Requesting a partner or two.

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  1. Things to know

    - I can post anywhere from two paragraphs to over fifteen within a single post.
    - Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure is quite important to me; though I understand we are human.
    - My social life can sometimes get in the way of my role-plays, so multiple posts a day are not common.
    - Characters that are listed in my blog are available for role-plays; unless otherwise stated.
    - I do not offend easily and prefer my partner to be the same way.
    - Swearing, words considered to be 'foul/harsh/curse', and detailed sexual scenes will occur.
    - Just because you suggest something, does not mean I will accept it; it is my right to deny any offers that do not interest me.
    - I am accepting multiple partners for numerous role-plays.
    - Though I prefer to role-play as males, I am capable of portraying females.
    - Male/male pairings are my favorite, but I can do female/female or male/female.
    - I am not comfortable with pregnancy in any way being in my role-plays, so please do not suggest it.
    - Role-plays may take place in a thread or private messaging.
    - All role-plays done in threads will be put into the Libertine[A] sub-forum.
    - I am looking for role-players that are at the intermediate level or higher.
    - Feel free to leave any messages here or inbox me; I am not against answering questions to help my partner get a better understanding of what I am looking for.
    - Also, please suggest any plots you may have that fall in line with what I am into.

    Role-play plots I am looking to do

    Supernatural [Sam/OC] : Based on the TV show using the character Sam Winchester and my OC, Azriel. My character is an archangel that was woken by the Winchester brothers and Castiel after having been entombed for over 2,000yrs. After awakening, she used what little power she had at the time to gain the ability to understand and speak English by taking such things from Sam; this was done by kissing him and transferring the ability to speak/understand English from him. This role-play will find her traveling with the brothers because she is unable to use much of her power due to being entombed for so long. I am wanting some sort of relationship to form between her and Sam, even if it ends up being a purely sexual one; though I would like for them to have some sort of connection/bond. They are allowed to 'fall in love', but understand that Azriel is an archangel from the time before Christ was crucified, so much of the modern way of things will be confusing/lost to her. But that is also one of the other reasons why she is traveling with them, so she can learn about the modern world while she waits for her powers to fully return. For this they could be on a hunt, which she ends up helping them with. It does not need to take place at any particular point in the time-line, though I always envision the boys looking as they do in the later seasons. Other Supernatural characters are welcomed within this roleplay; I can even roleplay multiple characters in a single post.

    Supernatural [any pairing] : Aside from the one that I have requested above, I am also open to a Supernatural role-play of any pairing in the show. So if you wish to do a SPN role-play with me, but do not want me to use my OC, then merely let me know which pair you are wanting to use and I shall let you know if I am up for such a thing. And yes, I am perfectly fine with wincest.

    Incest [Brother/Sister] : This pairing would be a brother and sister in their twenties and part of a very wealthy, influential, and powerful company. Their parents had died when they had been in their early twenties, leaving the corporation to them; which the sister ends up taking control of to allow her brother to pursue other things in his life. The company was created by their family and has been in their possession since their grandfather had built it. Their sexual relationship has been going on since their teenage years, but has always been kept very secret. Now with the sister running the company it is even more important for the sexual part of their lives to be kept hidden. This role-play can be purely sex or it can have a bit of plot to it. This can also be my characters that I have pre-made for it, or we can just create our own and go from there.

    Erotic : Erotica is the main genre I prefer to write about, so I am looking for any role-plays that deal with this area. I am open to suggestions in regards to this, but please read my role-play resume for more detail in regards to what interests me and what does not. As mentioned above, I do not offend easily nor am I shy when it comes to sexual matters, so feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind. And no, I will not do any sort of role-playing that deals with 'you doing sexual things to me'; such as using our real names, etc.

    Fandoms : I am open to fandom role-plays, even ones that contain cannon and non-cannon characters. I am not up to date on much of the anime that is quite popular these days, so please do not ask me to do them. Here is a list of fandoms that I would not mind role-playing:Supernatural, X/1999, Anita Blake & Merry Gentry, Sherlock, Psycho-Pass, Lords of the Underworld, Doctor Who, Twilight, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Fever series [karen marie moning], Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell, Elementary, Vampire Chronicles [anne rice], Sookie Stackhouse [true blood], Hannibal [books/movies]. Now I am not an expert in all of these fandoms, but I do know a bit of each one. Some I do know much better than others; merely ask to know which ones are which. When it comes to Hannibal, I do not know the TV show so please do not ask to do a role-play in regards to it.

