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    No one really knows how it happened. Well, no one who didn't work for the government anyways. When it started it was an isolated event that affected a small part of Colorado's population. No one was too worried about it. News casters said it was a particularly violent strain of the flu, but the disease had been contained and there was nothing to worry about. And then the disease broke out in more populated areas. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles all reported episodes of this deadly virus spreading through the population at an alarming rate. Then the disease mutated into something unimaginable. The dead were rising from autopsy tables, funeral homes and hospital beds. And they had a taste for human flesh.
    It wasn't long before people discovered it was transferred through bites or contact with bodily fluids. Unfortunately the discovery came far too late. In a desperate bid to save its people, the American government launched several cruise liners full of refugees destined for European shores. They had lost contact with the nations across the sea long ago and did not realize that the disease had spread there as well. Not only that but European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries were at one another throats; starting a violent war in hopes of gaining the most resources. Nuclear bombs ravaged the lands and toxic gasses covered the sky. When people finally realized the walking dead were a much larger theat then one another, they turned their weapons onto the undead. America was hit pretty hard but the undead thrived; a bit like cockroaches.
    Our story takes place in southern North America, an area destroyed by war and flesh-eaters. The few who survive here have left all remnants of a normal life behind. Everyday is spent looking for food, clean water and a safe place to sleep; hoping that you don't find yourself bitten or growing a third eye in the morning.

    Literacy is a must. I am asking for at least 1 well written and interesting paragraph. Spelling mistakes and grammar issues are fine, I wont execute you for them. Just write something good that pushes along the story and you're golden.

    No - Godmoding. This means no instant kills and unlimited power. Remember everything in nature and the universe has a way to die.

    Pictures of real people only if you plan to use one. I don't want a picture of you or your friend.

    Activity is nice. If you need to drop out, just say so. We'll do something with your character.

    Title any PMs concerning the rp 'Remnants'.


    The zombies follow a 'hive mind' mentality. One leader, many minds.

    All zombies can run. Fast. But a well aimed bullet to the head should get them off your back.

    The alpha is the fastest, strongest and meanest of them. They won't be easy to take out.

    If it looks contaminated, it probably is.

    It's been about six months since the nukes were dropped. Minor mutations are not yet likely to occur but you can become sick enough to die.

    Realism is key. Don't forget to mention eating, drinking, sleeping.

    Getting hurt or having a pre-existing health condition will make things harder on you. Medicine is scarce; act like it.

    Florida is pretty fucked up, but there are rumors of a safe human settlement near the coast line. Get there if you can.

    So characters are premade to an extent in this roleplay. You mostly have control over their appearance, backstory and personality(unless stated otherwise in the description.) To avoid having every character in the same area/group right at the start, they are split up into predetermined groups.
    To claim a character post in the signup threads with a physical description of your character, a bit about their personality and background as well as any information you feel is necessary. I will accept or reject
    When a character has been claimed I'll put your username by the number.

    Group 1 - 3/3
    A group of three. Character 1 is a rude, ruthless skinhead who finds this new violent world perfect for him. He travels with his younger brother, character 2, and a girl/boy they found and offered protection to, character 3. 2 is nothing like 1 but he lacks the conviction and courage to stand up to 1, even when 1 is treating 3 horribly or beating the shit out of him. 1 forces 3 to do sexual favors for him in exchange for keeping her/him safe. 3 and 2 have developed an odd bond, brought together by the torment they suffer at the hands of 1. 3 wants to run, but in 2's mind blood is blood.

    Group 2 - 1/5
    A group of 5. Character 4 was a low ticket street fighter, fighting in back alleys for a couple hundred bucks. He dreamed of becoming a professional boxer but never really made it. Character 5(played by myself) was a firefighter. He was married and had a little girl, but his debilitating alcoholism cost him his job and his family. Character 6(played by PureKor) is a pretty foreign girl, she came to America to study but landed right in the middle of the worst of the apocalypse. She was taken by a group of bandits and was used a sex slave until 4 & 5 saved her. She's become attached to 4 and hardly ever leaves his side, hero worshiping him. Character 7 (reserved for Lanawint) is a young girl who the trio found scavenging trying to find food to feed to her grandmother, character 8. 7 reminds 5 of his daughter, so he looks after her and 8. 5 and 4 have very differing views on how to run their ragtag group and a division is being formed.

