Request For Slave/Master (DISCLAIMER: Never did one before)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kaiser, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Ok, so my mind is just racing through ideas for role plays...a little too fast. I am a male, let's get this off first. I am a male who REALLY likes to play male parts.

    I have probably already sifted through enough people. Let me continue. I have never done a slave master role play. The idea intrigues me. I would love to start on up with someone. I can play either dominant or submissive male. That part doesn't really matter. A female counterpart is what matters. So if you are female and need a slave and/or master and don't care about experience please PM me and we can work a plot out!

    Think of it this way, you'd be taking my slave plot v-card :)
  2. Hey~ I never tried roleplaying a submissive character, are you interested in roleplaying with me? :)
  3. Hey! I am interested! I noticed you can't PM yet but that's alright! We can start here then work our way to PMs to plot and discuss things! :)
  4. D: Oh, that's the reason why I wasn't able to find the PM! Haha! XD What plot do you have in mind by the way? I have several ideas though I don't think it'll fit that much on the initial idea that you have.
  5. Well if your ideas involve me playing anything other than a male, or male on male, probably not lol but I am just kind of plotting as I go with whoever I roleplay with! :)
  6. Ahaha, It's good that I don't like Slash pairings then, and... I can finally PM! Yay! :D
  7. If you are looking for another I am interested.