where Ebony or Xeron will temporarily take over Reno and act on their own accord. Whenever Xeron is in control, Reno's abilities regarding the Heartless shift over to the Nobody side. Because of the SPD (Split-Personality Disorder), Reno cannot remember anything that happens while Ebony or Xeron are in control, thus keeping him in the Dark on Xeron's abilities over Nobodies.

    Also, since it's not really mentioned much, I'll put in a new spoiler with a few details for his outfit. IF you do the Nobody and Heartless guys in the background the Heartless would just have a Red and Black version of the outfit, with the Heartless symbol on his chest, and the Nobody would have a White and grey version of the outfit with the Nobody symbol on his chest.

    Outfit Details (open)

    -Primarily Gray with Black trim sleeveless Hoodie Shirt with the hood down and slight tearing near the shoulders and towards the base.
    -Black Jeans with torn knees, give them a silver trim.
    -Red and Black belt hanging loosely around his waist with numerous worn down/broken and rusted keyblade keychains.
    -Red and Black (Normal size, not Sora sized) sneakers. make them more sporty than bulky.
    -a Golden chain necklace with a black crown pendant hanging round his neck, make it hang down to the center of his chest.

    custom keyblade "Cursed Crown" requirements (open)

    Okay, so basically i want the Cursed crown keyblade to represent the hatred Reno holds for the Keyblade wielders. It should almost look like a kingdom key, but have changes that make it very distinct. It should have sharp points and a rather pointy black crown keychain. Also, use black for the main coloring of the keyblade itself, and I'd like to see some red and silver in there as well. If you so desire, you could also include the Eye of Darkness somewhere in the design.

    Hmm.. Anything else I'd like included in this art request?... Actually, these are optional for the request in itself. but here are a few things that would kinda be cool;
    -The icon for his world. If you look up how Kingdom Hearts has their worlds displayed when in the world selector part of each game, you'll know what I'm talking about. His world is called "Kingdom of Peace" and for the icon I'd like a sort of "Hanging Gardens" like castle with a few houses around it representing the city.

    -Already mentioned in the request outline, but having both his Heartless (The Ebony Shroud) and his Nobody (Xeron) included in the image would be cool as well. You could maybe have them in the background as the whole clocktower/stainedglass window thing that is popular in Kingdom hearts.

    -Maybe a cute, tiny little Shadow Heartless, with silvery chains binding it's hands and feet, since Reno can control Heartless.

    -In a possibly second document, you could include actual game things, like his Health/Mp/Drive guages with the icon of his face, how his face changes as his health depletes. The command menu for attacks, magic, items, summoning, etc. His Death animation (which instead of his heart just floating above him I'd like his keyblades broken in pieces above him.

    -Along with the last items I mentioned, you could also use your imagination to create a group of some new Heartless that only Reno can control.

    That's all the things that would be cool to be added, but again are optional. I really hope this isn't too much. I really hope not to sound rude here, but this is a special character to me so please only take on this request if you feel like you can make him with the detail he deserves.

    Also, since you're the one drawing it, you can post these on your DA account as well, but link me to them. Though even if you do this I'd like you to send me the files in a PM on here so I can save them. But, you have to say it's "Pwnzer's" character.

    Happy arting, hope to see you all soon.
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  2. Still looking. If you decide to take this request on please let me know beforehand so I can anticipate it instead of sitting here wondering if someone is going to do this for me.
  3. Still looking for an artist.
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