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  1. Legend said that he was brought to this world by the mere negative emotions of a two year old child. The shadow got along well with the child for two days and those two days were the happiest for that kid. Those two long yet short days brought a smile to the child's face and it was the best days that shadow had once remembered. After the second day, the child died, the memories of such bright events dying with him. All but that shadow remained. He was lost, absent minded, unsure of where to go. It came to the point where finding the answers to his questions became clear. He wanted to know how he was brought to the world and wanted to know the purpose to his existence. The shadow was a mere echo of the child's well-being; thus earning him his name.

    During the years of searching, he came across a large city lined with imense buildings and busy streets. Within it's center; a large palace - home to the King, Queen, and Princess of such a beautiful place. Echo had never gotten along with the common folk. He had wondered why for so long but soon came to realize that he was, in fact, not close to being what they were. He was inhuman; different from the rest - species wise. This became the negative things in life that was shown to him. Such a feeling hurt more than he could explain.
    After a couple years of solitude within the shadows of the large buildings, Echo came across the kingdom's princess. She seemed to be weaving flowers together and made several crowns out of the beautiful plants according to the pile beside her. At first, he feared to approach her and so came his first idea to mind. The boy had obtained a mask; white in color lined with intricate red swirls here and there. It hid away his face, thus hiding his crimson gaze from anyone around him. This simple disguise gave way to a new appearance for himself. Rather than assuming that he was a walking demon within the presence of humans, he looked as if he were a boy playing dress up.

    The time came to speak to the girl. It took a while to approach her but he managed and his greeting was possibly the best choice he had made within his life. Before he knew it, the two became the best of friends. It was through those years that they grew closer and closer. The only downfall was that the princess was never able to take one peek at his face. She'd never seen his eyes, expressions, smile; not once. But this never damaged their relationship. As well as never being able to see him, the two never made physical contact. That was for a reason Echo hadn't wanted to explain. The princess had never been able to touch his hand, nor did he ever lay a hand on her bare skin. Not once. This was odd and she had begun questioning who he was. Although she had never asked him often, she'd always bring up questions like 'why must you always be wearing that mask?' or 'You are never next to me. Why is that?' As usual, Echo would shrug and just go from there. There was never a direct answer. Really, he was just scared. He didn't want her to know.
    The main point of the relationship between them was of the princess' offer - teaching him how they did things around here, how they lived, etc. Echo had told her that he had amnesia and didn't have a clue as to where he was or who he was, saying that he only knew his name and that was all. She taught him many things. Even a thing or two about love. If he had a question, she'd answer them. Thing was, he never was directly next to her. Sometimes this made it harder on her because of the fact that sometimes, he was too far to even hear her. Not only that but the princess couldn't see his face, making her wonder if the boy was even listening to her.
    She was getting closer though. One time, she had almost gotten him to take off that mask. He only hesitated and changed his mind afterwards. Another time, he was taking a nap within the large grasslands she had shown him. Echo had been laying on his back, breathing lightly upon the soft grass. The princess crawled up above him, hovering over him and looking at his upside down figure. She came so close to taking off the mask but he had caught her before she had lifted it off of his face. Her efforts were childish and it really put some amusement through their friendship. As always, Echo said that it made things much more interesting between them.
    There was one thing that he wanted to know, though. It was a dream he wanted to accomplish. The princess said she'd do everything in her power to help him.

    "Do you think one day I'll become a hero? Or maybe leave something behind that will be more than just a memory?"

    Would she really be able to help him with that?
    Rules --- I know, I know, ew xD
    1.) Be descriptive please ;v; I needz the entertainment
    2.) No godmodding or anything in any sort of action packed scene that
    may or may not pop up.
    3.) Keep things interesting and fun. I like cute things. I'll be more than happy to repay you! <33
    4.) Have fun!! That's one thing you've got to do! <33
    5.) Pick whether or not you want a character sheet and whether you want to rp in thread or pm ;v; up to you! <33
  2. I love it sounds amazing! If you are still looking for someone to roleplay this ine I would love to do it with you. :)
  3. If you're still looking I'm interested! It seems really cool!
  4. Sure thing~ I was going to accept up to two rps of this and just leave it at that ;v;
    would you like to discuss it here or through pm?

    Sure thing~ Accepting two rps of this so you're in luck! ;v;
    Would you like to discuss the rp here or in pm?
  5. What ever works for me.
  6. Alright. I'll just keep it here then since I'm already . . here xD

    So do you prefer to make character sheets or just to jump into the rp? I've
    been doing alot of jump ins and it saves time and energy ;v;
    whatever works for you is fine by me~

    And second question is; Would you like to rp in pm or in thread? Be blunt xD
  7. Hmmmm I think we should do it over Pm. And I do like the idea of just jumping into it.
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