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  1. Here's my character sheet for Character 5
    Note: Yours doesn't have to follow this format at all, just do whatever you want

    ●MY NAME IS: Elijah Perry
    ●I AM Thirty Seven
    ●PERSONALLY, I PREFER : For you to mind your own damn business.

    ●I'VE BEEN CALLED: Selfish- My ex-wife said it enough times so it must be true.
    Honest- I don't like being lied to so I'll be as honest as possible with you in return. Unless lying is really the better option. Dedicated- I couldn't consider myself to be motivated or dedicated a couple years ago, but the worlds changed now. You can't just give up when people are depending on you to survive.
    Impulsive- I don't always think shit through. I just do.
    Protective- I'll knock your fucking teeth out if you mess with me, the kid or the old lady.

    ●MY LIFE SO FAR? WELL...: Growing up without a father in a poor Chicago neighborhood is just as shitty as it sounds. He walked out when I was about three and my mom was pregnant with my twin sisters. There were nights I cried for him, times when the twins wanted to know who their daddy was. But we never really spoke about it. Just sucked up the hurt and moved on. I moved to the south for college and met my ex-wife Irene. I fucked up and got her pregnant so the only option left was to marry her.

    We had a good life for a while. I had a great job as a firefighter, bought us a nice house and everything. Irene and I were happy together. I loved her. Loved our baby girl Diamond even more. But as Irene would gladly tell you- I loved alcohol the most. I can't honestly say what started the drinking, I just know I couldn't make myself stop. Even as my life was falling apart, I couldn't stop. Irene left me, took Diamond and swore I'd never see them again. At that point there was nothing left to do but keep drinking. I ended up passing out in some hole in the wall bar. When I woke up, the world had gone to shit and the bartender was more interested in eating my damn face off than serving me a drink.
    I was alone for awhile till I stumbled upon this boxer. We saved a girl from a bunch of rapist pigs, found the kid and her granny and the five of us have been surviving together ever since.

    I'm pretty good at shaping thin metal into shit. When I was a kid, we hardly had toys so I'd go to the junkyard and collect all types of junk and make my own toys. It's something I've kept up with; keeps me calm. I'm also able to carry a lot of weight. My fire gear weighed well over a fifty pounds and living just outside of Orlando I had to lug it around pretty often.

    My daughter. I'd give anything to see her again.
    Days without incident or run ins with zombies/bandits
    Food and clean water

    I don't hate Irene but...
    Living like this

    Not being strong enough

    ●WHAT BREAKS ME...: I couldn't handle being on my own again. Probably put a bullet in my head.

  2. image.jpg

    My Name is: Adelinne Rainsford

    My current Age is: 22

    Given Nicknames: Adel or ' Tiger'

    Most certainly I am: a Woman.

    My nationality: Mixed Race.( British father and Russian Mother )

    Appearance: long, dark hair with incredible blue eyes that you have ever seen. My height is only 5.3", with a fit body, my skin is rather pale.


    I have been called:

    Feisty, Give no -Damn, impulsive and quiet.

    Judging the hell I've been through in the past months, probably Feisty and impulsive are describing me quite well.

    It has been a crappy and shorty journey, and being a 'fighter' in so many ways has helped me keep my sanity together. I ain't no Quitter, that's for sure.
    The scars on my body are a good proof of that..

    After a while, I had turned quiet, even if I still had my Fighting spirit lingering within me. I did not spoke much.

    Personally wise: Don't stare at me.

    If you touch me, I will kick your balls.

    My life before& After:

    Oh, such a good life I had. Even now I can still remember it at the back of my mind as if it was yesterday. I was born in the Uk, in Nottingham. My father was a well known business man, with a gorgeous Russian wife. I had a good childhood, never had issues to make friends. Along the years, my mother got sick and my Dad tried his best with his connections in order to save her, but failed. He kept blaming himself, and so he begun to sink into work and forget about me.

    In the next period, I had been sent to private schools and not even to sleep home, I had to be part of a sorority House. Until, I had decided myself to study abroad the Law, with some money I had been saving for the past year.
    I always wished to come to America, only if I knew what misery this will bring to my life.

    I remember only one night, that I could never erase from my brain. I was at a friend's party, when suddenly someone full with blood had started to be a total Jackass and bite someone's face off. Then hell broke loose, everyone started panicking and screaming..

    From that moment, my vision had turned blurry and I only remember waking up in a dirty room, tied to the bed, half naked and with men surrounding me -with masks on their faces. Soon, I had discovered why I was there. For their own entertainment, I had become a Sexual Slave in this twisted world.
    Outside, the streets had been taken over by the Undead, and me I was stuck with the Bandits.

    The only good thing about it was.. That they kept me alive. Until, my Saviours had found me more dead than alive tied to a chair..

    Things I like: candies, gazing at the stars, my knife, company of good people, swords ( I need to learn how to use one ).

    Things I hate: a man's touch simply disgusts me, the darkness, judgemental persons, tuna and Guns.

    My darkest fears: being food for the Undead, caught captive, not being able to survive on my own.

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  3. I love your sheet @PureKor, I am happy to accept you for the role

    One thing though, the other thread is meant for IC posts only so could you delete your post there?
    This thread is for sheets and discussion :D
  4. Yay!! Thank you xD.

    The rest is still unknown about her ~

    And yes I will right way. One minute^^
  5. hi! I really hope it's okay to post here.. may I join? :]
  6. @PureKor Excited for more of her character to be revealed :D

    @Sepdemonium Yes this is the OOC/Sign ups so it's definitely ok to post here
    You can join for sure! Did you want a pre-made or a create your own?
  7. Yeah definitely xD of her explosive personality :3

    And the experience she had with the bandits boys..;)
  8. awesome! would it be okay if I made my own, though I don't mind being a premade ether so whatever would work best :]

    *waves* Hi Purekor! :]
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  9. Sure though your character will fall under the loner category and will be on their own until they come across a group
    And even then it's not guaranteed that the group will allow them in
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  10. coolio! I like the idea of being a insane loner :]
  11. Awesome :) Go ahead and post up a character sheet when you are ready

    And I forgot to mention that playin more than one character is fine
    I think I will probably take on another two myself, once I'm sure no one wants them anyways
  12. I claim character number 14, the government official. I will post my CS ASAP I am only on my phone atm.
  13. Looking forward to it :)
  14. I am just curious when can we make our intro posts xD. ?:3
  15. Hoping to have some more people join before posting starts

  16. Awesome xD. I'll check the thread these days anyways, lurking in the dark ^^
  17. If you know anyone you think would like to join please invite them so we can get this rolling :D
  18. The other people with whom I RP with are into fantasy and magical stuff xD. And other already in zombie RP lol xD

    We should advertise this somehow ^^
  19. a banner, perhaps?