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-keep as close as the original world as possible
-try to keep it oc
-ooc is put in double parenthesis ((like this))
-keep cursing at a small amount, if any
-four character max (start with one)
-have fun!

The world of remnant is a huge place, and to be honest, I don't know where start! The next person will set the scene, whether it be at a school, in the woods, or in town. Possibilities are practically endless. Feel free to make teams with others and villains are always welcome! :3

Character sheet (if ya need it. I normally don't. You can drop some of the categories if you need):

Name (and any nicknames):
Appearance (and if they are a fawness or not):
Student, teacher, common person, bad guy? (what type of bad guy too):
(face claim Ryuhwan from witch hunter)​
Rise of the Farm Tool​

at the gates of vale a boy aging 17years old wearing goggles and a black and red jacket with red scarf riding a jetblakbike entered the city. his purpose was to enter Beacon Academy if he wanted to be come a hunter. he felt that i was unnecesary for him to enroll at the acaemy beacuse he already has the skills of a hunter if not fo sor the requirement of a diploma in order to obtain an official hunter's permit he would already be one, of course entering beacon academy was his masters's suggestion and challenge for him to become a top student. so his master used his connections as an alumni of beacon academy and made an enrollment interview. this was his first time inside vale so he got lost and could not find the way to the airship port traveling to beacon academy, he got hungry and decided to eat lunch and resume searching for the airship.

he spoted a small cafe nearby, parked his bike and entered the cafe sat at the bar table and odered a meal.while he was wating for his meal to arive suddenly a lot of people in black suits came in and asked for the manager they looked angry, as he was about to eat, the men in suits and the owner's discution turned into a one sided argument the suited men started to destroy stuff and drove away the other customers and flip tabels upside down, this was still not the boy's problem until they threw the manger accross the bar table swiping his food along. "My-My food!!"he spoke with a pissed look on his face as the boy turned around and threw a couple of punches and kicks to throw them out of the cafe. the thugs drew their weapons. "yo old man mind giving me a free meal after i beat these people?" the boy asked the owner. "s-sure just drivethem away for now" the owner replied.

"Good" the boy grinned and walked out the front door while drawing out his own weapon it was a very unusual looking. the thugs stared and laughed as the boy was holding a rake. "haha you call that a weapon?"one of the thugs yelled in laughter and the boy laughed with them but with a monlicaly evil tone until he was the only one still laughing then suddenly stoped and in the blink of an eye the boy became a blur and they were all blown away like a storm had just pased by. then a message appeared on his scroll saying tha he is now a student of beacon acaemy, thus all he had to do now is to find his way to the Academy.​
and Ragna Stormwing is his name


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A young woman sat on an edge of the nearby shipping docks, dipping her toes in the water. A green hood shaded her face but her long, dull, dirty-blonde hair flowed out from it. Suddenly, a big, burly, well-dressed thug fell from the sky, splashing into the mucky water. The water that splashed up soaked the girl, and a scowl could be seen forming under the hood. The man swam to the dock and attempted to pull himself up, coughing. Extremely angry, the girl got to her feet and walked to the man hanging off of the dock. She grabbed him by the tie and pulled him so they were face-to-face. She lifted her head so her green eyes practically glowed from under the cloak she wore. The man, whose eyes couldn't be seen through his red-tinted sunglasses, looked terrified nonetheless. He seemed like this had happened to him before.
"You never! Ever! Splash me!" She said, pointing her winger in his face. then she yanked him away from her face, letting go of his tie and letting him drop back in the murky depths. She stomped off of the docks, then pulled her hood back from her face. ( )she lifted her face to the sky, closing her eyes and holding her arms out. Quickly, a fog rose from her clothing and it was left dry. It now became obvious that a silver symbol was stitched on her cape.
She left the hood down, then continued swiftly down the road. A breeze blew through the buildings of Vale, sending her cape billowing in the wind, revealing her green-clad outfit, a simple one at that. She wore skinny jeans, a v-neck sweater (no matter what the weather), and converse. A vine-like whip hung at her side, attached to her silver-green checkered belt. The same symbol on her cape was also on the belt and pin on her sweater. It also held a letter, addressed to "Nata Greene". She stopped, asking an old store-owner, who was setting up a banner sign about a dust sale, which way the school was. He simply pointed in a direction and she went that way.
after he got rid of the thugs ragna withdrew his weapon and put it back on his holster. and entered the cafe, ordered another meal from the old man while asking where the airship to Beacon academy was but instead the the owner yold ragna that he didn't need the air shiip any more because he was just 30 mins away from the academy.

