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  1. I have a Trans Am and I absolutely love(d) it.

    However recently I've been having so many problems with it that I'm just about to say "fuck it" and trade it + Cash for a new car.

    Any suggestions?
    I really like Pontiac Grand Prix (GTPs especially) and the Chevy Monte Carlo. I wouldn't mind like a mustang, but everyone has a mustang it seems. I looked into a mitsubishi 3000GT but it looks kinda wonky.

    I'm a girl that likes to have decent horsepower in the 210-350 kinda range. I like to drag race for some quick cash because I'm too lazy to get a job.

    Preferably the car types should average bellow 10k if you all can think of any others.

    So far:
    •Monte Carlo
    •Grand Prix
    •GTO (if you can find one)
  2. A 92-94 mr2. Turbo. For under $60 you can fool around with the turbo, and get close to 280 hp. from the stock 220.

    They are four bangers, but are super fun to drive n.n
  3. Grand Prix are good. They're study cars! My parents had one for years. I'm not a racer but I know they drive pretty good.
  4. I'm big into Toyotas. Then again I drive like a grandma, and go for reliablility over performance.
  5. Supra, mr2, sc 400 (Lexus) IS 300 (Lexus), The camrys are used for racing, and celica.

    Sc 400s comes in a super charged version, and the IS 300 has the old supra engine that supports upwards of 1500 hp.

    The older 80's Supra have a swap kit for a 350 small block too.
  6. These cars except the camry. Can be resold to teens at higher prices. Whom slam them to the ground, and run the dog piss out of them. *cries at the thought*
  7. Toyota Supra 2JZ... the engine is upgradable to 1100 HP and the car has plenty of pieces that are really cheap. The car itself has been favorized in the tuner and racing scene for quite some time now, but buying the car itself is not cheap. There are plenty of models out there be sure to look a lot because there are tuned ones for cheap money and broke ones for lot of money. I can add something more to it in the future but I will do it later on as I don't have time right now. Feel free to ask me anything about cars and I will try to answer you to my best knowledge. Also I am a gear head so I like to know about cars. Cheers.
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  8. A camry...for racing?
    I mean they have decent horsepower but the Camry SE's aren't bad with a 0-60 in the 6.0 second range.
    My Trans Am takes 6.6-6.7 seconds to go from 0-60. I mean these are backwoods farm kids and they don't usually do much to their cars- though I like the idea of a turbocharge being added in. I think it's like a 40-70% horsepower increase with one.
  9. The camry v6 is strong enough to support it, however you do not see it much. @Nova is right about the 2jz. I may be wrong on max horse power, and would listen more to him about that.

    I would stay away from anything Mitsubishi. They are good cars for going fast, but everyone of them around me seems to break every other week.

    RX-7s, or RX-8s are fast too. The engines respond well to boost.
  10. Well, I am a teenager and I any or may not have flipped my fathers truck in an accident- so for the sake of insurance I have to avoid at least two of these things:

    • Two door car
    • V8
    • Lots of miles
    • Faulty build

    Haha. What I mainly try to avoid are massive V8s and a faulty build- I think if I turbocharge the V6 engines I can outperform most of these idiots so I can get mah money.
  11. Hmmm, Mitsubishi's braking down? That's the first I heard off... they are usually the most reliable cars, heck they won rally championships multiple times in a row. I think they are pretty fast cars but I am unsure of their engine capabilities I might go and check just so I would know. Anyway you cannot go wrong for muscle cars, and a car having more miles does not mean it's bad, I am unsure what you mean by faulty build, I haven't met one at least. All in all looking from this list I would say Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, any kind except for last gen, the stock engine block can perform up to 550 HP at the wheels and 655 HP at the flywheel but after that I think you will be worrying on your drive home. It would be safe to say that on a stock block you should go to max 450 HP. It's safe to say acquiring an engine block would be a really nice thing for this car. But speaking of which, why just not do a engine switch for your current car, it would be cheaper and it's performance could be even more than that of a new car. A racing block swap of the same engine or an upgrade, putting a turbocharger on a V6 can out preform a standard stock V8 but nothing more than that. An V8 engine block is holy for drag racing, turbocharged even and your not going to break a sweat at beating even the fanciest of cars.

    Just my 5 cents. :-P
  12. @N0VA™

    If I throw a V8 in a v6 won't I have to swap the transmission also?
  13. Just get the one with best gas mileage.

    You shouldn't ever go over 70MPH in a car, so why need all the power?
  14. Everything needs to be changed I presume. Engine Block, Driveshaft, Transmission, Bigger Brakes for more stopping power (safety reason), Maybe Suspension, Radiator. But don't take my word on it, there are cars out there that have mixed match parts so I don't know much about that. You can ask on car forums, or maybe wait a little bit for this thread to get attention and the mechanics will pop right in.

    Also @Windsong have you read what she/he asked for when they started the thread on the first post?
  15. Suuuure did. Seems a bit much to me. But eh, preferences.
  16. Here is what you would need to change for the v8. Engine, transmission, mounts, breaks, springs (to handle more weight), possibly the rear end might be the same, fuel pump, cooling system, and finaly tires.

    Great thing about this? Your car had an option to come with a factory v8. Look it up online for a salvage yard, and you can get most everything super cheap. I would however buy the fuel system, engine, and transmission new/remaned.
  17. I would say just but the salvaged title, but if it has been sitting awhile the frame could be weak, and cause a safety issue.
  18. My Trans Am destroyed the entire pinion nut, that's why I'm considering the trade.

    I can make up the gas money in one night if my car is high performance
  19. An engine is cheaper. There is a 5k mile break in period on remaned, and new engines. If nothing else was wrong I would just swap the engines.

    At the same time Unless you know what you are doing please don't do what I did. Bought the new engine, and while putting the transmission on it. The back of the trans shot off like a rocket. The strange thing was it went together fine, and held long enough for me to walk away.
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