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  1. So I co-DM a very long, very epic D&D campain. In the process of this story playing out, one of my player-characters (the first actual character I had ever made), rose to become the final boss of the entire campaign.

    The last fight is approaching, it will be very epic, the fate of all existence on the line here. As I prepare my character for an appropriate death, I am looking for help from you guys.

    If you can give me any good songs to play during this fight, to represent the struggle between good and evil please post it here. I want to make this as legendary as possible, but I only know so much music.

    tl:dr, Epic Music thread go.

  2. I feel like the conflicting choir somewhat captures the struggle between good and evil, as you requested.
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  3. ^This one is very primal in a way

    This a good enough start? :waluigi:
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  4. Don't be the villain.

    Make them the villains for stopping you.
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  5. If only I had 49 more 20-minute songs, I might cover the entire fight. Thank you.
    A great start! I'll admit, I scoffed upon seeing the pokemon video, but woah.

    Thank you.
  6. A note on the character and the story:

    This entire campain has been going on for three irl years. It is the story of the apocalypse, demon armies pouring from the abyss and the struggle of man and god to stop the chaos. At the beginning of the second chapter, our heros were sent on a mission into the abyss, to find the seed of chaos and destory the abyss. Among our heroes was an eleven mercenary, formerly a paladin, turned blackguard, with a desire to control others. As they traveled through the abyss, the blackguard became separated, eventually questioning why he was there. The overworld gave him nothing but pain, the abyss had been a new adventure for him, why should he destroy this place for some divine being?

    His wondering brought him to a dark corner of the abyss, his own curiosity causing him to stumble into an anchient power, fulfilling a destiny he was never aware of. He became the Lord Of Fire, a minor demon lord. But with a newfound strength, he aspired for more. As our heroes transcended the abyss, he gained power. He dominated other demon lords, struck down gods with single blows, carved out entire layers of the abyss for his own purposes. He transformed into something more powerful than anything seen by the demons of the abyss, he became the God of Order, purging the chaos of the abyss and forming his own infinite legions. As our heroes hunt and kill the council of demon lords responsible for the strike of the astral sea and the over-world, they are followed by this greater threat. He does not seek to kill and burn like the other dark gods, he will transform all existence into his own twisted world of perfection and order.

    He is the Lord of Fire,
    God of Order,
    Bane of chaos,
    Champion of the Abyss.
  7. These are some of the most epic themes I've ever come across.


  8. Of a slightly different tone, but still incredibly epic. Perhaps less useful for the fight itself, but could be perfect for the endgame when either the boss or the players have been/are nearly defeated. It sounds like the character sort of got diverted and twisted away from his original intentions, so perhaps the slightly more tragic tone of this piece could be appropriate.

    Other than that, I'd recommend Two Steps from Hell all the way. They really do have some incredible music. I'll also insert a few more suggestions below:


    Look them up. ALL OF IT IS GOOD. ALL OF IT.
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  11. You're welcome.
  12. These are some of the most epic themes I've ever come across.
    Well done with the ace combat! You also reminded me of Unsung War.
    It's not a tradgedy though, it's a strong story. This is the character I started playing as all those years ago, a generic paladin tripping over traps in 3.5. I have been with him the entire time, his first kill in cold blood, his doubt of the gods, his banishment from his order. I followed him down this path, I had little idea what to do with him when this campaign started, just adding him in as a supplementary to my main character.

    But fate can be funny, and here he is, the main villain of the entire story.
    The Lord of Fire title comes from the DM, who is a DS fan. I have never played the game myself, but this music works well.
  13. Please, ignore these, because I don't really think they're fitting, but I would kick myself for not posting any Magnum Opus remixes of Touhou music.

    Oh, and I think this song symbolizes the struggle between good and bad perfectly, but it's probably too romantic and not really fitting, either.

    This one's also epic, and it even has good and evil in the title, ha ha

  14. Not sure if late, but...

  15. Whelp, next week is the last encounter, I have 7 days to finalize everything.

    Anymore music ideas people?

  16. Probably a bit more sombre? but still really epic though.