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  1. Hello.

    I would like to request a 1 x 1 role player that will help me be introduced to this roleplaying website. And also be helpful when it comes to how it works here since I formerly came from Gaiaonline and that and IwakuRoleplay are very different.

    I can play male and females, and I am cool with Anime and/or Real Pictures depending on the plot. I also am good at playing multiple characters as well, so if you ever want to double up, I can do so! Also, I can do Yaoi as well. Yuri will need some convincing...otherwise, I am all for Yaoi or Straight pairings.

    Anyway, I have many storylines I really want to do. I'll list all the pairings. that I can think of down below If it has a '+' symbol, it means we can double up. If it is a '*' symbol, it means I have a plot.

    +Vampire x Human x Vampire Hunter *
    Teacher /Principal x Student
    +Jock x Nerd x Rebel *
    Celebrity x Non Fan
    +Popular x Outcast*
    +Rich x Poor
    Kidnapper x Victim
    +Demon x Human x Demon
    Master x Slave
    Evil Lord x Princess x Knight
    Elf Princess x Human Knight*
    Witch x Human
    Goddess x Human
    +Angel x Human x Demon*
    +Fallen Angel x Human x Fallen Demon*
    Werewolf x Human
    God x Human x Devil
    +Good Girl x Bad Boy
    Rebel x Nerd
    Assassin x Princess
    +Male/Female Native x Female/Male Settler*
    Animal Guardian x Poacher
    Stepbrother x Stepbrother x Stepsister
    Survivor x Survivor
    Roommate x Roommate
    Friend x Friend
    Royalty X Mystical Creature
    +Royalty X Royalty
    +Royalty X Peasant
    +Royalty X Mage
    +Royalty X Knight/Warrior
    +Royalty X Maid/butler
    +Royalty X Captive/Prisoner of War
    +Knight/Warrior X Peasant
    Traveler X Barmaid/Waiter
    Traveler X Traveler
    Traveler X Villian
    Betrothed Villagers
    +Pirate/Commander X Captive/Stow Away
    +Pirate/Commander X Commander/Pirate
    +Pirate/Commander X Royalty*
    +Pirate/Commander X Mystical Creature
    Human X Mystical Creature
    Mystical Creature x Mystical Creature
    Slayer X Mystical Creature
    +Band X Fan
    +Inner band relations
    +Band-Member X Manager
    +Model x Photographer
    +God/Known Mythological Deity (i/e: Grim Reaper) x Human

    Plots not featured in Pairings:

    Plot #1:

    The war is finally over, and with that, it means the men who were out in the battlefield can now go home and return to their worry-stricken families. Peace has returned throughout the kingdoms, including Kagint in which is where the story will take place.

    You were the higher ranked man in the army, a commanding officer who had led men through battle. Your reputation of your bruteness and lack of mercy has spread far and wide. And now since the war is over, you now have been ranked down to nothing but a babysitter to a royal ninny. The Princess who you are looking after had almost been kidnapped which is why your expertise in fighting was needed. But once you are able to meet the queen and king, you do not see the princess but instead a prince. Confused, you wonder where's the princess. Then you discover the actually the Princess.

    The Princess thinks she is a male and any convincing that her family tried to do was nothing but a failure. She dresses like a guy, acts like a guy, and sometimes thinks like a guy. You have your hands full with this interesting individual, as she wants to be free and trained to be a soldier. Would you try to convince her she is a girl and always will be? Or will you play along with her game, just to see where things will go?

    Time will tick down, enemies will be coming for another attempt of attack, another war is possible, what you do during this tie of foreseeable danger will determine the outcome of you, the bodyguard, and the 'feminine prince'.

    Plot #2:

    A man by the name of Rantu was a student at a prestigious magic academy where only people with magic can attend. Mingan was known to be a very magical archer where his arrows were infused with all the elements, being the most powerful of the world. He was considered a valedictorian but what caused him to not attend the school anymore? Well, it turned out he held a grudge....a very bad grudge.

    Being Native American. he hated every white/caucasian person he met. And that was most of the student/teacher population. He made sure his friends were only of the minority; black, latino, Asian, and middle-eastern. His aggression led the school to put him not only on suspension but to force him to go to human school and learn the biggest lesson of all: 'forgiveness'

    So Rantu was forced to go to a human school for a year, not being able to do magic and to learn how to forgive the past for its wrongdoings. Forced to be surrounded by privileged whites, he felt the eyes stabbing his back and whispers about his race, making his anger rise. only one girl can cure his anger and the suppression he feels. Whether she was white or not, she seemed to understand his pain and eventually be the one to know of his magic, making him be a better person than he once was.

    Plot #3:

    It's a love story that transcends time...literally. A group of terrorist wants their revenge against the United States for setting off bombs onto Japan, killing their people and whoever lived, wanted to die. So with that, they conjured many spells until it could go back in time to recruit the soldiers of Feudal Era Japan. The many demons of different mythologies are summoned into the modern world to invade the country which believed in technology and were skeptic of anything un-scientific. One of the characters of this story, however, was the one who was summoned and the one to save this world.

