Remembrance Day

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  1. I'd just like to take a moment to honour the British tradition of remembering the war dead every year on the 11th of November.

    So, on this day, 96 years after the culmination of the war that was meant to end all wars, I think we should just take a moment to remember the estimated 500,000,000+ war dead throughout history, on all sides and for all causes.

    In a letter sent to a statue of 'the unknown soldier' as he is known here one woman's words had a poignant impact this year, she wrote 'thank you for your sacrifices that have allowed us to live as we are, however, I wonder, our Prime Minister recently stated of Islamic State 'We must stop this, we must put an end to this injustice and immoral oppression and suffering' I wonder, she wrote, does that sound familiar to you? If you saw us today, would you still have fought for this future as you did?
    (Picture of said statue for reference)

    I figured I would post this just as a reminder of all those who have done so much and often given their lives so pointlessly.
    For we should never forget them.

    'Anyone who has looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think twice before starting a war' - Otto von Bismarck
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