Removal of Watched Threads Folders and a Reintroduction to Bookmarks!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jul 28, 2015.

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  1. Well this is embarrassing. I THINK we announced a few months back that we needed to remove the Watched Thread Folders, but then... we never did. And I am not entirely sure if we only announced that to staff or if we told the memberbase too. -coughcough- THUS HERE IS A RE-ANNOUNCEMENT ALONG WITH THE WHYS.

    We are having to remove the Watched Thread Folders because it is buggy and no longer supported!
    You can't delete a folder after you have created it. This is a pretty big problem for us organizers. And because it is no longer supported, every time we run forum updates things start to risk getting a little... weird.

    The MILLISECOND a new mod or forum update comes out that has a Non-buggy and fully supported feature for this it will be back. I need this. We all need this. @__@ We just can't keep something buggy and broken.

    And unlike the groups and blogs system where we are kinda of "stuck", we actually have a KINDA COOL ALTERNATIVE for the meantime.

    If you have never used the BOOKMARKS system to organize or keep track of threads - try it! It's great!
    It's not going to help you organize your subscribed threads (grumblegrumble), but it DOES help keep anything important you want to be able to find right there in a handy, organizable list.

    You can:
    - Filter your list by type and tags. (I use it to find my roleplay threads vs challenge threads and stuff like that. You could also mark which threads you Watched or get alerts on for easy finding.)

    - Make quick-links in your navigation bar. (Totally awesome for jumping right to your current active roleplays!)

    - Have a public display of roleplays you are in, request threads, or whatever! (The public ones show up on your profile under the Bookmarks tab!)

    - You can even bookmark specific posts IN a thread if say... one post was super awesome and helpful, and you wanna be able to find it again.

    We are OFFICIALLY going to remove it in about a WEEK to give peeps a chance to like... create Bookmarks or something if they need to! And this time I have a post it note so I won't forget. >>;;
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  2. I dun remember you ever announcing it to any us I: Diana u liar D:

    I'm gonna miss the folders T-T It was nice to have to separate challenges and roleplays. Oh well, I think I'll survive. Hopes an update comes soon. ^^
  3. I'm gonna miss folders too. I had a little folder for all my roleplays and whenever a new post was made in each one it would show a little black dot next to the thread so I would know, and when I would click on the link it would bring me right to the newest post I missed. Bookmarks won't show that little dot, I believe, and they don't bring you to the latest post you missed, just the one you bookmarked last.

    But like redblood said, I can probably survive. I'll just miss it. lol. Thanks for letting us know ahead of time!
  4. So, just to make absolutely sure, this change won't un-watch any threads I've watched, will it?

    I didn't even know there was a folders system or a bookmarks system so I'm not entirely sure what this changes.
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  5. Well...


    This will screw things up for me.
  6. It changes nothing for you. You get to be part of the group that sits back with a nice cold drink and watches other people running around freaking out about a change that's TOTALLY GOING TO RUIN IWAKU!!!!!

    Enjoy it. It's fun.
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  7. Yay for obliviousness, I suppose. xD
  8. I'm with Insomnant with this. Imma just be like wut?

    Unless you are talking about watched threats, which then all I have to say is sad face.
  9. I personally love the bookmarks ^^ I always bookmark the last thread reply my partner makes so I know what I need to reply to, but I'm going to miss my folders ;~;
  10. It won't remove any of your watched threads or alerts, no! Just the folders. T___T
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  11. How about PM folders o_o would love them, could sort stuff properly with theeese D:
  12. I would love this too. O__O So that would be a thing if something like that ever came out.

    In the meantime, the conversation prefixes are kind useful for this too! Cause you can click the prefix and it will only show those conversations
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  13. the only problem with this is that I cant seem to apply them onto PMs that I have not opened, which limits the potential they could have in keeping everything sorted and in order :<
  14. Thanks for heads up.
  15. I didn't even know this was a thing :o
  16. So I'll get my alerts just fine?

    Ok, nothing changes for me then really.
    I'll go bookmark the RP's I'm in just in case though.

    RP's tend to miss the alerts time to time.
  17. Thank God to not using the features which are allocated to you but you're just unable to learn new things; I.E lazy

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Just like high school.[/BCOLOR]
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