Remnants of the Earth - futuristic high fantasy!

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    Welcome to the future, where magic combines with technology and possibilities are endless; where pop stars are the new gods and media the religion; where dragons and their riders dominate the Earth, cowboys roam the frontier, and pirates rule the skies...

    Remnants of the Earth is an original futuristic high fantasy RPG with a broad, unique setting based around the damaged planet Earth (not to be confused with our Earth), the newly terraformed planet Edanith, and the broad, dangerous depths of outer space and its resident space stations.

    You don't need any sci-fi knowledge to play here. We follow the Rule of Cool and take the "it works because it does" approach, and the technology isn't too far removed from our own--we've just got space ships and magic. If you're comfortable with a modern setting, you'd be comfortable here, too!

    • A laid back community with friendly players, awesome writers, and interesting characters.
    • Blessedly short apps/profiles, meant to appeal to both players who prefer to fill out an app upfront and those that prefer to develop their characters through play.
    • No word minimums, and PBs are optional. You may use art or photography.
    • A player-driven game where what you do actually affects the plot, and a world that is constantly developing and growing.
    • A community that's been going strong since September 6th, 2007.
    • Humans ain't the only species. Here there be dragons, fae, djinn, and whatever else your imagination creates!
    Sound like fun? Join us!