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  1. Hellooooo! How do you do? I'm well, thank you.

    Now that we're acquainted, I guess I'll just jump right into it!

    I should tell you right now that I'm having a lot of issues with my Internet, and probably will for another month or so. I won't always be able to log on and reply as frequently as I'd like. However, I won't have any problems replying if the roleplay were to take place via email - just something to keep in mind. [=

    Rules? ( i like to think of them as guidelines - i'm not particularly anal about them )
    • I would appreciate at least a paragraph per reply? I'd say I write 3 paragraphs on average, more if the story has momentum, and it's fine if you don't write that much, but a small bit of effort can keep the roleplay from dwindling into the abyss of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens.
    • Speaking of effort, it would be great if we could be two working to push the story forward.
    • I'd click away if you're interested in a partner who'll reply instantly. I like to sit on my partner's post for a bit before I attack my reply. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes a day or two.
    • I like to discuss kinks and whatnot through PM (: Though the tags might give you a general idea.
    • I have no preferences as to which gender I play in a MxF pairing, but I tend to prefer being the bottom when it comes to gay pairings (mxm or fxf). I don't mind playing a submissive bottom, but more often than not they turn into power bottoms xD I don't mind switching either! Though my characters' personality don't necessarily reflect their position in the bedroom ( or wherever ;p ).
    pairings - preferred - however totally up for discussion - role in italic
    if interested, let me know which pairing you'd like and the gender you'd like to play (:
    • Customer x Bartender ( maybe customer frequents the bar for whatever reason (rough relationship, getaway, looking for hookups etc.) and s/he and the bartender form a friendship. maybe a fwb thing? )
    • Customer x Stripper
    • Superhero x Villain
    • Superhero x Sidekick
    • Villain x Villain
    • Royal x Assassin ( i'll play either )
    • Young newlyweds ( if fxf or mxf - pregnancy? if mxm - adoption? terminal illness? lots and lots of fluff? i think yes :D :D :D )
    • Angel x Demon ( i'd prefer a fxf or mxm for this, not gonna lie )
    • I
    fandoms - preferred - however totally up for discussion - role in italic
    -- also i'm very pro-au but don't mind keeping the characters in their rightful universe either

    • Castiel x Dean Winchester ( i'm not going to lie, i've been dying to explore a bottom!dean/top!cas roleplay. just nghdlfjasdf. somebody give me this please. )
    • Sam Winchester x Dean Winchester ( meep. guilty pleasure. >///< )
    • Lucifer x Sam Winchester
    • Sam Winchester x Gabriel
    • Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore ( i actually have a vague plot for this if anyone's interested )
    • Sherlock Holmes x John Watson
    • Jim Moriarty x John Watson ( ...probably lots of kinky sex )
    • Edward Kenway x Mary Read
    • Mary Read x Bonny Art
    • Ezio Auditore x Leonardo Da Vinci
    I've also had the craving for a zombie apocalypse type roleplay! Smut can be involved, but I just want lots of blood and gore for the most part. :P

    I don't have any concrete ideas, but I haven't properly roleplayed in a long while, and so I'm hoping to get back into the gist of things soon. (: If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to PM me or leave a comment! Though I'm not particularly keen on Scifi and Steampunk.
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  2. Castiel x Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester x Dean Winchester <3 (I am not good at playing Castiel though T-T So I would probably prefer to play Dean)
  3. ~ u p d a t e d ~
  4. I'm into playing a submisive bottom im a MxM furry roleplay. I also like the

    DemonxAngle ideas
    (I wanna be, one sluty fallen angle)
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