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  1. (First of all, let's discuss this: This is a post-apocalyptic world in which the radiation has destroyed most of the population. Whatever survived is usually twisted and morphed, and the remaining humans have changed quite a lot. There can be anything from gov't experiments finally let loose because of the downfall of humanity, to humans that barely escaped the radiation, lucky enough to have been in a fallout shelter, or humans with any other oddities (i.e. anthromorphs, humans with an extra set of arms, mutations that give them "powers" ). A paragraph minimum is preferred, but I won't rip you a new one for doing any less. And because we are not in the folder for the sexy times, there will be no sexy times. No warning. Not even copping a feel, buddy.)

    Sunset looked out over the cliffs at the ocean, her knees drawn up to her chest. How long has it been since she's actually seen the ocean? She couldn't even be sure. Her long leather coat hung limply on her frame and draped on the grass around her. Her skirt spread itself out on the grass with the leather, but she'd kept the hem pulled up to her knees so it wouldn't expose too much. But why did she still do that? It's not like anyone was looking. Who was there to look anymore?

    (Check here for pictures of Sunset: )
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  2. (Hope you don't mind me jumping in like this! Can I presume there's a road and some ruined buildings under the cliff? If not, I'll change this paragraph.)

    Scott Maskimov was clutching his weapon tightly, constantly on the alert for anything that could be sold. Or more importantly, anything that might want to kill him. He wandered through the long-abandoned petrol station, taking in the interior. There was a gaping hole in the ceiling with some kind of moss growing around it. He looked onto one of the tables, seeing nothing but some kind of dead animal. His body armor was heavy on his torso, being covered up by a long trench coat and worn jeans. He had his gas mask with him, but not on his face. Walking out onto the street, he lifted his rucksack off and took out a protein bar, unwrapping the foil and examining the area surrounding him. A cliff face loomed on the other side of the street with vines growing up it. Suddenly, the decaying trash behind the petrol station made a noise. It was like something was rummaging through the clutter. With a sharp intake of breath, he lifted his rifle sights to his eyes and stepped around the corner. At first he could see nothing, but then a small grey figure jumped out of the trash. He let off a few shots in its direction, hitting it just before it reached him. Looking down at it, it looked like some kind of mutated rodent, with sharp teeth and a bulky frame. Letting out a deep breath and lowering his rifle, Scott lifted his hand to his head and wiped the sweat off the area near his thick dark brown hair.
  3. Sunset jumped at the sound of gunfire, sitting straight up. Perhaps it was time to run... but, gunshots meant... people! But, then again, they had guns. What if they got scared of her? She was a bit different since everything happened. Her red speckled markings were a sign of that.

    But despite the thoughts, she decided she wanted to go and introduce herself anyways. Maybe they'll like her. She got up and looked down at the buildings below. Too high a jump, even for her. She'd have to go down the cliffside or go around. Going around was the safest option, so she quickly tried to make her way down there before the person was gone. She gathered quite a bit of momentum running down the hill and nearly tripped, letting out a slight squeal as she caught herself. Ok, that's it, slow down...

    She slowed to a jog, making her way into the ruins. Perhaps they'd be nice...
  4. [​IMG]
    Soul looked up resting on a tree branch her weapon hoisted on her back. She had awoken a few weeks ago with the weapon and the power to control blue flames. Oh yeah she also woke up as a neko. From her tree she watched a girl trip and catch herself. ' thats the 2nd one today....' she thought to herself as she started to clumb down the giant tree.
  5. Zero, a tall girl with fiery red hair, walked quietly down the street. She was covered with bandages, one even wrapped around her left eye. She had all sort of strange tattoos going up her arms, across her shoulders, and down her spine wrapping around her waist. She let out a long, exaggerated sigh. Zero was a government experiment, having been used to test all sort of super human drugs on her, having her die constantly and come back to life to test the drugs. She had odd side effects. When she was angery, she mutated to a wolf-like beast. She hated thinking about it, but being in that building only gave her one thing she was thankful of. "Twelve! Where are you? I swear to god if you bring in another stray animal.." Zero called out .

