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  1. (I didn't want to put this under the high school tag, but it would be cool if we included school in this rp too!)

    THUMP! Everything went black for a second. Maybe two. Then her vision was clear again, slightly blurred, of a field. The soccer field of Fairview Highschool. The members from the other team jumped up and down with excitement as they had just scored a point. The soccer ball had hit Celia, the goalie, in the head and somehow got past into the goal.

    Celia watched with a blank face, feeling dazed and spaced out as a teammate pulled her back to her feet from the grass. "You alright?" She asked, eyebrows raised. After a second, she nodded in response. The teammate then ran back to the field, getting ready to play again.

    After another five minute play, the members of the team ran to there side to switch out players, Celia along with them. As others ran out on the field, she slowly walked to the bench, her coach watching. "Hey, that looked like a tough blow. Should've been a penalty. Are you okay?" She asked. Celia didn't answer, slowly making her way to the ground and laying down. Sounds in the background began to drag into one roar, her senses becoming dizzy as she went unconscious.


    Celia's brother and parents stood outside her hospital room's door, watching from a small window. A nurse stood with them. "She's been conscious for a small time so far. She just woke up recently. They're running some tests to make sure she doesn't have any severe head trauma." The family watched in silence. "... Can we go in?" Her brother asked, breaking it. "Of course." She opened the door to let them in, then left down the hallway, on her way to perform other duties.

    "Okay, Celia, follow my finger only using your eyes." The doctor stood in front of the girl, who sat on the edge of the hospital bed with her legs hanging off. He started moving his finger side to side and up and down, Celia following well. "Alright. Can you squeeze your hands into fists for me?" She did so, but weakly at that. "Hm.. okay. Can you feel this?" He used the edge of his pen to drag it up her foot. She nodded. "Okay..." The door to the room opened, followed by her family members entering. The doctor looked at them, then back at the soccer player. "Celia, do you know who these people are?" She looked at them for a few seconds, then shook her head. "Do they seem familiar?" Again, he was met with a shale of the head. "Alright.. you can lay down. We're done for now." She slowly scooted back on the bed to lay down, her eyes blankly staring through the TV hanging from the ceiling in front of her bed.

    "Is she okay? We got here as soon as we saw her being driven off by the ambulance." Her mother said, wide eyed. "Yes, she's alright. But right now, I'm almost positive she's suffering from a mild concussion. But no need to worry. She'll be alright I'm sure. She'll have to stay overnight while we run some more tests and diagnose her. She's already having symptoms of temporary memory loss and inability to stand up and walk without getting dizzy or weak." "So... what does she not remember?" Her brother asked. "Well, on the fortunate side, she remembers everything up to the point where the blow to the head occurred. On the unfortunate side, she doesn't know who everyone is right now, including you guys."

    "Oh my God.." Celia's mother said quietly, going into her husband who wrapped his arms around her. "But don't worry. It's only temporary. Just try to do things that trigger her memory, if you're wanting to speed the process. Though I wouldn't recommend it. She needs to not think for a while to give her head a rest. That includes most TV. She might remember her friends, I don't know. Well, anyway, I have to go see another patient now. Feel free to stay, but not after visiting hours. I'll see you again tomorrow when you can take her home. If you need anything, press that red button near the door." With that, the doctor left, leaving the three in there with Celia, who was now asleep.

    (Sorry it's so long! :p )
  2. It started raining and John was walking home from his friends house late at night. The one day he missed school was when something newsworthy happened. Celia was in the hospital, and he had no idea why. When he saw that her desk was empty, curiosity struck him. He didn't know much about Celia, but he did know that she was almost never late to class.
    The handsome young man strolled on by passing the hospital.
  3. As John passed, Celia's brother walked out the automatic hospital doors, hands shoved in his pockets, staying under the roof to shield him from the rain. He sat on a bench beside the doors and looked out to see John passing by. He watched silently, wondering why he was out in the rain, though it had just started raining; maybe he was getting ready to pull his umbrella out. He knew John was in one or more of Celia's classes. She'd talked about him before. He'd seen him before. Though not in the mood for a long and deep conversation, he just continued to watch John walk by silently.
  4. John continued walking, pausing once or twice at the hospital. He had decided that he was going to see how she was doing tommorow when suddenly he saw some guy walk out of the hospital. He didn't recognize him so decided to pay no attention as he kept walking in the rain.
  5. ((FOR NEW PEOPLE JOINING THE RP: you can either make your own character, take a character I've made, such as the mom, dad, or brother, or you can do both, taking a character of mine and using your own.))

