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  1. On the 13th -ALL- roleplay threads will be moved to their appropriate areas.

    HOWEVER, if you want your threads moved RIGHT NOW you can post the links to your RP threads and tell us which section those threads belong in then.

    Then you can resume playing without worries or fears!

    Post your move requests and the nearest mod will move it ASAP.
  2. How come I can't even make a thread?
  3. You can now only start your new threads in the appropriate age forum. That way everyone is already getting used to posting in the right spot and we don't have to move even MORE threads on the 13th.

    So when you're starting your roleplay or posting a new request thread, put it in your section!

    (If you haven't already requested your permissions for the new section, do so! Come the 13th, you're gonna have to do it anyway.)
  4. It still won't let me post it.
  5. You haven't requested the permissions yet that will allow you to post!

    click here to request the permissions and someone will have it validated in just a few minutes!
  6. You're now good to go. 8D
  7. What about people that are over 18? Would they be able to join the group too? One of the people in my RP is saying that she can't join it because she's 27.
  8. ...I think you need to read the announcement a little more thoroughly if you haven't already. o__o

    We're separating teens and adults in the mature area, because adults can get in a LOT of trouble for doing naughty roleplays with teenagers.

    So no, she will not be able to join your roleplay!
  9. I didn't read it. I was only told about it.

    But that's stupid.
  10. It's not stupid. It's safer for everyone involved. The point is that adults can only smut with adults, and teens can only smut with teens. That way there are no legal repercussions for the adults and no danger of predators for the teens.

    But this thread is really NOT the place to discuss this, so any further questions should be taken elsewhere.
  11. Whatever.
  12. Leviathandances, you should let your partners know that they need to join the correct permissions group or they will not be able to access the threads!
  13. Blarg, I thought they already had...On it Captain! *salutes*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.