    Group 3 - 3/3
    A family of three traveling cross country trying to survive. Character 9 is the father and was a truck driver, character 10 is the mother and was a nurse and their teenage son character 11 was an uninspired deadbeat before everything went to hell. 9 and 11 have never seen eye to eye and their days are filled with constant bickering and fighting with 10 trapped between.

    Group 4
    - 3/3
    12 and 13 are military personnel and best friends. 12 abandoned duty and convinced 13 to come with her. They come across 14(played by Aleksandar) , a government official who knows a lot more than he/she's letting on.

    Group 5 - 3/3
    15 was a strong, independent and ambitious female lawyer. Her mother fell ill so she went home to stay with her parents and younger sister. The mother ended up dying and before the family had a chance to grieve everything went crazy. Now 15 has to care for her panic attack prone sister, 16 and grumpy father 17 who's grief causes him to lash out at the last two people who care about him.

    Loners - unlimited
    Jacob Deslin (played by ToddDC)
    Ezequiel Zarate (played by Dirty Blood Jocker)

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  2. A low wind blew over Savannah, the streets nearly devoid of life. Despite this, on any given day in the back alleys one might find a few people t srying to eek out a living. Luckily, for the most part, Savannah was spared the effects of radiation, though it's harbor is all that remains of civilization. The golf course nearby? It's now a slum. People, the few that are left, gathered unorganized in the area, defending their tents and their keep down to the last drop of blood. No one dared start a war, though people had tried to organize. No one really lasted very long, a few raiding parties sent out maybe once a month to salvage supplies. Dead. All of 'em.

    Despite the population of English speaking Americans, there was a large Arab minority in the city. "Good evening, my friends." A Hungarian spoke calmly in Arabic, eating one of the last of his rolls. "I am Florian, also known as Searchlight. Your radio host from 8pm to 12am. Four hours each night, no music, just my voice. I do not claim to be a Prophet oh no, yet I do... I do claim to know things about this world that none may ever have known before!" The broadcast suddenly stopped, Florian cutting his microphone and walking to bed. It was midnight, and by god he needed sleep. The broadcast wouldn't be heard AT ALL past Hitchenson Island.

    "Out of the... what? 90,000 or so people left in this fucking city I am the only one with a fucking microphone and radio transmitter? You must be kidding me..." A FEG pistol was put on his side table. Around him were the howls of Walkers and screaming.. So much screaming. The city of 142,000 was quickly reduced in 6 months to 40,000. Many of these people holed up in the Theater District, and the Harbor. How many people are at the Theater one might ask? 20,000. Most of these people were soldiers, armed to the teeth who've secured the small area around the Savannah Theater itself. Many found themselves on The Island, old Hitch. The idea to lock down the bridge was a smart one, though what it now amounts to is 10,000 people stuck, unorganized, on an island half the size of Connecticut. Once a large shipping port, now a derelict place. Walkers don't roam, but thieves and killers are all too common.

    The next morning...

    "Florian! Wake the fuck up we have work to do!" James shouted from below the radio tower wherein Florian had essentially set up camp. Not the best place, but it worked as a mobile command center of sorts. "Fine... Fine... I'm up!" Florian grabbed his FEG, loaded in one of his remaining magazines, and grabbed a flashlight. The last thing he needed was to be killed in one of the alleyways. It was still dark out, 6am. The whole... operation of scouting was a new concept to Florian. "You know, James, I will be leading these people some day soon. We will, the two of us, be leaders." He spoke fluent Russian, James' native tongue. "I know, comrade. Our brand of Communism will... simply put.. Piss on the old way of life that brought this new reality." There was a long pause before the two of them found a man with a pistol threatening to kill a defenseless woman. "Oi! You there! Stop!" His accent was thick, yet powerful. Florian held up his pistol to the man, still attempting to grab the purse of said woman, and fired without warning.