    A small girl with blonde hair and white wings a little too big for her poking out her back back ran to Zero carrying a mutated kitten that had two heads and two tails. Zero found Twelve when the experiments were being let free. Zero, who felt pitty that Twelve was experimented on, took Twelve and cared for her since.
    "But Zero..! It's so cute! Can't we keep him? Please Zero, please!" The girl named Twelve pleaded. She held up the overgrown wiggly creature towards Zero, her eyes but and puppy-dog like. "I promise to take good care of him!" She added

    Zero frowned at the creature, obviously not finding the appeal Twelve had for it. But Zero sighed, she couldnt say no to such a face. Zero picked up the little girl, inspecting the weird kitten before sighing and nodding, moving Twelve on to her back. Twelve wrapped her arms around Zero for a piggy back ride while Zero carefully took the mutated kitten from Twelves hands and started walking, heading to the nearest market for food.
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  6. Scott looked up, hearing someone approach. He readied his weapon again, trying to find out where the steps were coming from. They sounded like human footsteps, not the fast, cautious steps of one of the strange beasts that dwell around here. He came back out to the front of the station, taking a deep breath. "Should've stayed in Russia." He mumbled to himself as he approached the figure coming towards him. It looked like a woman, quite young. Although maybe mutated, he thought to himself. He didn't let his guard down. Wondering whether to put his mask on as the woman approached...
  7. She stopped to look around, seeing one of the mutated rats scurry away. She walked slowly in, drawing her coat close. Now where did those gunshots come from?

    She looked over to see a man with a gun already aimed at her. She froze in her tracks, nervous. Should she just stand here like a target or find cover? That's a stupid question... cover! She nervously ducked behind a crumbling wall.
  8. Zero soon approached some ruined buildings. She shifted Twelves weight on her back to make her more comfortable. She walked to the nearest building, entering. She looked around, the building looked like an old shop of some kind. Lowering Twelve to the ground and handing her the kitten, Zero wanders through the almost barren shelves to find anything she could feed to Twelve.

    Twelve wraps the kitten up in her arms and looks around. "Can I play outside with Oli?" Twelve asked, having already named the cat. Zero sighs and nods, continuing her search. Twelve carried Oli outside, looking around. She could a stick that had a brown leave still attatched and set the kitten down, picking up the stick. She waves the stick near Oli so he say the leave. The kitten crowched down, it's two heads focused on the leave and it's dual tails swaying from side to side. Twelve smiles as the kittens little heads let out a meow as it pounced, it's two paws trying to catch the leaf but Twelve pulls up at the last minute to it stayed just out of the kitten reach. Twelve giggled as the kitten fell and scrambled back it's feet. She waves the leaf around as the kitten pounced again in attempt to grab the leaf but again she pulled away.
  9. Approaching the woman, she swiftly ducked behind cover before Scott could get a look at her. He kept his gun trained in where she was, unsure of whether she had a weapon. Well, he might as well try communication. "Hello there?" He said in his strong Russian accent. "I mean no harm. Well, unless you do. Come out from there, and drop any weapons you have." Scott continued before beckoning with his gun. It wasn't like she could see him though.
  10. Soul quickly jumped through the hole in the roof putting her weapon down and then sitting on the thin pole. " hey there." She smiled a bit waving on top of her weapon " you know I always thought russians were cool!" She stops and gets a serious look in her eyes her ears and tail twitching. "Id hate to use good ol betsy here."
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  11. Scott looked up at the girl who had jumped from the hole inside the station, turning from the place where the woman was hiding behind the barricade. It seemed there was more that one person here. Looking from where the woman was to where the strange, cat-girl was confusedly, Scott blurted out "What the hell? Where did you come from!?" Before aiming his gun at the girl who had jumped out from the hole, keeping one eye on where the other woman was.
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  12. Twelve smiled and stands, walking around and looking through the ruined buildings. Oli trails behind her, letting out noisy little meows of hunger. Twelve giggles at Oli and peeks inside a building. She found an old rust pipe, picking it up and looks around. She heard of Zero telling her stories about how kids use to play games with balls and sticks, trying to hit the balls. Of course, Twelve never plaid such games. She was raised in the lab all her life. Picking up a rock, she threw the rock up and swung the pipe, but missed and fell over. "Darn it..!"

