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  1. You ever found a good song that you would have on repeat for hours???

    Yesterday I was listening to This all throughout the school day.

    Then my spanish teacher had some song on, and now I can't stop listening to This]
  2. All the time.

    It was this....

    Especially when I would write.
  3. Maybe not repeat for hours but I used to listen to this song all the time.
  4. This is the theme song from Narcos. It's "Tuyo" by Rodrigo Armarante. They have it on Google play music, and I kid you not, I've played it at least 100 times. Mostly because I'll listen to it 10-15 times straight at a time.

    If you haven't watched Narcos yet, do so now.
  5. Any song from the Akira Soundtrack, but mainly this:

    There's just something about it...
  6. I try not to listen to too many songs all the time, lest they start driving me nuts, but there's definitely a couple that I can pretty much listen to endlessly.

    Here be a few (open)

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  8. I do this all the time when I find songs I like a lot, and I rarely actually burn myself out on such songs. Usually I listen to it obsessively for a day or three, then it gets added to various playlists and I listen to those list a normal person.

    This is the last song I did it with. Oh, and this song is one that I've done the obsessive listening thing with many times over, the first time being like a week of listening to it and nothing else. I have a problem.
  9. I mainly hear anime songs and jpop, so there are times where I got addicted to Guren no Yumiya and heard it for an hour and there's my recent favorites, Kiseki by Greeeen.
  10. Since I like Volbeat, and I always get stuck on one of their songs, it is currently Lola Montez. It was Still Counting, but it has now changed.
  11. I usually find a couple every year. Here's one such song.

  12. I just finished Narcos last night. They did a really good job with Escobar's character, I honestly liked him at first. As far as music goes, I'm pretty much in the same boat as @Jorick

    I just threw together a playlist of songs i've done this with:

    Youtube Music - YouTube
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