    The shot missed the target, his skull, but it did hit the neck, leading to a clean(er) kill. The woman was shocked, obviously, though she scurried off. James grabbed a megaphone and pointed it in the direction of the people, many of whom now lived in open shipping containers, maybe 8 or 9 per container, and with thousands of them laying around, it wasn't uncommon for people to be living in one. Everyone with a "position of power", whatever that truly meant in this godforsaken island, was considered well enough to own a room or have a place of important value, such as a radio broadcasting center/tower. "You are all under the control of the Vanguard Republic. Shut your doors and do not come out until noon! Should any of you open your doors, we shoot!" James shouted in English, a thick Russian accent permeating his words. "We will not harm children, yet if you have a weapon, be prepared to die. Children are exempt from these rules." There was a long pause before James fired off a few rounds into the air, scaring the people into shutting their container doors and turning on the oil lamps. Holes had been cut for air to circulate through, and this proved good in situations where the "Republic" needed to "keep the people safe". Ah, what a lovely day it would be. "So.. How soon until we march out of here? Reclaim Savannah and turn all of these people into our soldiers? Hm?" James smiled. "Nine months, hopefully. We must prepare to get these people out of their containers, however. It is said that when these people moved in, the ships were never fully explored. The cargo was put back onto the ships, it is said. There may be valuable things- some say weapons, generators... medical supplies... Hell maybe even a shipment of medicine. The hulls however are, for the most part, locked shut. We cannot access them without expending a large number of bullet, so the idea is that we will break into these ships one by one, and each day go deeper in, marking our way. Remember, there aren't any lights on board and, to be frank, floodlights aren't the best in tight spaces." Florian nodded, hoping they'd be able to in time map out an entire ship. For now, their only means of survival would be to act as a force of law, a force of reason, and broadcast their message to the world. All the while they'd be slowly moving to indoctrinate and enslave an entire city.

  3. brunette.jpg

    Everything went to shit. From shit to worse. As if it was not enough all the pain from which she suffered enough almost every single night, the nightmares had found a way of creeping in and not letting her sleep properly. At least, she managed to not scream so loud like before, trying to keep herself more calm, even during the night time.

    Adel, had woken up again after a short nap, with drops of sweat crawling down her forehead, holding tight her arms around her tiny frame. It was still day time. For a moment, Adel did not move an inch, sensing her legs numb and the pain still lingering inside her body. With a slow movement, her left hand wiped the sweat as she flutter open her eyelashes, catching a glimpse of the sun, nearly blinding her. Then, quickly, panic filled her mind and body, causing the pulse of her heart to rise up quickly. His absence made her to almost have panic attacks, only being calmed down if he would touch her, comforting her. Odd, considering the fact of being touched by a man, after what happened weeks ago. But she grew attached to him. Stupidly enough.

    However, Adel, looked around the tiny window which had in sight an old scrapyard, with some tall, metallic fences, when she struggled to stand up and made a few steps towards the exit. Her clothes, were not so clean, as having a shower had turned to be a luxury in that fucked up world. Now, the undead were roaming the cities. This thought, before was more like a movie scenario, but soon it turned out to be a reality.
    She finally had reached outside, with the sunlight making her skin to feel warmer, letting her blue eyes to look around the familiar place, in which she had lived until now, since a month ago. The clothing was torn off, as the shade of the blue jeans had turned to be more black now, with a yellow, long sleeve top and a pair of blue basket trainers. Adel kept gazing around the yard, with metal scattered around the area, but still not a single movement of Him. Not a single one. Panic again swirled inside of her, anxiety levels rising fast, causing her head to get dizzier with each second and her pupils to widen. The fear of being left alone..

    "Где он ? Он знает, что я ненавижу просыпаться. Я становиться страшно еще раз."[ Where is he? He knows that I hate to wake up alone. I am getting scared again.]

    Adel whispered to herself, by leaning onto the metallic door, with a sigh escaping her full lips, and squeezed her fingers together as her blue eyes now gazed at the clear sky. The time passed at a slow peace, and shit, how she hated when Jason made her wait. He knew that she more attached to him than to anyone else in the group. Therefore, Adel, suddenly moved the door and went to search for him, turning left by passing the main building as her feet took her further into the yard. More to the centre, they had settled an old caravan and building a campfire when needed.
    Adel had come closer, taking a deep breath while she moved forward onto the dusty ground, hearing some voices almost whispering, just when her feet stopped within few feet distance. Her chest become tight, along with her breathing, feeling her legs shaking, having the impression that her knees might give up on her.