    Hidehara Urushihara is a Baku; a creature that eats dreams and nightmares. He is the second generation that has learned the art of transformation to become a human being. He was summoned into the modern world after a victorious fight on a stormy night. Lost in San Fransisco, California, he has no way to communicate with others and where he has to go. He has to depend on someone who also is an important asset to the story. ________ (Female, doesn't have to be Asian) finds Hidehara lost and horrified. Finding him will result in her in a dangerous situation, and the only way to be safe is to have a Baku be her guardian. She had no idea that she was an important asset to the terrorist group, nor a reincarnation of a Japanese God.

    With the help of two men in the Police Force, they will have to slowly uncover the plans of the Terrorist Group, fight Hidehara's ex-friend, and save the country from a terrible decision they committed almost 70 years ago.

    ((This is a pretty open RP, if you wanna be the female, go for it. if you want to be the male, go for it! (The male name can be changed))

    Plot #4:

    It's Regency era England. The upper class women are gossiping away the party filled nights, the men are conversing over brandy and gin, and the children are whispering behind their mother's skirts. Various subjects are being talked and idled about, but none so much as the mysterious man taking residence in the oldest and most expensive estate in the whole of the countryside. His presence is legendary, and his character is surrounded by rumors. None have managed to lay eyes on this almost myth of a man, until now.

    You are a female servant who is looking for work, whatever your background is you are able to find work in this grand estates. You want to know who the owner is, but the answers do not come to you. Will you find out who the master really is? Will you be ok with the master being a race in which is rumored to be savage?

    Plot #5:

    Traveling through Time has been a popular theory for everyone alike for many years. The ability to go to the future...the ability to go to the past and see how the people lived, and be a part of history. But it has been a fantasy for everyone, even scientists. Scientists have said the only way to go to the future was to be frozen in ice, but you can never go to the past. But is that true?

    Ekaterina Navarro is an American-born Girl and always has been. Well...until she had to move. She had lived in a small, average town in New Mexico for 17 years of her life. But when a nasty divorce kicks in, her mother couldn't afford the house and finds out a house in Europe was being sold for a very low price. So after she sold her house to pay for the airfare and buys the house, Ecaterina is officially living in a different country. Pissed off, she has to adjust to a new lifestyle and start all over and go through her senior year ALL OVER AGAIN!

    Only a week has passed after moving in when she was sent to get a 'certain' vase from the shed for her Mom. Instead of getting a vase, she gets sucked into a vortex and now falls into a medieval period.

    The time period in which is featured is the time when classes are separate and obvious. Tensions are increasing and there are rumors of war from a different kingdom coming in. Whether you are a peasant, a soldier, a prince, or simply a king, your life will be changed by a girl who wears the strangest clothes you have ever seen. You might fear that she is a spy from the rival kingdom, a witch, or even the princess from the rival kingdom. Either way, the clock is ticking, and there has been a prophecy about the strange girl that will help keep the peace. Will you take this opportunity to help bring in peace? Or do you want to fight a bloody war? Whatever you do, the choice is yours.

    Plot #6:

    The demon, Otonashi, got recently kicked out of the Hell division because of his failure to take down an angel that he had underestimated. In order to regain the rights to come back, he would have to tempt a human that was in the higher upper class (which can be the Higher Middle Class or the Rich) to come join Hell's Army. Since his demonic feature will show too much to humans, he had decided that he should disguise himself: as a weird-looking dog. If only that dog form did not give him that much attention.

    A teenage girl by the name of __________ is somewhat average in the eyes of the people that know her. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom taking care of her little brother/sister with her Father a CEO of a small, yet somewhat potential company to be 'big'. Although she has friends and a boyfriend, she feels like she is missing something in her life. It wasn't until she saw a weird-looking dog all filthy and hungry that she decided the one thing missing was 'unconditional love' which dogs and cats always give. So with that she brought the dog (out of his will really) and went to her Mom to ask her 'If we can keep him'?

    With no choice in this, Otonashi will have to stay in this house until he can tempt a human to go to hell and come back home. His target soon becomes Ai's father, and maybe her boyfriend if the opportunity strikes. But if he stays there for too long, he might end up giving 'unconditional love' to the girl....but, not the way a dog would do to their owner....but a way the man would do for a woman he cares about.

    Plot #7:

    There has been a kingdom that was at war for many years, but when the population of each side was almost non-existent, it was time to call it quits. Morde, known as the 'Country of the West' and Darnvia, known as the 'Country of the East' had a bitter truce so that they can rebuild their kingdoms, but it does not mean that prejudice and paranoia went away once the war ended.

    Morde's were known to have marks on top of their head, burned and engraved since birth so it was not easy to hide their identity unless they wore a hat or a headband around their forehead.

    One such Morde man was escaping fate, he had run away from the country for unknown reasons. Bleeding and to the point of exhaustion, he collapses in front of a peasant's house that was in Darnvia's territory. Whether the homeowner was nice or sent him to the prison's to be interrogated, the man's presence will change Darnvia.

