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  1. ~20XX~


    With the turn of the 21st Century technology has leaped to once unimaginable levels. Cars that hovered and ran on nothing but salt water, computer systems that once took up entire rooms were now small enough to hold on a fingertip and operate through sunglasses and voice activation, and countless other things. However the one that has truly marveled the public eye as of late has been the creation of 'reploids'. Humanoid robots capable of free thought, superhuman capabilities, and with proper work can easily appear human.

    Their creation came at the hands of Dr. Nicholas Light with some help from his assistant Dr. Thomas Wily. Though the general public mistrusted the creations eventually they began to become a normal part of society. As they were usually kept under control by their various creators and used in a variety of everyday tasks. The people became welcoming, and the reploids were able to slowly integrate into normal society.

    However Wily grew impatient, angry with having to merely be second fiddle to Dr. Light. In his frustration he began to take reploids hostage, rewire and turn them into much more hostile robots. These along with reploids of his own creation brainwashed and turned into mindless monsters quickly have become a public menace. Dubbed 'mavericks' these renegade reploids proved difficult for any kind of police force to truly stop. Dr. Light promptly sent out the call. For any and all reploids and their creators to stand up and stop their troubling menaces. Helping convert his own reploid into a weapon to help fight, codenamed Mega Man.
    However as all this happened, Wily has also quietly been putting the finishing touches on his perfect weapon, its codename... Zero.

    ~ The general idea ~

    The RP essentially straddles the line between the original Mega Man story and the Mega Man X storyline. With some changes along the way. Zero will be evil to start with, but the idea with him will be to eventually become a Vegeta type character who sees the errors in his ways and changes for the better good.

    Since just Mega Man running around and beating people up would be boring. Not only can Roll be given some weapon and armoring (that isn't household items... stupid Ruby Spears cartoon...) Robot masters from the classic series can be made into good guys. If you want to be a bad guy like Bass, you certainly can but it will be good if you go over your idea with me first so we're all on the same page with baddies. Also I'm going to be leaving Mega Man open, whoever wants him can have him if they produce something good enough.

    If you want to look up robot masters, get any ideas, this should help:

    ~ Reploids/Mavericks taken ~

    Drewvonawesome: Bubble Man/Zero (Profile sheets coming soon)

    ~ Profile Sheet ~

    Human name: (Name they use outside of their combat mode and assume a human identity)
    Age: (Keep in mind reploids haven't been around very long, 5-6 years tops. They will take on appearances more akin to 21 upwards though)
    Human appearance: (Picture or description, either or)
    Reploid/Maverick apperance: (Same with human appearance)
    Creator: (Light or Wily, though if they're not really connected to either one you can make up someone)
    Personality: (Self descriptive, but refrain from like 12 paragraphs on the subject)
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  2. Good news: You can be Mega Man!

    Bad news: Mega Man has to fight this guy... the walking murder machine, ZERO

    Alias: Zero
    Human name: eventually Hiro Sazuki
    Age: 1 month old
    Human appearance: [​IMG]
    Reploid/Maverick apperance: [​IMG]
    Creator: Dr. Wily
    Personality: Cold hearted at first Zero only cares about the ends of the means. When given a goal or mission may God help anyone or anything who gets in the way of it. Though through it all Zero still believes in respect and honor having been imparted in samurai tradition. Even when his Mega Man's sworn enemy he still respects who he sees as a strong opponent. When Zero changes sides he has trouble at first, not used to always fighting, not used too normality in any kind of way, not even used to not being in his combat gear. However as he begins to save lives and make things better he sees the errors in his ways. Showing regret for his old self and hoping that he can change himself for the better.
    Abilities/Weapons: A neon green pulsing energy samurai styled sword capable of slicing clean through most material and energy sources. A staff which can extended out a bladed end, with the same properties of the sword. A pulse blaster which takes a lot of its cues from Mega Man's mega blaster. Along with many meta-human level enhancements also has a wealth of knowledge in combat and fighting including perfect word for word knowledge of Sun Tzu's Art of War.
    Background: N/A
  3. Bumping since I've got two people joining from outside iwaku. Plus if no one wants Mega Man I don't mind taking him myself.