    " Jason, you in here..?" her voice felt croaked, with her throat rather sore, as she stood there in the sunlight, trembling badly. He had an weird effect on her. Good and bad.
    Damn it..

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  4. Cam picks up his backpack, beginning a long trek to what he thought was a town. There had to be a town. There was no way that such an expanse could go by without one. He dug his water out of his bag, taking the last few sips, and shoving the container back in. He sighed, looking down at his boots. This was going to be a long day. They were all long days, but he could tell this one would be bad.
  5. Jason walked out of the shadows towards Adel. He placed his hands on her shoulders, and whispered in her ear. "I'm here. I've been here for awhile." He signed and rested his chin on her head.
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  6. Adel felt restless for several moments, was about to go to check inside the caravan. Until a shadow came from behind and he rested his chin on top of her head, along with his hand at her shoulder. A tiny smile took shape at her lips, gasping from the surprised action and she exhaled in relief.

    " I thought you left me here alone! I am happy to see you.."

    Adel said on a whispered voice, allowing her hands to tug at the edges of his shirt and soon, hugged him as if he was a big bear. She could sense his heart pounding calmly, closing her eyes and seize the small moment to herself. He made her feel secure.

    " it's a beautiful day today.. Right? I would really love some bacon right now.."
    She said with a sigh, smiling afterwards, but not letting him go just yet. Her mind wondered for a while. He probably was thinking she was a sister to him, more clingy than normal and acting childish sometimes.

    To bad, she had developed some feelings for him. Not sisterly at all.
  7. Elijah cursed, throwing a piece of scrap metal haphazardly as he continued digging through the piles of junk in the yard. He had taken the second watch so he was already up. And rather than just sit around, Elijah decided to see if there was anything useful in their temporary camping spot. So far he'd come up with next to nothing. The place had been picked clean of working, non-degraded parts already and the realization did nothing but fuel Elijah's growing frustration. Everything was pissing him off lately. From not having enough food or water to the strange cold winds that were blowing across the scrap yard. It seemed they might actually be experiencing a winter sometime soon. He'd have to find warm clothing for the kid and her grandmother but the chances of that were slim to none. He couldn't remember even owning a jacket when the dead hadn't been walking around. He sighed, knowing it was just another thing he'd have to add to his list of worries.

    Elijah decided that was enough for now, wiping his brow as he stood up from his crouched position. The girls were likely waking up now. He knew Jason was already awake because he sent him scavenging as well. Maybe the other male had better luck.
    Elijah made his way back over to the building they had slept in and peeked his head inside the open door. He could see Adel's sleeping spot was empty which meant there was a 99% chance she was somewhere with Jason. The two of them were attached at the hip. It kind of annoyed him how dependent she was on Jason but he didn't say anything. As long as they didn't endanger Tracey, Marisol or him he was fine with it. ​
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  8. Soft whispered prayers could be heard from where the group had spent the night. Marisol Bowers was a heavily religious woman- always had been, always would be. Even as the world was twisting into a nightmare beyond her imagination and the people she loved were being taken from her, Marisol had never lost faith. Because God was good and kept her most precious possession safe, her little Squirrel. Marisol had raised Tracey from infancy and in many ways very much felt the child was like her daughter. But as a mother she knew that bond could never truly be replaced though it had been severely damaged. She was ashamed of her daughter who had abandoned her child. She was even more ashamed that Tracey was nearly aborted and would not be here now had it not been for her. Though with the way the world was, Marisol was not so sure she had done the child a favor or doomed her. Everyday was a terrifying struggle for them. Not knowing if they would find enough food and fresh water or if they would have enough bullets to protect themselves. Or if Elijah would leave them.

    At first Marisol was wary of Elijah. His attachment to Tracey had worried and frightened her as she wasn't sure what type of man he was. But in time she grew to understand that Tracey was sort of like a second chance for him. Like her daughter, he had not done right by his child and was looking for redemption. She had warned him that Tracey wasn't-couldn't be a replacement. In any case, she was very glad for the mans presence. He kept them safe and did his best to make sure they were fed and content. He was a good man but Marisol could see there was darkness in him. That he was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. She had spent many nights in seclusion, praying on her knees that God might give her the strength to know when to take Tracey and leave. She didn't want the child to see her hero fall short of glory.

