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PORTRAIT REQUEST Requesting Drawings for Three Characters

Discussion in 'CHARACTER PORTRAIT STUDIO' started by AceSorcerer, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. I would like to request artwork for three of my characters, for which I can provide related images or images with desired aspects. All three of are RPCs, two of which are in a medieval fantasy setting and the third is more modern. If there's one in particular you wish to do please don't hesitate. I will provide brief descriptions in parenthesis next to their names.

    - Ichabod Thasius Grey (A human, from a medieval fantasy setting. A king and has a more mage-like appearance.)

    - Dante Ragnar (A human, from a modern fantasy setting. His wardrobe is modern clothing with various armor pieces.)

    - Oromos Sestus (A half-elf half-human spellsword dressed in garb similar to that of a sojourner.)