ragna ate his late lunch then said his good bye's to the cafe owner and rode off. a few mins later ragna arrived at the gates of beacon academy, he imediately noticed that its campus was large and a castle in the middle thaat stood out the most and gave off an intimidating feeling which made is ignited his passion to become more stronger."so this is beacon academy?" ragna mumbled to himself while taking a deep breath, showed his pass to the guards and rode off to find the parking area with an exited look on his face.

after parking his bike ragna exited the parking area and walked towards the castle, once inside the castle he was trying to figure out where the Head master's office is located. his master instructed him to give the letter to Beacon's head master so it was his first priority. due to the castle's large interior he got lost inside.​
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The girl in green stood at Beacon's entrance, studying the map. She had to see the headmaster as soon as she arrived there. Not only did she need to deliver her letter, she wanted to make a decent first impression. She was one of the few people who had gotten letters asking specifically for that person. No one else in the small village she lived in (it wasn't even on maps) had gotten the acceptance letter.
She walked through the halls the exact same way she had studied on the map. She also subconsciously monitored her cape flowing behind her, so it wasn't stepped on or got caught in any doors. Then, on the final floor, she found the door that looked like it opened to a stairwell, maybe to the roof or the clock tower, that had "Headmaster" painted on it. She stood in front of it, looking down either way of the hallway. was this really his office? Normally it would be on the ground floor. Maybe... She should wait until someone comes by to tell her what this stairwell actually was. She sat next to the door, pulling up her legs to her chest. She would wait, until someone went by or came out.
ragna was still wondering around, found a couple of dead ends then on the final floor he noticed someone sitting next to a door with the sign "Head master" painted. he hesitated for amoment but gatherd up his courage and approached the person. "hey is this the head master's office?"he asked the person with green cloak in a shy manner which he noticed that it was a young woman. because he was never good at speaking with weomen exept his master.
The woman sighed with a shrug. "I have no clue. I would assume so, but I never know if it's a prank or a mistake or not. It wouldn't make sense for it to be here, most other offices in other schools would be on the ground floor." She put her chin on her knees.

((I'll fill in the teacher characters =3))
There was a slight *chgunk* noise as the doorknob to the staircase turned and the door opened. A tall, middle-aged woman exited the open door. She had very light-blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes were bright green and she wore thin ovular glasses. She had a white shirt that rides low with puffy sleeves and a the lower half was a black business dress. She had Brown boots and had a long, flowy, tattered cape. A scowl was formed on her face and she was muttering something about a stupid lanyard. It was probably the one that she gripped in her fist. It read "Glynda Goodwitch". She took one step out of the door and looked at the two-soon-to-be students.
"The Headmaster will see you now." She said, then marched off down the hall.

