Remove Libertine/Liberteen Threads from the IC Section

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  1. Alright, so with the new forum model, all of the IC junk throughout the site has been mashed together into one huge blob.

    I did not feel comfortable having Liberteen threads also appearing on my screen while I'm looking through the roleplay clusterfudge to find one of my roleplays while I'm trying to track down something. Or perhaps bring back the watched threads button on the mobile version. Because this is a bit too much.

    While the thread creation process has gotten easier (for some) with the new update, it seems that organization has gone to the dogs. Perhaps you guys could at least separate the smexy fun time threads from the ordinary threads, it would be highly appreciated.
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  2. Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly with this. Even with quicklinks I miss how organized the forums used to be :c It's so much harder to navigate unless you know exactly what it is you want to find or have a link floating around somewhere. Not to mention it's just so weird seeing raunchy threads mixed up with the rest of the community roleplays.
  3. Hm, Libertine and Liberteen threads are supposed to be sequestered in their own subforums inside the general In Character threads area. If they are appearing out in the general pool of all IC threads then that is indeed a problem. Use the Thread Moderation Request form or report the roleplay to let us know about any that aren't in the right place so we can make sure they get there.

    Oh, also, could you explain exactly where you're seeing them pooled together? I just did a quick check and couldn't find any Libertine roleplays in non-Libertine areas.
  4. If you look at this list over all the OOC threads, then yes, you can see the libertine/teen roleplays, but you would still not be able to enter a roleplay that lies in a section which you don't have the privilege to go into. All the threads have a text that says which category they belong to, thus you can just make sure not to click on any that says libertine/teen if you don't want to look at those, or you could choose a category from the beginning such as Fantasy to make sure you only get that genre and then move from category to category. That way you can skip all categories you don't like. If you look at the master list of all OOCs then you will get all OOCs.

    If you on the other hand goes to the master list for INFO GROUP (which has all the OOC threads + IC threads) all the libertine and teen threads will be in their own sub categories. Note though that you cannot see in which categories these roleplays lies. All you will know is that they aren't in the libertine/teen area and what their names are.

    The IC master list is exactly the same, it only has the non-libertine/teen content, and then the libertine/teen has their own areas. Once again, you cannot know which category they belong to.
  5. Meanwhile it is currently on my wishlist to have a setting where people can ignore certain categories. It's not available anywhere yet, but it IS something we're looking for. D:
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