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  1. Thank you to everyone who replied, at the moment I have the RP filled and once I've started the RP I will take the banner out of rotation.

    Hi everyone! My name is HelloBeautifulChild and I am looking for someone to fill the demon (male) spot in this role play. I am open to discussion on the plot, what (if any) kinks, etc. I have included the character I would play. I am hoping to have a very fast paced role play schedule, and prefer PM (though that is not required).

    Please message me if you're interested!

    Potential Plot: As a part of their final training young angels/demons must immerse themselves in the human world for X years. In this time they will have no connection to their supernatural counterparts, and will appear to the world (even each other) as humans. Our characters are just starting this, they are 18-22-ish with nice jobs and no worries of usual things. They are however aware of the fact that if they don't meet certain requirements they will be cast away and stripped of their powers, forever cursed.

    Angel Requirements:
    • Preform 7 miracles
    • Not fall to the temptations of humanity and Satan
    • Save as many souls as possible, this will determine rank upon an angel's return
    Demon Requirements:
    • Cause 6 catastrophes
    • Maintain separation between humanity and demon kind - humans are scum, dogs, etc.
    • Drag as many souls as possible down with him/her back to hell, this will determine their rank.

    Character Sheet (My Character):

    Name: Elizabeth Harrison
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Angel/Demon: Angel
    Human Powers: Empathic abilities, healing capabilities, knowledge of all things related to the Lord, enhanced strength and personal healing, resistance(not awareness) of demon spells/powers/etc., and the ability to tell when someone lies.
    Biography/ Current Situation (ie: Job, school, etc.): Elizabeth has always been agreeable and serving to the Lord. She lived her angelic childhood learning and respecting the ways of the Lord, and worships Him entirely. She is on earth now and eager to prove her servitude to Him by performing the 7 miracles required to be a full fledged angel, and she can only hope that He will give her the strength to do even more. On earth she is very active in her local church, Church of the One and Only Lord (called COOL for short), and is currently working as a pre-k teacher Monday - Friday until 3:30P. She has no need for money and lives in a nice apartment right by her church and where she works, and lives alone with her white rabbit named Gabriel, which means God is my strength.

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  2. I would be really interested in doing this rp :)
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  3. Awesome, @Andy, just message me! :bananaman:
  4. This looks mighty interesting, indeed interesting. Think I might give it a shot if it isn't filled or you are willing to do two of this RP idea.
  5. Sounds good! (I will probably change the character a little in the RP with you, makes it more interesting and less likely for me to confuse the two.) Just PM me!
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