    "Hey!" Celia's brother called out to the teenager. "What 'cha doing out in the rain?" He asked, watching him. "Come over here, there's a roof to keep you dry!"
  6. John had somewhere to be, his mom surly would yell at him something fierce if she had to wait for him. The young man then made the difficult decision to walk under the roof out of politeness, "thanks" he said.
  7. "No problem. Is your name John by any chance?" He asked, wanting to be sure he knew who this boy was, instead of inviting some stranger over to sit beside him.
  8. The rain kept pouring and John nodded "yes, do I know you?" He asked shoving his hands in his leather jacket pockets.
  9. "I don't think you do. I'm Celia's brother." He looked out into the streets, then back at John. "So what are you doing out in the rain? Surely you have an umbrella or aegis of some kind with you."
  10. Dr.Death passed the two men as they talked about the rain. He had been called to the hospital early and he was not happy about it.
    He stormed into the ER room and quickly set about getting it across to the nurse at the desk that he was NOT happy. There were few people in this morning, which was a good thing in one way, but bad in another. This meant they had a serious patient in the hospital. Otherwise they wouldn't have called him.
  11. "It's not that big of a deal, I walk in the rain all the time" he said before looking around awkwardly "how's Celia?"
  12. ((CAP, I'm confused haha, not that it's you, I'm just having a blond moment. Is your character Death or are the a doctor whose last name happens to be death?)

    "She's alright... I guess. She has a mild concussion, and temporarily has memory loss... She doesn't know who I am.." he trailed off, looking down with a sigh, his arms on his knees. He knew it was temporary, but he couldn't help but be at least a little upset. But he had to be strong, for Celia and his mom.
  13. "Dang..." He said "I'm so sorry..." He then looked at the hospital entrance. "What happened to her...I mean, how did she get this way"
  14. "Well, we were at her soccer game earlier today, and some girl on the other team kicked the ball which hit her in the head, showing her clear lack of skill. I oughta hit her in the head and put her in the hospital.." He said with hints of anger in his voice.

    "Are you friends with Celia? Do you talk to her often?"
  15. "Not really" he said truthfully, "she and I talked a couple of times, she seems nice...I just thought it would be nice as well to try and visit her."
  16. Dr.Death got changed slowly. He did not like today, he decided. Today was going to be a be a bad day.
    Charles Death had not had a bad day in weeks and now, suddenly, one was upon him again!
    Just my damn luck!
    It almost made him want to smoke again, but he had given all that up for his wife while she gave up their bed to whomever would get in it.
    Now that he was in his scrubs he was as ready as he was going to be. He put his name tag on. The whole reason for him becoming a doctor was to be called Dr.Death.
    Do I regret it? Ehhhhhhhhhhh....lets just get to work.
    He went out to get his first patient of the day.

    (Hope that this clarifies for you T :) )
  17. (Haha it does! Thanks! ^.^ )

    "I'm sure she'd appreciate it, even if she doesn't remember you." He replied with a small smile. "Speaking of visiting, I should probably get back in there; I bet my mom is already worried." He stood up and ran a hand through his hair. "It was nice meeting you."

    With farewells out of the way, he walked through the transparent automatic doors and walked the hallways after checking in the front desk again. On the way to Celia's room, he accidentally bumped shoulders with a doctor, making him stumble backwards a bit.

    "Sorry man- I mean sir. Doctor... Death.." He voice trailed, the doctor's name surprising him a little. Was that actually his last name?
  18. John watched as Celia's brother walked away. "Is no one in class really visiting her? I thought she had more friends..."
    With a sigh he walked in and looked around, the place was huge, even the waiting room. Two girls stared as he walked to the front desk and giggled turning away when he locked eyes with them for just a moment. He was very handsome but never really cared about his looks.
    Looking confused when the girls turned from him he asked for the number Celia was on, the nurse answered and he walked towards her room.
  19. ''Yes, Dr. Charles Death, neurologist with 2 Ph.D's. Now if you excuse me I need to get to this new patient of mine.''
    He looked at his chart.
    Patient name: Celia.
    All the other areas were blank.
    Oh, this is bad.
    Black meant either they had no time to fill them in
    they didn't know what to put.
    I could have been a dancer but NO, medical school seemed like such fun!
    He began to walk but stopped.
    Room Number: ________
    I swear to ______
    He turned to the man whom had made his day (God I love it when they hear my name!).
    ''Do you know where I can find this....Celia person?''
  20. (Hahhahaha a dancer! )

    Focused on... "Dr. Death," he didn't notice John entering after him.

    He stared at the doctor with a blank face, then was back in reality, catching back up to him. "Uh... yeah, that's my sister actually.." He didn't have a good feeling about this. His one and only baby sister being cared for by someone who didn't even know who she was or where her room was. And let's not forget his name. That could be a jinx. But, they said it was just a mild concussion...

    "I was on my way to her room now, if you don't care to follow me, sir."


    Celia's eyes slowly opened as she awakened, her arms stretching above her head while she inhaled deeply, then let out out in the form of a sigh. The room was empty; weren't there people in here earlier? Her tired eyes scanned the room, as her eyes roamed, they passed over a mirror on the wall, that was actually a window from the other side, where her parents stood in the hallway. They weren't paying attention though, they were engaged in their own conversation, or more of Celia's mother expressing her worries to her husband.
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