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Hello there! You can call me Scaredy or Cat. I’ve been on hiatus for a little while now, though I feel like I’m ready to jump back into the world of rping! However to prevent further burn out I’m thinking of only accepting one or two rps at the moment.

I’ll try to keep things simple and to the point for the most part.

About me:
  • I’m 26 years old—that said I prefer to Rp with others 18+!
  • I have a full time job that’s been rather busy due to Covid, posting times may vary.
  • I mainly respond on my phone. That being said I will always have it on me and able to read a post when I get the chance!
  • I prefer playing female characters while my partner takes the male role.
  • I do not double, sorry. I can play other/ more then one character if/when the plot calls for it however.
  • I prefer keeping our characters 20+
  • I post anywhere between 3-6 paragraphs depending on what’s going on.
  • If you have any issues with a post please let me know! I don’t remind rewriting or editing my post.
  • I’m ditch friendly! If you disappear on me with no words, I totally get it! I am also willing to reconnect to an Rp later on if you choose to come back!
  • I prefer rps with supernatural/fantasy elements to them!
  • I deeply enjoy romance in an Rp!

(Vampire Plot)

“I am sure the heart I failed to protect/the one I left behind/is still fast asleep/where it’s hidden deep/among the forest trees.”

Centuries ago, a seemingly small and sleepy town was ruled by a rather cold and calculating lord. A man whom had no trouble cutting down anyone that dared to displease or disrespect him. Often cruel and having a seemingly unquenchable blood lust, people believed him to be a vampire. More often the not the towns people left him alone, afraid of just what he might do. If one were to see him in passing, they would simply turn heel and walk the other direction. Certainly it was was best to keep ones head down and not make eye contact with a seemingly unstable man.

Rumors of him being a vampire had been around ever since the towns establishment. The elders of the village calming he had looked the same for years, never aging or growing sick. Guest of the lord would often go missing when visiting the manor, or they would back looking pale and drained of life—their memories foggy and speech incoherent for a few days. Knowing how unstable he already was, no one had courage to actually question him. So the overlooked disappearances, and questionably unhealthy reappearances went on for years. That was until a woman, one that possessed more beauty then any in town—most mistaking her for an actual angel with her seemingly otherworldly grace, happened to pass through one rainy night. Seeking shelter she stopped on the lords property, and like most stories disappeared within the manors walls. Months passed and slowly she was forgot about just like the others, that was until something very unexpected and jarring happened. The beautiful angel emerged from the darkness, a bright smile to her face, a cheerful demeanor and without a signal hair missing upon her head. Perhaps she was a tad pale though very coherent and full of life — and strapped to her arm was a sight like no other. The dark lord, the one people claimed was full of bloodlust and that everyone feared stood close to her side. The man looking more pleased then usual, his deep scowl slowly fading away into what some might call a smile. A frozen, dead heart seemingly unthawing.
No longer were people afraid to be in his presence,the woman at his side
seemingly taming what ever beast lived inside his heart . Amazingly an actual peace began to fill the town thanks to this woman. People soon stopped disappearing from the manor, nor did they come back on the brink of death. Prosperity began to grown in the town, the people were happy life was wonderful.

However this story has no happy ending.

You see the woman that seemingly vanished and reappeared was the beloved Princess Athanasia Rose Etruscilla of Obsidian, betrothed to Prince Vakhtang Valudi of Haarton—-and he would do anything to have Athanasia back at his side, even if that meant burning a town to the ground.

After learning of Athanasias whereabouts and learning of the rumors of the town, the prince believed Athanasia was under some kind of glamour for there could be no other possible explanations. Surly it was too dangerous for his men and himself to storm the town, who knew what an actual vampire could do! There was also no possible way he could talk reason into the princess, by now the spell would be too strong. There was was only one thing Vakhtang could do, and that was to gather a professional supernatural hunter to get his wife back.

To keep an already long story short—it’s said that the hunter tracked down the couple, watching and studying their activists until he was sure which corse of action would be best. Then on a foggy and moonless night, once he was sure of his plan, the hunter made his attack. Storming the manor with weapons blazing, beginning a rather bloody and destructive battle within the manor walls. Unable to actually kill the vampire the hunter managed to trap the man deep within his own home. The hunter escaping with an traumatized and unwilling princess, one who fought to stay by her lovers side.

It is said the marriage between the two royals did not last long, the princess passing a way just a year after being brought back to the Haarton kingdom. Most say it was due to the spell that was put upon her for so long or perhaps even a curse after she left that town, others deeply believed it was due to a broke heart. Which ever case it was, it drove the prince mad enough to send his army to destroy the town and everyone in it, especially the manor where his wife once stayed.

However, the manor never completely burnt down, and on foggy moonless nights some say they can hear the scream of a man still tapped with in its walls.

Of course that is simply a story to keep children in at night and to keep teenagers and young adults from entering an towns historical building.


For this I was thinking of it being in modern times, maybe instead of heeding rumors some amateur ghost hunters decide to break in to try and catch the wailing man, believing it to be a ghost and have proof of the paranormal. Or maybe some unlucky woman, new to town, has purchased the house believing it to be a good fixer upper! That is until of course she discovers some of the darker secrets in her new home.

Either way a coffin deep in the old manor is found and open the bindings and charms that had been used to keep the vampire locked away for centuries suddenly gone. Surly the vampire would be starving by now, worse yet he may be even colder and more blood thirsty then before. What will become of him when he finds out about his lover’s demise, how will he adjust to a new world and its surroundings. Will he wish to burn the world down, or can a new face spark and unthaw an cold and unforgiving heart?

Certainly there are many ways one can take this Rp, I would be more then happy to listen to other ideas and different takes to this tale!!