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Where is your character(s) going to be from?

  1. Aurios

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  2. Argent

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  3. Leonias

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  4. Phoenicis

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  5. Fulmion

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  1. It was all different, back then... but now the end times have come... blood spills blood and Pokemon, once our allies and protectors, have become corrupted by some invisible force. What are we but tasty morsels in the shadows of demons?

    Atlas-- once a beautiful region that relished in years of peace --is now engulfed in war. The five quarreling nations that make up the continent have been locked in battle for decades upon decades. Betrayal and corruption is a common occurrence within each country's borders. There is no escape from the doubt and worry that plague the land.

    Yet the people of the five nations of Atlas--

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    Aurios, the Land of the Crystalline Snows,

    Argent, the Land of the Silver Tides,

    Leonias, the Land of the Roaring Valleys,

    Phoenicis, the Land of the Azure Skies,

    and Fulmion, the Land of the Everlasting Fields,

    --do not pity each other. They continue to blame each other for their follies, adding fuel to the already blazing fire. They fight in the name of their gods, deeming each other heretics that must be converted. There is no end to the violence and mayhem in sight...

    And yet it only gets worse. Something evil stirs in the shadows, making wild herds and packs of Pokemon run rampant through the land. Cases of once peaceful creatures trampling village people in stampedes are common. Disappearances of children from cribs and beds even more so. No one really knows what is causing the Pokemon to go on killing sprees that involves both their own kind and humans... but all five nations of Atlas are blaming one another.

    The emperor of Phoenicis has decided it is high time for the countries to finally work together and see what is causing such mayhem. He has sent messengers all over Atlas, telling them to spread word of a campaign he is holding within his very nation's capital. The campaign is asking for volunteers-- mostly soldiers --of each country to gather together and search for the cause of the needless violence to bring an end to it once and for all. They will set out on a journey throughout the whole land, braving thirst, hunger, disease, death... amongst other things.

    They might not return.


    Hello, it's Ambra here, coming back once again to the wonderful website of Iwaku! After taking a long hiatus from this place, I've decided to return once again with one of my original ideas-- my beloved medieval Pokemon RP. Once called Resurgence, the roleplay died off before it could get very far, and much like its name, many people tried to revive it. But I come back to run it once again, and try to get it to its fullest!

    Some notes before we start:

    - If you have been part of this roleplay before, I will not allow you to create the same characters as before. Let's do something new.

    - This will be borderline libertine; we can get hot and heavy with the romance and violence, but anything excessive and I'll tell you to take it to PMs or stop doing it completely. Thus, this RP is 18+.

    - There may be a clone of this that's still breathing somewhat... hopefully this will do better and we can get the ball rolling once and for all.

    - You can make your own sideplots!

    - Please, for the love of all that is holy-- if you plan on joining this, please do not leave or drop out in the middle of it. We need dedicated players.

  2. Definitely interested! Count me in. :)
  3. This sounds pretty kewl. I'll bite. So, you're the original founder of Resurgence then... That name does come around pretty often here. Mainly involving @Crow :D Either that, or I've just begun associating every pokemon RP with him.

    It sounds like you started this before and it died. There's probably a reason for that, so it might help the longevity of this attempt if you were to PM the members of the old one to see if you can find out why it died (assuming you can remember who they are, anyway). Ask the ones who stayed why they stayed; ask the ones who left why they left, then try to improve on those if it's anything to do with you.

    Now, I'm not actually 18+ yet but it's only a few months off and it's taking all the smutty stuff to PM so I'm pretty sure it'll be OK. I refuse to involve myself with sex scenes actually, so there's no chance of getting done for RPing such with a minor.
  4. Ah yes, the Roleplay I failed to revive from the depths of hell like...

    One... two... alright three times.

    There is no clone of it breathing somewhat. They're all extinct.

    So, we're officially retconning Celebiland? Goodbye Celebiland. I loved you.
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