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~laughs softly~ Win for the cheesy title?

Anyway, I know its probably not likely most remember who I am; its been ages since I've actively been a part of Iwaku. I forget when exactly it was that I joined, back when GZ was running it and Anne was around (she was the one to lure me there). I originally vanished due to real life craziness that comes with graduating high school; tried coming back once before but it was just not an ideal time with adjusting to my new college workload (had just transferred schools). Decided to give it another go and hope it goes better because I do miss the insanity that Iwaku usually houses and I have some amazing memories with Iwaku. I don't think I would be where I am today if I hadn't been a part of the forum.

As for what I've been up...well I'm an Illustrator now, still going for my BFA but working at the same time. I've moved around a lot but settled down in Texas, Dallas in fact, and have a wonderful group of friends. I'm engaged, though the wedding is years out (want to finish school first, him journalism and me at least my BFA). ~worries lower lip and thinks~

I guess that's all the major points. I'm happy, healthy, I read a ton, write daily (aim for at least 3k up), I sketch, paint and dance.

Now I'll stop rambling and go explore the forums more...


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*waves excitedly through the window*

*holds up a picture of Dreamer's Mythos character horribly murdered by the Crimson Eye*

*falls off the scaffold*

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Welcome back after all this time. I've missed you quite a bit since you've gone. I hope we get a chance to catch up on all the particulars.

No, I'm kidding. I don't know you. Welcome back, anyway.


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Yep. Remembered you as soon as I saw the Screen Name. Welcome back.

Angelic Dreamer

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~laughs~ I got murdered huh Amso? Cheerful news to come back to :)

Thanks for the welcome guys.


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Is it just me? Or are a few of the 'new' members just old members returnin?

Anywho welcome back! Glad you coud find the new si- *Is crushed under the falling ex-admin*

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Heyo! Welcome back. Glad to have ya around and always good to hear old members are on the up and up as far as life goes.