• So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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This is a reminder from the staff, please don't spam in the welcoming threads of new members. It is a chance to get to meet and greet new members. Please take any random "fights" and non-question or non-"Hi's" posts to Insanity.
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It's nice to say hello and offer some support, but if you could keep the explosions and the killing and the random BOOMKABOOM in the Kingdom of Insanity, we'd be really really uber thankful :D

You can always use those posts to introduce the new member to your Roleplay or see if they're interested in something you're working on like an Interest-Checking Thread, a General thread, or your Group~ Something to get them more involved in the various happenings of our lovely Iwaku ^.^

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Try to keep from doing things that are entirely unrelated.

They need to be told hello and given a little guidance if they ask questions. What they don't need, is to be greeted by the sight of people posting war, destruction, or mindless gore, or if they see something SO RANDOM that it most certainly DERAILS the purpose of the thread.

Keep it on track. This isn't a contest. This is merely someone initiating into our site, looking for a little acknowledgment and support.
I too bump this PSA for goodiness. :D

Orochi, you're fired. >:[ Again.
I agree. It's annoying when a welcoming thread lasts several pages simply because of spam. The focus is the new member, and spam totally destroys it.
This is merely someone initiating into our site, looking for a little acknowledgment and support.

I think you meant

"looking for a FLOGGING!"

But yeah... I never have the above mentioned problems, so I completely kiss ass agree.
Yes, I do have to agree with the staff and I'm certainly thankful you guys made a PSA about it. I think the spamming on the welcoming threads really get out of hand and sometimes they are a pain in the ass. I mean, welcome the damn member and just leave. Why is there a fulfilling need to "scare" the member away? Yes, we're all a little crazy on Iwaku. But telling the new member: "OMGZ I R CRAZY WATCH OUT LULZ *explosions and death everywhere!!!1" is idiotic. What are you just trying to accomplish? Show your insanity IN insanity.
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