    Marisol finished her prayer, crossed herself and rose from her knees. It was getting harder and harder for her to get up from kneeling. She used to take a variety of supplements that helped with her bone degradation but now she no longer had access to them and her body was betraying her. But no one had noticed and Marisol was not advertising it. She had always been a stubborn, self-sufficient woman and saw no need for that to change just yet. She moved over to the sleeping bag with Tracey in it and gently shook the girl awake. "Come on little Squirrel, time to get up."
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  9. "Of course I didn't leave you, silly. I just went scavenging for a bit.” Jason said, wrapping his arms around Adel as they stood there, hugging. " it's a beautiful day today.. Right? I would really love some bacon right now.." she said. Jason’s stomach growled when he heard the word bacon. “Today is indeed a beautiful day, and speaking of bacon, I saw some wild hogs just east of us.” He thought for a second, “which reminds me, we should go tell the others what I saw scavenging.”
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  10. As Cam walks, he thinks. He thinks about a lot of things. Ryan, life before, And food. One thing he could always use more of was food. And definitely water. He sighs, and immediately regrets it, the dry air finding it's way into his mouth. He sees something up ahead... Was that a town? He speeds up, running towards it. It was a town. He stops running, not wanting to exert too much energy, and walks the rest of the way; about 400 yards. Once he gets there, he calls out, "Hello? Anyone there? Is there somewhere I could get water? Food? Anything?"
  11. It happened again. A humming sound almost inaudible at first pierces through the night. It comes from a girl. She’s sitting there, her face buried between her bent knees on a deserted and desolated street. The whimpers are louder now. She’s rocking back and forth. The sound of her resounding footsteps as she approaches makes the girl poke her head out. She realizes she’s looking at the distorted image of her own self, disfigured by a purulent scar running across one of her cheeks. She places her hand over her cheek, mirrored by the other girl. It is warm and wet. She stands looking at the blood on her hand in a daze, before touching her cheek again, her eyes rooted to the other girl, who stares back at her, her hand firmly planted on her own cheek. They both start wiping their cheeks with increasing frenzy. They are now scratching at the scar, ripping their own flesh with their nails, their screaming faces distorted by pain and rage. But the cry was not hers.
    It was his.
    Tracey woke up with a jolt, panting. The room was dark and quiet, only disrupted by the occasional whimper coming from Adel’s sleeping bag. With a trembling hand, she reached out for her cheek before letting out an amused sigh at herself, now perfectly awake. Every time… She was doing it every damn time, yielding to this stupid impulse to make sure that there was no scar to be found on her cheek, just in case. Her gaze wandered over the room before resting on the dark-haired woman sleeping form. She had been living for some time with them now, but was still a mystery to her and Tracey grew more curious about her every day. She had been and still was in so much pain. And the way she was clutching to Jason, hardly leaving his side… Was she always like that? Or was it the result of the outbreak or… because of what happened on The-day-Who-Must-Not-Be-Discussed-Further, or more plainly, the day where Adel had been rescued.
    Admittedly, the only fact that she had been left out of the exact details of the event was enough to make her curious about it and she had spent way too many waking hours already trying to picture it. She rolled herself tightly inside her sleeping bag, and tried to go back to sleep as her thoughts wondered through images of it for what seemed an eternity. But as she came to the part where Jason dressed as a knight burst through the door, to snatch princess Adel from the evil chickens, entrusting Elijah with the task of holding the train from her dress, she finally fell back into a deep slumber.
    "Come on little Squirrel, time to get up." The words of her grandmother aided by a gentle push awoken her and she moaned grudgingly. She really needed more sleep. "I’m up" she croaked, cringing at the sound of her voice, eyes still resolutely closed. The sound of her growling stomach filled the room. Food. That was actually another excellent reason to get up. She opened her eyes reluctantly, dreading the bright light, before smiling as they fell upon the gentle face of Marisol. "Mornin' Gran," she added while lazily stretching out before wriggling herself out of the sleeping bag.
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  12. Adel let out a sigh just thinking about the good ol' days, slowly backing down from the hugging mode she was on. Her icy blue eyes gazed at Jason, her lips curving to an honest smile.

