Repairing The Rifts! (Best Friends/"Shy Male" x "Bad Female")

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  1. Someone gave me inspiration for this idea based on an RP we had together about a year ago, and I thought it'd be fantastic to try and kick it off again. I don't know how the 18 and over section works here, so someone will need to explain it to me so I do not fuck things up.

    At the very core, this focuses around best friends who have known eachother since they were about 8 or 9, and grew up as next-door neighbours. At about 16, they end up apart due to a awful prank pulled by a classmate, which ends up in the door in a feud, which seems like it'll never end up healing. They refuse to even acknowledge and look at one another, and it seems as if they will just forget that the other ever existed.

    Two years pass, and they both turn 18. During the two years, they've ended up apart from each other, the two have changed. (M/C) has become a much more shy and timid guy, retreating into his own shell like a tortoise in times of danger, whereas (Y/C) became more of a "bad girl" type. Smoking, drinking, sex, etc. Even going as far as selling her body for booze money, fighting with an addiction to the alcohol.

    One night, someone sends her to (M/C)'s new home, having already "paid her for sex". When (M/C) answers the door, the two realize what is going on.

    Yet, James lets her in... They don't have sex, but instead end up having a heart to heart, and realising how much they miss and need one another. (M/C) swears he'll help her through her addiction, and puts all his heart and love he once had, and really, always had, for his best friend into helping her make it through.

    As for how Y/C supports mine? Well, I guess it could be based around getting him out of his shell, or helping him with his reading and writing, as he has always struggled with this his entire life.
  2. I'm interested. :)
  3. Okay, so do I message you then? I'm not sure how 18 plus RPs work here, as I said. :P
  4. I'll send you a message.
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