"Well someone woke up the wrong side of the bed." The girl in green said when Glynda was out of view. She looked at the other person. "After you." She said, biding the nervousness she had boiling up in her.
ragna was leaning on the wall facing both the door and the green cloaked woman. suddenly the door opened and he saw midle aged woman came out of the room, while also listening that the headmaster is ready to speak to them then she left the hallway. as ragna was wathing the middle aged woman leave. he heard the green cloaked woman speak to him."huh.. oh ri-right"he replied while looking back at the cloaked woman and gave a nod."lets enter together" he spoke to the cloaked woman then he took a deep breathe and walked towards the headmaster.
The green girl laughed slightly. "If it'll make you feel any better." She pushes herself up against the wall and pushes off of it. She grabbed the door and followed Ragna up the stairs.
The room that it led into was like the inner workings of a wooden clock. Gears and cogs moved around on the walls and roof. The only source of light came from the clock face, the sun was scattering light through it. In the middle of the room Sat a desk. Behind it sat the Heamaster, professor Ozpin. He had tousled gray hair and thin brown eyes. He wore shaded glass spectacles and a dark-green scarf with a small, purple, cross-shaped emblem on it. He was slipping a mug of something and reading an article.
He looked up from his paper at the two to-be students.
"Welcome to Beacon. I see you two have finally made it." He took another sip, then stood up. He was tall (Wikipedia says 6'6''), and it sort of intimidated the girl, who was short for her age (5'1.5"). He approached the two and She nervously took the letter from her belt and handed it to him, standing very stiff. He opened and read it, nodding his head.
"So you are Nata? From all the things I heard about you, I thought you were taller." He smiled at the girl, who was staring down at her feet. She was rarely ever nervous for her own things, but now she felt like she was representing her village.
"Don't be nervous. You will do good here. Now..." He took a few steps to stand in front of Ragna, waiting for his scroll.
"so this is Beacon's Headmaster!"ragna spoke in his head while he pulled out his scroll and showed the message to headmaster Ozpin while also grabing a letter from his chest pocket. "my master wanted you to read this sir!" he spoke with a nervous tone and presented it to him. this was the first time that he felt overwhelmed and that he was way out of his league. ragna thought that with his training he could easily pass and become a hunter, but now he had to re evaluate him self and remembered his master's challenge."its gonna ne harder than it seems but i'm hungry for power and must surpass him and devour any obstacle that'll keep me from my goal" he thought in his head.​
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"Ah yes. What was her name again? The image is in my mind but the name is on the tip of my tongue." He said, thinking. He read over the letter and pondered what it said. Most of it was items for Ragna to accomplish. He nodded.
"And it says to give it back to you to read over it once I'm done." He said, holding it back out to Ragna.

A woman began walking down the path way, looking up at her surroundings as a small, white, cat like creature perched up upon her shoulder, nuzzling her cheek. The female was in fact, a faunus, as her white, wolf like ears were perked up on her head, and a long, bushy tail that resembled that of a wolf's was swaying behind her, and under her long dress. Her outfit seemed to stand out from other's and many people were whispering behind the girl's back as she was walking. "Are you tired, little one?" She asked the cat like creature silently, and it purred, nuzzling it's forehead into the girl's cheek. She giggled, petting the top of it's head gently with her sleeve, which appeared to be far too long for her own arms.

"It's fine, we'll be there soon. We'll be at Beacon eventually." She smiled gently, and they eventually reached the grand academy. It had overwhelmed herself, but she hid it by taking in a deep breath, and exhaling. She approached the front doors, however, she was blocked by a few men who were larger than herself, and very rudely at that. "Hey, pretty face, where you going? No way a pretty faunus would want to come in here.." The men behind the largest one started laughing, however she didn't really seem to care. All she did was roll her eyes and calm down the cat on her shoulder, who began hissing at them. The man looked at the cat, flicking at it and the cat bit him, which caused him to throw it off and make it slam into the ground. It was very fragile, considering it's size.

One of the other thugs was going to stomp on it while it was unconscious, and the girl was able to quickly snap at that. That was when she grabbed her weapon, which appeared to be a tube of lipstick. The men laughed, thinking that she was just going to apply make up on herself."So you finally came to your senses huh?" The man leaned down, looking at the girl as though she was going to give him a kiss. This disgusted her, and so she faced the lipstick at the male, and smiled innocently. "Bye bye." She said, and the lipstick tube extended, turning into a long sword which had severely injured the male, and she began slashing at the others gracefully.

She then attacked the male who was going to stomp on the cat, but she was far from them, and the blade of the sword began turning loose, turning into a whip full of blades, extending out and catching the male, impaling him through the shoulder and bringing him back to pass out in front of her. She picked the cat back up, placed it back on her shoulder. Before she left, she placed a small card in the leader's pocket. It was no longer than her lipstick tube, and the writing was written in black ink. "Thank you for the warm welcome, I'll make sure to return the favour!" It wrote, and on the front of the card, was the pattern of a lotus flower, the same flower that was used as a decoration right under her ear.

