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  1. Looking for anything atm

    Just trying to get something going tonight, ill start or you can. Pre-made plot, no plot, half thought up idea you rejected ten times but still cant get it out of your head?

    GREAT! Lets hash it out / give it a test run and see if it has potential or it really was as horrible an idea as you thought in the first place. Lets just DO IT.
  2. Hello there I'm willing to do an Rp with you I have a few ideas I might want to do.
  3. Okay shoot, I'm all ears, unless you want to discuss this over pm.

    Also I'm more of a 2 paragraph min. kind of gal, is that okay for you?
  4. Perfect I'll send you a pm now, and that's great for me that you write two paragraphs I usually want to write that much or more.
  5. Okay good, I like longer posts as well so we're off to a good start already
  6. Usually I adapt to how people RP so it sometimes screws me over when that happens but it really depends on what people give me to write off of.
  7. Hey yall I'm still looking for a partner .....
    Going to be up for a few more hours due to the dang insomnia plaguing me again tonight.

    Pm me for a faster response
  8. were we roleplaying together, I can't remember?
  9. I don't think so, but are you interested in starting one?
  10. Arrogantly invades the thread after searching for it for a while

    Finally I found the thread you had spoken of! I was wondering if you wanted to try and work out something with me, considering I'm also looking for partners, what do you think? I've posted up some random details in the 'Information' section and the Resume, if you're interested to sneak peek into it.

    Let me know, and hopefully your response will be a positive one


  11. So you've been searching for me far and wide I see?
    Well I'm glad your adventure has lead you in the right direction.

    I'm currently working off my phone so not all features are available atm.

    Why don't you just tell me your three favorite genres to RP or if your craving a certain plot you have in mind.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.