    " Okay then! I am curious what you had found to.. I hope it's not an pet though.. We cannot keep one."

    Her eyes then turned at the caravan, before deciding to move towards it, yet waiting eagerly for Jason to fallow her. Deep down, she had high hopes that he had found something good and useful. After all, she really wanted to get out of that scrapyard and run as far as possible from the metallic scent, which lingered around. In the end, Adel still wanted something to chew and make the hunger go away, thinking of those good Sunday days back home. That time, she learned to cook being all by herself most of the time and totally loved the pork fillets and a few shots of vodka.

    To bad. Now all has gone to hell. And all the way back. Fucking world had turned upside down.

  13. [​IMG]
    Nicklaus Michaelson signing in...
    "Let's kick things out, shall we?" Klaus smiled, as he was going through the weird bunch of unplugged cables, looking for the one responsible to the electrical output of the facility. "You see, your military invested millions of dollars researching an EMP, a bomb that would disable all electricity... well I can do the same with my pocket knife, if I know where to poke - funny isn't it?" William was rather serious, not willing to submit to Klaus' charming humor, something which really annoyed him at times. The other thing was that his companion was getting nervous too easily, he was constantly moving around, trying to find out anything suspicious in the twilight of the room. Klaus knew better than to worry, any undead would have left this facility long ago, looking for fresh food and those who hadn't were trapped in some places that they could not, at the moment, escape. He would even sing quietly, while trying to make the barbaric back-up generator run again, but decided not to play on his boyscout of a companion's nerves further. It took him about an hour, but the device was finally in shape, roaring and screeching loudly, as the turbines somewhere deep into the ground started moving and fed electricity into the system.

    Klaus could see the room better now, it was covered in sheets of paper and other stuff that the escapees would have thrown away or knocked-out in their panic. There were traces of blood on some of the walls, but that was, of course, to be expected providing their location - a small air force base in the newly formed desert. The whole place was in a pretty bad shape, which was obvious by the front doors and parts of the fence being ripped apart. A body was impaled on one of the spiky walls, as they had entered the inside bunker and in the corpse's pockets he had found some of the security keys to the base. Why was an officer not the first to escape, but had remained only to die a gruesome death, Klaus had no idea, but he guessed the man had jumped through some of the buildings around and landed on his unfortunate deathbed, while his subordinates were too busy saving their own behinds to help him. This deduction was reinforced by the fact that Klaus could tell the man had died after the base was evacuated, from excessive blood loss. He had not shared his conclusions with his companion, in order to safeguard the latter's peace of mind.

    As the bunker was coming back to life, Klaus browsed through a map of the facility and though he should definitely write a book about his experience, after all this was over and he was back in Europe. Even Michael would approve of that, if he would still be alive. Klaus was not too excited by the possibility of his father being dead, but he wouldn't grief for the old geezer either. The situation was different if it concerned any of his siblings, but he preferred not to thing of that chance, especially since there was nothing he could do about it at this point.

    "We would have to force that door open, and go through the elevator shaft to get into the high clearance level of the building. As you may have guessed, that's the only pat that wouldn't be picked clean, since it is far beyond the reach of the normal brutes of survivals." he informed his partner, with a pleasant, calm and concurrent voice, as if he was inviting him over for a tea after a busy day at work. "I trust you will have no problem descending though a rope?" he concluded and though that "Descend" would be a nice title for his book, only to dismiss it, due to it sounding like a title of an American movie.

    Nicklaus handed in the map to his for safekeeping - he did not need it anymore, as he had already managed to memorize the most of it. As they attempted to open the elevator door, they sensed some movement within the walls, which increased the ex-military's wariness, as they picked the two open. As it turned out, the elevator was still more or less operational, so Klaus enjoyed using it, instead of having to climb a rope like a hobo - he had only recently found a new black suit in one of the lockers at the base and didn't want to tear down it too soon, especially because this one was quite comfortable. As the machine was bringing them further down into the base, he loaded his automatic pistol and noticed with pleasure as the other man did the same - if there were any living dead in the hall underneath, they would burst into the elevator the instant it landed, since it was making so much sound that it would get the attention of even a sleeping elephant!
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