    Occult/Fantasy/Supernatural : This is another genre that I enjoy writing about and role-playing. If you go to my blog and look at my characters, you will see that nearly all of them are either non-human or have some sort of gift/ability/power that makes them different than a normal human. I am capable of role-playing as a human, but prefer to play a non-human.​
  2. Occult/Fantasy/Supernatural, Vampire Chronicles [anne rice], Sookie Stackhouse [true blood]

    If You wish to roleplay any of them I'd be up for any, though I have not gotten around to reading Sookie Stackhouse yet unfortunately, so my knowledge there is based of the tv-series.
    Also, if you wish for an example of my writing, I can send you one.
  3. Hey! I see you're back! We talked about a roleplay the last time you were here, but we never got around to it. If you're still interested (or interested in general if you don't remember) then I am, too. [:
  4. Nat : All of those are great subjects, granted I do not have any plots for them in mind. Was there anything you were wanting in those areas? And as for Sookie, I read the first six books a long time ago, but am almost up to date on the show. Only have two more episodes to go and then I am done with the series. So if you wanted to do something with that, we could have it based off of characters from the show instead of the books. Hardly remember the books anyways.

    Catalyst : Hello! I do not remember what we had talked of doing. If you remember, please remind me. If not, than perhaps we can come up with something. Did you have anything in mind? Or did anything above catch your fancy?
  5. Well, we could base it of for example the kind of vampires too instead? Then we wouldn't have to think about if the characters are correct or if we had gotten the same impression of them from the show. if you'd be up for that.
  6. I believe we were doing something of a master x slave nature, with your character being a demon and my character being a catching-eye slave of another demon. But! If that doesn't appeal to you anymore, I'm certainly open to plotting something else. [: Occult/Fantasy/Supernatural and Erotic interests me. The Supernatural fandom also interests me, but I wouldn't be able to play Sam as I'm not comfortable in playing Canon characters.
  7. Apologies for the late reply to your messages; yesterday had not been good at all...

    Nat : I am not sure I understand what you are suggesting. Are you saying you would not mind us just doing a role-play in that universe? And if so, which one were you talking about? True Blood or the Vampire Chronicles? Honestly, both are great to me.

    Catalyst : Oh yes! Now I remember what you are talking about. Unfortunately I have removed that character from my list and will no longer use him. Did you have anything in mind for the other areas you are interested in? And no worries about the SPN one. I understand that some people are uncomfortable with that sort of thing.
  8. No worries about the late reply!

    As for your character, awe, well it's understandable. [: If you ever decide to use him again, feel free to hit me up [; hehe

    If you haven't gone over my roleplay resume already, here are some things that have been floating around in my head:

    A relationship where both people do not know how to properly show their care/affections. Love Pet Shop. Interracial couple in either modern time or 1960s era. Tribal people that happened to evade modern civilization meets modern civilians (tribal person x civilized person). Geisha x modern rock/punk/rebel dude. Demon/dragon guy x demon/human. Burly/ruggedly handsome biker x Coyote Ugly dancer (or something similar). Ex-junkie x person (could be junkie, ex-junkie, savior, etc.). Boy cross dresser x boy. Homeless person x person who takes them in. Android x human. Single father x anyone. Big burly, tough dude x cutesy(optional) dude or girl who burly dude has a total soft spot for. One night stand turns into something more. Oracle priestess x whomever. Nerdy/Unpopular boy/girl x popular dude. Rapist x victim's older brother. Autistic boy/girl x boy/girl.

    Now I know that is a lot hahah. But if any look appealing, let me know! And we can always add things, take away, or twist things up. [:
  9. Hmm...that is quite the list you have. Perhaps we could do something with the "big burly tough guy x cutesy dude" idea, and add in the "one night stand turns into something more" bit. Perhaps have them as friends, though no one would have ever thought the would be, and some how they end up sleeping together; drunken night at the bar and the bigger guy is helping the smaller one home?

    Go on ahead and send me a message to my inbox and we can work out the finer details. :]
  10. I have a role play idea I'd like yo do. Prefer Yuri (female x female) that is a Teacher x student, Mistress x slave
  11. ShadowfireRynn : Thank you for the interest, but I do not role-play females with other females. I am sorry.
  12. Still looking for role-play partners.