    ((Can be a Straight or Yaoi RP))​
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  2. Hi! I would love to do a couple of these with you! If you wanted to do M/F, would you prefer the female or male role?

    I'm interest in Plot #4, and the following pairings:

  3. I usually go for the female role, but depending on the plot, I would be happy to play the male. Plot #4 I would love to play the male 'master' on that one since I already got a gist of where I want the character to go. Now as of the pairings:

    God/Known Deity x Human - I would need to come up with the plot, and it honestly depends on what god is chosen to which what the story/character will be. Like if the god is of love, the other character would have trouble finding a lover. So this will need many discussions.

    Pirate/Commander x Captive/Stowaway - I can see many things going on here. This is where I want to play my character, Samar Navarro (She's in my character album) as a stowaway traveling to new lands unknowingly in a pirate ship. Of course, this will take some discussions

    Angel x Human x Demon - I have an idea regards to human x demon (it's actually in Plot #6), but then again...I have an idea that an Angel and Demon would meet in the battlefield (or unknowingly) in the human world.

    Celebrity x Non Fan - I have an idea regarding of these two having to interact in high school or in college as they are working together in a project. While doing so, they slowly learn about each other and how despite being a celebrity, its glamorous life can be harsh.

    Vampire x Human x Vampire Hunter - I actually got an idea about this pairing if you want to hear it:

    We all know Vampires cannot give birth since they are not only dead but immortal. So if vampires wanted children, the only way to get a vampire baby is if the male goes after a female who has recently given birth. Once the baby is in the vampire's hands, the vampire female bites onto the child, replacing the human female's DNA with the vampire female's DNA. Afterward, they would kill the female so that the baby would look to the vampire female as its mother figure.

    Well, it one day happened, the vampires had chosen the wrong female. The female victim was the governor's daughter and her fate had caused an uproar with the humans. It took them a year to find the vampires and go on a manslaughter. Blood had spilled, and many vampire and human bodies piled together in a darkened forest. The humans had finally won, they celebrated their victory and the end of their fear of bloodsuckers.

    That's what the humans think.

    The vampires had lived on, but very few are alive...and they are trying to find the leader's daughter. Yes, the leader and his female were the ones to bring in the child. The child was missing for fourteen years, living in the forest like an animal...feeding on animals and drinking blood. That is what caused human fear, the death of their livestock by the loss of blood.

    That is your duty, _________ is one of the hunters, whether he was the hunter that contribute to killing vampires eighteen years ago, the relative of those hunters, or just an apprentice. Either way, the vampire hunters have not been active since the killing, often going to bounty hunting work or law enforcement. But since there had been signs of vampires, __________ took the duty to find out who it was. It took ________ only a few days to find the source, a girl no older than seventeen years old. And her appearance was shocking as she resembled the governor's lost daughter, so she was taken to the human village, in hoping to somehow figure out how to make her human and lose the vampire characteristics. Once the news has spread about her appearance, the vampires want that girl back. The bloodsuckers had reassembled more people to their coven, and they want the human city to give her back.

    Now it's another war between humans and vampires, but this time, there is no sure way to know who wins.
  4. Well, hearing your ideas, do you have any preferences between the Master/Servant Plot, and the Angel/Human/Demon one? I have an interesting demon character I could use for the latter, if you'd like?
  5. It will be interesting to see what demon character you have to offer. I normally played the exiled Demon general in the demon x human plot so sure, what demon character do you think of using?
  6. I have a very chaotic evil genderfluid demon- they basically fit the bill for an evil shapeshifting devil, and they're very anti-authority and actually a bit of a control freak themselves.
  7. Hmmm genderfluid. I never had an rp patner that played a genderfluid character. But I can see how it can work in the plot. is this character in your album?

    @The Succubi Queen
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  8. I'm intrestead in the pairings with knights.
  9. @LoveandHate91

    Well Plot #1 is a knight pairing (A Knight/Bodyguard x Princess Pairing) if you would like to do that. Otherwise the pairings that involve knights are:

    Evil Lord
    (possibly if we want to) King/Queen.

    Which ones are you interested in?
  10. I'm interested In Roleplaying with you. I have a plot if you're interested.
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  11. Would you like me to tell you here or in PM?
  12. We can do this over Pms
  13. Evil lord or some other royality would probably be best.
  14. @LoveandHate91

    Well we can do Royalty, so do you want to do Plot #1 (listed on the page) or do you wanna make stuff up (Assuming this means you want to be royalty)

    We can also discuss this in Pms as well.
  15. I don't have a character album on here yet, no, but I can PM you a CS if you'd like!

    I don't really have any preferences for what plot we do, out of those that and the master/servant one, so if you have a craving for one, I'm down for anything. :)
  16. @The Succubi Queen

    I am craving the demon x human plot I have. And yeah we can do Pms so I can take a look at your character.
  17. *bump*

    Anyone else want to be my roleplay partner?
  18. Hey there! I'm rather interested in either Plot 1 or Plot 7
  19. Well right now I am doing Plot 1 so let's do Plot 7. Do you want this story to be a Yaoi or a Straight Pairing?
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