"Now then, where is the head master?"

as ragna spaced out while thinking of how he could surpas the person in front of him or if not atleast reach his league before he graduated from this academy. this was now his new goal but then he snaped back into the room after hearing what headmaster ozpin said while looking at the letter that was being returned to him. ragna had a bad feeling about that letter being returend to him."huh?, ye-yes sir"he repiled to headmaster ozpin and held the letter to read it. his heart was beating so fast, he was sweating heavily with closed eyes and his hands were shaking while he opend the letter. he was right the moment he opened his eyes to read the letter it was a death sentence to him and it also contained her bet with the headmaster that concerened both ragna's list of accomplishments and ragna himself, his face turned pale as white while reading the list, it was near unatainable due to ragna's layziness hoever she gave headmaster ozpin complete freedom to do what ever it takes just for ragna to acomplish them all or else he would loose the bet. at he botom of the letter there was a P.s saying "if ragna is able to complete the list she would tell him about what really happened to his parents".

after ragna read the letter he folded it back and kept it insde his chest pocket while he made a serous face and eyes briming with determination he stoodfast and says "sir if you are willing i am ready!".​
Ozpin looked at Ragna. This kid had determination. He could turn a new leaf if he wanted to.
"Good. Now, you two can go down to the courtyard. Orientation does not start for a few hours yet. Feel free to look around." He said, heading back to his desk.

Still somewhat intimidated, Nata Greene bowed silently, then quickly made her way to the stairwell. Once in, she let out a big sigh.
after getting the headmaster's approval and hearing that they can leave the room. ragna relaxed a bit then he saw the green robed woman leave."h-hey wait for me" he spoke panicking then bowed at the head master and quickly follwed the woman to the stairwell, he then caught up to the woman."h-hey wait-up, umm..i don't want to creep you out but we are both new to this school and barely know someone here, so umm.. i was hopping to become friends with you i-if thats ok with you? My name's ragna by the way"he told the green robed woman.​
Nata was sort of expecting Ragna to follow her. She wasn't nervous anymore the moment she left the clock tower.
"You didn't really creep me out at all." She smiled at him "and it would be a good idea to be friends. My name is Nata. Oh, I saw that there is a fountain down there and I think the food court nearby may be open!" She said, somewhat excited now.
ragna gave a nod and smiled while offering hand shake. "you had me at food court!"he stated with his eyes shining after hearing the word food from nata and was exited to taste the food sold at beacon."um.. so lets go and eat, i'm buying so dont be shy"ragna told nata this time in a polite tone, he was trying to be a gentle man, its because his master taught him to treat weomen that way. plus it was embeded into his thick skull what would happen if he treated weomen badly especially when his master is one.
"Alright! Thanks!" Nata said. She pointed at the end of a hallway. There was a door there, which had an exit sign above it.
"That stairwell will lead right out where we started. Race ya!"She exclaimed, bolting off the moment Ragna had realized what she said. She left a trail of green leaves in her wake.
after nata started runnig towards the stairwell making quite a distance away from ragna."she's fast"ragna spoke to himself then also started dashing towards the stairwell trying to catch up with nata that was almost at the end of the staiwell. ragna was quick on his feet but nata was more faster than him, although this was true raga didn't care because she was the first friend he met at the academy and ragna was having fun right now.
The last ten stairs. Nata was almost there. Ten more stairs. She stopped, listening for the running footsteps of Ragna. He was still far behind. She smirked, sort of wanting to show off, not to actually show off, but because she wanted to have as much fun as possible. She waited until he was on the last flight of the staircase, able to see the bottom floor, which was big for an escape exit. She placed one foot on the stair behind her, turning back with a look in her eye that said "WATCH ME!"
She took the vine whip from her belt, letting it unravel to the floor. She whipped the end at a support beam, which wrapped around it. She lifted her legs off of the stairs, holding the handle tightly. She started swinging forward, then clicked a button on the bottom of the handle. She straightened out so her feet were together. But angled so that it was going the same direction the swing was. Slowly, the backs of her sneakers were removed, revealing mini-rockets. They started spewing out flames, propelling her faster in the arc she was on. She finally reached the lowest point of the arc, then moved the whip so it separated from the beam, and simultaneously she pressed the button to turn the rocket shoes back to normal, but now wheels protruded from the heels. Now, she was being flung fast at the door out. Midair, she attempted to whip the button next to the door, which had the picture of a wheelchair on it. With her luck, she hit her target, opening the door automatically. She now set her heels on the ground, using her momentum to skate forward. Once out of the door, she put her toes down, causing her to flip forward, and she tumbled a few feet. When she stopped, she was on her back, laughing. She got up, Then headed back to the open door.
"Very unnecessary, but extremely fun." She said, breathing somewhat heavy. She leaned against the door frame. "I totally need something to eat after that. And I don't normally do stuff like that, but I saw an opportunity."