INTEREST CHECK Renaissance Roleplay Idea.

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Should it be a school setting or a mentor and student roleplay

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  1. [ALIGN=Center]So I have a character and her name is Seraphine, she is half-angel, half-demon. Her father was a high ranking angel who was in charge of a group of angels that decided which people got guardians and which didn't. Her mother was a high ranking demon who had siren-based powers of influence as well as abilities that involved wielding fire. She was born in late 1740's like 1748, and she was raised by a wealthy family because her mother was not allowed to take her to hell with her. She found out about who her parents were when she turned 16 and accidentally killed the family she lived with, because of her powers which are extremely unstable.[/ALIGN]
    Now that she has stopped aging, I was thinking about doing a roleplay about her managing to control her powers. If it's a group role play I was thinking she could be contacted and sent to a school for the paranormal, or a school where angels and devils co-exist, or my other idea if it's a onexone is she finds a mentor or something of the sorts, that was close to her mother or father depending on how it's going to go.

    (This will be my first forum RP so I want it to be good. Also letting people know so they can help me learn a bit more)

    Once we decide whether it will be group or onexone I will put up the character sheets.
    Just depends on if anyone is actually interested or not.
  2. This intrigues me. Must think!
  3. I've always been a fan of stories about paranormal schools, and I have decided for sure it will be a group role play. I'll make up some character sheets so we can get started sometime soon.
  4. Character Name :
    Age :
    Race and Power :
    Appearance :
    Background/Reason for coming to the school:

    Character name I’ll be really lenient about whatever you guys feel you want is good for me get creative though, I don’t really want any plain names since it is a supernatural setting.

    can be anywhere from 10 to 20; We’ll say that is the general puberty age grouping for most of the races. IF you want to be a professor at the school we can talk about it cause I think it would be an interesting idea as well. Or if someone wants to be a parent of another student or a relative of a student. Couples are allowed as well.

    Race and Power
    ; I am allowing any race of supernatural as long as you can have some sort of power or a group of powers that are out of control then it is fine with me.

    Appearance speaks for itself. I would like to stick with a renaissance Italian theme for dress but we don’t have to if people would prefer it to be a modern thing am open to more ideas.

    is important because it will be the main problem that your character is trying to overcome, and will affect how your character is known as well. If you want to keep it vague and elaborate in the actual roleplay that works as well.

    I would really like anywhere from 5-10 people for this group…is that too many or not enough in everyones opinion? I don’t want it to get too cluttered but at the same time, it is a school so there should be a wide variety

    I also would like if you join that you are active for the most part, at least once a day would be wonderful even though I know it is going to be hard for those of us with a busy schedule.

    I also might want someone else to help me run this since it is my first time actually group role-playing.