    Zero began shuffling through old papers, throwing things aside. She found a small pocket knife, figuiring she could teach Twelve how to use it to defend herself. She shoved the knife in the waistband of her jeans and picked up an old oversized purple shirt. She began ripping the fabric that would have covered her stomach, which was already covered with bandages and set the shirt aside. She continued her search, finding a backpack and shoved whatever things she ans Twelve could use inside.
  13. "Dont go pointing guns it might burn up." She jumps down landing perfectly grabbing her weapon and putting it on her back. "Oh yeah I came from the roof." She points up while still staring at him. She put her hands in her short pockets wiggling her bare toes.
  14. Staring at the girl in a strange mixture of disbelief and confusion, Reikan lowered his gun slightly, examining the girl. With black hair and strange cat-like features, she seemed to be a mixture of feline and human. "Well, you sure are... Interesting." He quickly glanced over at the cover the other woman was behind, wondering if she was still there. Scott looked back over to the girl, observing her weapon and confident demeanour. "You seem confident. That could get you killed out here. Now what's your name?"
  15. "Killed wouldnt quite fit me sir see I cant die well I only have like 3 ways to die." She starts having a laughing fit "but that was real funny mister im soul and you are?" She sits down on the floor starting to go through a small sachel.
  16. "My name is not important now. What is important is that we are all still alive. Well, presuming that I'm not hallucinating you." Scott replied to Soul's question. He opened up his rucksack, taking out the gas mask he had with him and putting it on. Looking up into the sky at the dark grey clouds that were tinted green slightly. Fastening the seal on his mask, Scott looked at the girl with a warning look, saying "A storm is coming, radioactive most likely. I don't know about you, but I'm going to head to those buildings over there. They look safe, secure." Scott double checked his mask before setting out.
  17. Sunset stayed behind cover for a while, but heard a few others as well. Perhaps it was safe to emerge now? She slowly poked her head out from the corner of the wall. It'd been... well, she couldn't remember the last time she saw people. She was still wary of emerging after that scare, and stayed mostly hidden.

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  18. "Well im going back to my tree." Seemingly with superhuman agility she jumps up and pulls herself onto the roof sniffing the air. "Watch out for the grounders I think they're raiding tonight!" She then begins to run towards a radioactive forest nearby that has calmed down and jumps up on her branch.
  19. A small hum rose from behind the mutant, the deer form twisting around its mangled, irregular head to a array of sharp blades, what the antlers have become. "Ring a ring a Rosie's, a pocket of posies," a sweet whisper appeared from behind it yet again. A short pause as it rammed its antlers towards the sound. Nothing. "Anti shoo, atishoo," another whisper. "We all fall down," emphasising the down into a harsh voice as Rose plunged her knife into the creature smiling sweetly. The six year old dragged the body back to a small cave, where she butchered the creature, turning the hide into a jacket. She half boiled it then smoked it to purify it as much as possible, ate some meat and stuffed as much as she could in her backpack, leaving mutated rodents feasting on the remains. Maybe... Yes she would move towards the people to see how many weaklings had died, and scavenge their materials. She hoisted up her backpack and headed off
  20. When she arrived she saw traces of footprints in the dirt. But then she could feel the tingling feeling. A radiation storm. She glanced around to find which way to go... The forest! She ran for it, than say down leaning back on a tree stump